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Co-op Sports & Social Club
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held on the 20th February 2018 at 7.00pm
at Dane Avenue

Minutes silence

The Chairwoman started the evening by asking everyone to stand for a minute’s silence in memory of the Members we have lost in the last twelve months.
Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Mrs J Hewitt
Minutes of the last A.G.M

Members were asked to read the Minutes of the 2017 AGM before proceedings continued. As there were no questions it was proposed that the Minutes be accepted as a true record of events and these were signed by the Chair.
Chairwoman’s Report

The Chairwoman welcomed everyone to the meeting.
She thanked the Committee for its work in 2017, and especially in its achievement of securing two grants for the car park and drive refurbishment.
Thanks were expressed especially to Club Members for all their work and the Chairwoman said that hopefully, Mr Don Barrow would be back at the Club soon, following his illness.
Treasurer’s Report

Ms Lynne Chambers expressed her thanks to Mr Roy Swinglehurst for his help in completing the Accounts, and to Mr Jim McKibben for his auditing of the Club’s Accounts, which represent a true and accurate account of the finances for 2017. Finances remain in a healthy position, with an excess of income over expenditure.
There was an overall profit, but the final quarter of 2017 was disappointing, with bar sales down, cabaret attendances down and costs increased. Cabaret artistes’ fees had increased. Ms Chambers said that in the Accounts the income from the Advertising Boards appeared to be significantly lower than in 2016 and explained that this was because most of that income had been included in ‘General Fundraising Efforts’. Room Use income was up and had been helped by private bookings. Wages had increased due to the Minimum Wage increase in April, 2017.
One exceptional cost of £342 was incurred in funding the new bowling shelter.
A total of £1,450 income was generated from the two Coffee Mornings, over periods of two hours, and the Treasurer said that this was a great achievement. Thanks were given to all who helped beforehand and on the day, and to those people who donated gifts and their time.
Bar sales were up from 2016. Mr Peter Phizacklea (Jnr) accepted the role of Bar Manager. Mr Ken Pavett moved away.
Two grants had been received for the car park and driveway resurfacing, enabling the fundraising target to be achieved by the end of February, 2018, thus allowing the work to commence on 5th March.
The Treasurer proposed that the Savings Account stays open for exceptional needs.
In answer to a query from the floor as to why the BT Phone, Broadband & TV expenditure figure was so high, the Treasurer replied that this was due to the one-off cancellation fee for the TITON telephone account and the one-off set-up charge for the BT Sports package. She said that the BT package was £75 per month less than SKY. The telephone was also included in the BT package at zero cost.
Secretary’s Report

Ms Moira Thornburrow began by thanking the Chair for doing a fine job, most of which goes unnoticed, and for always having the interests of the Club at heart.
She thanked the Treasurer for her prudent management of the Club’s finances.
Grateful thanks were given to Mr Roy Swinglehurst for all he has done for the Club over the years, in particular the huge part he played in saving the Club in 2009 from being sold.
The Annual Membership payment was increased to £10 to help ensure the viability of the Club. A new scale of charges for Room Hire was introduced, with a price increase for Non-Members and external organisations, a price reduction to charities and price concessions to Members.
The Club hosted the Men’s County Match v Lancashire and was complimented on its facilities and friendliness, and importantly the condition of the green. The Cleveleys trip was much enjoyed. There were no relegations. Details of all fixtures and results for the Club and all leagues have been available on the website, which also provides information on entertainment, fundraising, old photos, newsletters and Minutes of meetings.
There has been an increased attendance at all of the Club’s activity groups.
The Secretary thanked all those Members who, by their year-round efforts raise substantial sums of money for the Club from the sale of books, jigsaws and cds, plants, and for income generated from the Bonus Ball, Carpet Bowls, Ladies’ Tap, Co-op Singers, Advertising Boards, Quiz Nights, Fashion Show and donations. The May and Christmas coffee mornings were popular and successful, thanks to good organisation, time and effort, and are an essential part of keeping the Club in-the-black.
The Green Committee and volunteers were thanked for their hard work, throughout the year in maintaining the green to its high level. Sadly, Mr Don Barrow had been ill for a few months, and the Secretary and Members wished him well for the coming year.
2017 had been a busy year for the Maintenance Manager and his helpers, and thanks were given for the ongoing work they do in keeping the Club and its surroundings in a safe and good condition. Porches were erected outside the kitchen doors and bowling hut door.
Two grants had been received from The Hadfield Trust and Sir John Fisher Foundation. Letters of thanks on behalf of the Committee and all Members were sent, and photos and evaluation updates will be sent as work progresses on the car park and driveway. Both organisations recognise the important role our Club plays in the community.
There will be no access to the Club from 5th March for a week (after which the situation will be assessed) whilst the work is in progress. The Clubhouse interior will be decorated during this period.
The Food Bank Initiative contributed 35 meals for local people in need.
St. Mary’s Hospice received two significant donations from Members and visitors, and letters of thanks have been displayed at the Club.
The Club’s Safeguarding Policy was revised and reflects current requirements.
The development of ten houses has begun on the former Rock Lea site.
The Club registered with the ‘Garden Club’ for removal of garden waste. There are three bins at a cost of £35 each per year.
A contract with WICKS was set up for weekly glass collections.
Mr Ken Pavett and his wife, Jean moved to Wales and were presented with gifts in recognition of Ken’s role as a popular barman and their support of the Club over the years.
The Secretary said that help with the distribution of Newsletters would be appreciated.
Cabaret attendances fluctuate for varying reasons, and unless numbers can be guaranteed then their frequency is limited. As some artistes’ fees have increased, the point was raised that the admission charge could be raised slightly.
The Committee had agreed that the bar needed representation on the Committee by the Bar Manager and that therefore there be a change to Rule 15 of the Constitution to increase the number of Committee Members from 6 to 7. There were no objections from the floor, and the change was passed.
Election of Officers

There were three vacancies on the Committee: Ms Kay Baker, Mr Maurice Ellis and Mr Dave Pedley. All three stated that they were prepared to stand for re-election and as there were no other nominations from the floor, a vote to re-elect all three Members was agreed by all present.
Any other business

A Committee Member expressed concern that a Co-op Singers Constitution had been published on the Club’s website without first referring this to the Committee. Other Members queried the necessity of such a Constitution and also queried the status of the Singers within the overall context of the Club’s range of activities. Mr David Harwood (Committee Member) responded on behalf of the Singers, saying that the Singers Constitution was to provide clarification of the Group’s purpose and aims and to clarify the conditions of membership to prospective new members. He said that the Group considers itself to be a separate entity, and that concerts are performed for the benefit of the Club and local care homes, and in response to numerous questions from the floor Mr Harwood and Mr Swinglehurst said that the Group would accommodate the need for its regular rehearsal sessions to be re-scheduled if the Clubhouse was required during bowling fixtures. A Member asked if the Group paid the same room-use fees, to which Mr Harwood said they paid £1.50 each. Mr Swinglehurst said that concert dates were avoided in the bowling season.
Mr Roy Swinglehurst said that he wished to relinquish his role as a Trustee of the Club and any remaining President’s duties. The Chairwoman gave thanks on behalf of everyone for Roy’s role in raising £27,000 on the night in 2009, when hundreds of people pledged to donate monies in order to save the Club from being sold. She presented Roy with a card and gifts, and said that she hoped Roy and his wife, Sheila would enjoy their retirement.
Members were invited to the Bar for a drink.
The Meeting closed at 8.10 pm.