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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING held on Thursday, 2 November, 2017, 6pm

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr D Harwood (Maintenance Manager), Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt, and Mr D Pedley

1773 Apologies: Mr M Ellis, Ms K Baker, Miss H Chambers

1774 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 28th September, 2017 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1775 Secretary’s Report:

Noise levels at Cabarets – Attendance numbers have been falling, and whilst holidays and unforeseen events will contribute, people have been expressing their annoyance at being distracted by loud conversations of groups of people during performances, and are asking to be seated differently or just not returning; at the last cabaret, the artiste tried to address the noise to no avail. For some people, this might be their only regular social evening. Announcement will be made before each cabaret starts, for the audience to please afford the artiste their best attention. The Committee were unanimous in that if this fails to address the issue, then those involved will be formally written to.

Christmas Opening Times: The Club will open at 3pm on Friday, 22nd December, with the following Wednesday being normal opening time.

New Year’s Eve: John Mario will entertain that evening and there will be the usual buffet. Ticket price this year will be £15 per person, and as numbers are limited, please book early through Mrs Brenda Gillen on 01229 471853. If the last party was anything to go by, it promises to be good.


LADIES Tuesday, 6 February, 6.30pm

SENIORS Wednesday, 7 February, 2pm

MEN Thursday, 8 February, 7pm

These dates will be posted on the Club’s website, and displayed on notice boards (in January).

CLUB ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: will be held on Tuesday, 20 February, 2018.

A request was received from Mr Darren Woodend, Secretary of Cumbria Senior Merit, for use of the Club’s green and facilities on Sunday, 13 May, 2018.

1776 Treasurer’s Report:

Mr Peter Phizacklea (Jnr) has been appointed to the position of Bar Manager, commencing on 23 October, bringing to the role vast experience of both bowling and the social aspects of the Club. The Committee welcomed his appointment.

Mrs Denise Phizacklea has been appointed as a Member of the Bar Staff Team, and will work on Wednesday evenings. She will go on to the payroll, when Mr Ken Pavett leaves.

Online ordering to Bookers is now in place.

The Savings Account is growing.

The one exceptional expense of October was on materials for the green.

The third-quarter profit is healthy.

A new scale of Room Hire charges was introduced in October.

The Treasurer proposed that the Annual Membership Fee be increased to £10 in accordance with the Constitution of the Co-op Sports & Social Club:” Annual Membership cost will be such sum as decided by the General Committee to ensure the viability of the Club. Subscriptions for Members shall be due on 1st January. Members who have not paid by 31st May in any one year shall not be Members.” Rule 29: “The General Committee shall be responsible for all financial matters”. The proposal was seconded by Mr D Harwood.

1777 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Mr D Harwood reported that October had been quite a busy month.

Rusted and damaged rail fittings were replaced and the whole system painted. He said that thanks were due to Mr Albert Head for his efforts in this regard.

There had been a problem with the electrical supplies to the external buildings and the external security lights was suspected as being the cause, given that the circuit would reset during the day but would trip by the following morning, and the fitting was badly corroded, too. A new security light was purchased and fitted, but did not rectify the problem, and given that the Maintenance Manager was going on holiday the services of an electrician were sought. He traced the problem to a very old isolating switch in the cellar, which showed signs of water ingress. This was replaced and the circuits have been stable ever since.

The gents toilet hand basin monobloc tap had become loose; the securing plate and threaded posts were badly corroded and had failed. The tap was replaced by one with a pop-up waste, which required removal of the basin and pedestal in order to fit.

An electric hand dryer was bought and fitted in the gents toilet. If this proves to be acceptable in terms of effectiveness and noise levels, then another will be fitted in the ladies toilet.

A defective light above the bar was replaced, however it became apparent that the fitting required both bulbs to be fitted in order for either to work. Three bulbs were purchased thus providing a spare set.

There was nothing to report on the Website.

It is intended to start work on the porches outside the kitchen and bowling hut doors shortly; this will be followed by erection of another bowling shelter once all the bowling green maintenance is complete, and consideration will be given to any potential obscuring of the Advertising Boards and their re-positioning.

1778 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

The end-of-season Furness League Play-Offs saw mixed results for the Co-op players. 1st Division saw both Kyle Brown and Derek Southward going out in the early rounds – both to County bowlers. In 2nd Division, John Proudfoot went out early, but Dave Jackson got through to the Semi-Finals – an excellent performance! In Division 3, both Gerry McDonald and Terry Weir progressed to the Quarter Finals.

The Players Meeting, although poorly attended led to some interesting discussion and gave the way to vote on mandates at upcoming League AGMs. At the League AGMs, all Leagues voted to abolish the loan system. The Furness League also voted against allowing female bowlers into the League, still maintaining that this is a men-only League – a point on which Mr Dave Pedley is going to seek clarification with BCGBA. The vote for each team choosing its home fixture day also went against us, so we will still be playing designated Friday teams on our green on Friday nights.

The Ulverston AGM saw the retirement of Mr Ray Dunstan as Secretary after fifteen years in the role, and with no nominations coming from the meeting as to a replacement, the League is looking for a new Secretary. Anybody interested, please contact Dave Pedley and he will forward to the Ulverston Committee.

1779 Bar/Advertising Boards: Nil to report.

1780 Fundraising and Social Activities Report:

Ticket sales for the Christmas Coffee Morning on 2 December are going well, and very generous contributions to the Xmas Hamper and the tombola are being made, with Mr Dave Hewitt contributing the mulled wine and Mr Lee Payne, local artist offering to sign his Walney and Barrow calendars on the day. Please tell your friends that this will be an excellent event! Tickets £1 (Jean Garner 832897) or pay at the door.

Three Club Members have contacted The Trussell Trust Food Bank Initiative, with the aim of helping to feed local people in crisis. A collection box for much-needed items of food can be found inside the Club, for official collection at the end of November. Suggested items by the Foodbank are: Milk (powdered or UHT), Sugar (500g), Cartons of fruit juice, Soup, Rice/Pasta, Pasta Sauce, tins of Sponge Pudding/Tomatoes/Rice Pudding/Custard/Meat/Fish/Vegetables/Spaghetti, Fruit, Cereals, Tea Bags/Instant Coffee, Instant Mash Potato, Jam, Biscuits or snack bars. Also welcome are non-food items such as nappies, baby wipes, shower gel, sanitary protection, toilet roll, toothpaste. With the approach of colder months, and Christmas, this is a good opportunity for the Club to demonstrate its commitment to the local community.

The next cabaret is on Saturday, 25th November, 8-11.30pm – Johnny Baker.

Brian Wadeson is booked to perform at 9th December’s cabaret night.

To book your seat at either of these events, please ring Brenda Gillen on 01229 471853. Cost £2.50.

Saturday, 16th December, 7pm sees the Co-op Singers giving their Christmas Singalong – a happy evening, when you can all join in with the singing. To book please ring Roy Swinglehurst on 01229 837344. Cost £2.00.

New Year’s Eve – see Secretary’s report.

17th March, 2018 sees the Club celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, with a party! Fancy hats, food, entertainment by Danny Smythe, open mic performances, dancing….anything goes! Further details to follow.

1781 Health and Safety: Nil to report.


The Christmas trees will be put up inside the Clubhouse at the end of November.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday, 14th December, at 6pm.

The Meeting finished at 7.30pm.