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Co-op Sports & Social Club
MINUTES of COMMITTEE MEETING held on 13 th July, 2017
Present: Mr. R. Swinglehurst, Ms. H. Chambers (Acting Chair), Ms. L. Chambers (Treasurer), Ms. M.
Thornburrow (Secretary), Mr. D. Harwood, Mr. D. Pedley, Mrs. J. Garner and Mrs. J. Hewitt.
1743 Apologies:
Mrs. B. Gillen (Chair), Mr. M. Ellis and Ms. K. Baker
1744 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th June, 2017 were approved by the Committee and signed by
the Chair.
1745 Secretary’s Report:
Car Park Refurbishment: The revised, lower quote offered by a local Contractor has been accepted
unanimously by the Committee, and work is proposed to start in spring of 2018. Application for some
funding has been submitted to a Grant Fund Provider, the outcome of which should be known in
November; if successful, the majority of the money necessary to fund the car park refurbishment will
be available.
Quiz Nights: With the suggestion that those Members who like to attend the Quizzes and the Cabarets
might not want to do so if they occurred on consecutive nights, Mr. Les Vickers has agreed to monitor
each event for its attendance. He said that the 3rd Friday in any month currently appears to be working
well for the Quizzes and requires little advertising.
Glass Recycling: A contract has been agreed between the Club and WICKS for the fortnightly
collection of glass; an ad hoc collection can also be made if the Bar has been especially busy.
The first collection will be made on 21st July.
Green Handrails: Ms. Hazel Chambers will make enquiries about Health & Safety rules around the
reduction in height of modified guard rails. HC
Membership Subscription s: The Secretary reported that some Annual Subscriptions had not been
paid, and would be addressing this.
Letter to Club Membe r: The Secretary said that she had replied to a letter of concern submitted by a
Club Member regarding the conduct of some Members; a notice asking that all bowlers afford each
other respect has been placed in the Bowling Hut, and a copy of the Club’s Code of Conduct is now
attached to Membership Application/Annual Renewal Forms. It was noted that shared use of the
Bowling Hut now seemed to be working well.
The Safety & Behaviour of Children: Concerns were raised about children being unobserved whilst
on Club premises, especially when the parent/s are involved in bowling activities, and the Committee
agreed that running around the car park, through the Clubhouse and kitchen, and running across the
recently-upholstered indoor seating is unacceptable behaviour, and that it is the parents’/carers’
responsibility to oversee their children’s safety, conduct and respect for the premises at all times. The
suggestion was made that the Bowling Secretaries make an announcement to this effect before the
commencement of a game.
Room Use & Bookings: The unanimous decision was taken to increase the Booking Fee by £5.00 to
£60.00, with a 20% discount for any Club Member hiring the room.
Ladies Darts: Some non-Member lady players had enquired about starting a Darts Team at the Club,
and, if given the go-ahead would call themselves The Co-op Club Team and would join the Ladies
League, who play throughout the year. The Club would be expected to pay the annual League fee of
£40.00. This activity would entail one home game on alternate Wednesdays year round. Discussion
ensued around whether the regular Wednesday social evening Members would be accepting of
shared use of the room. The Committee agreed that the applicants would need to become Members of
Club and that this would increase the number of ‘Sporting Activity’ Members, as recognised by HMRC.
The Secretary said that she would write to the applicant. MT
1746 Treasurer’s Report:
It was reported that the Club’s finances – especially the Savings A/C – are looking healthy. The May
Coffee Morning had rased £600 in the space of two hours, and Mrs. J. Hewitt and Mrs. J. Garner were
thanked for their hard work in making the event such a success. The bar has been doing very well, and
takings were greatly enhanced by the hosting of the Men’s County Game. BT Sport is now available on
both TVs. Broadband and Wi-fi will be available from 20th July.
1747 Maintenance Manager’s Report:
Mr. D. Harwood reported that the Club entrance inner door has been
removed, shimmed and re-hung to overcome the bottom fouling the floor – this is a one-time repair and
new hinges will be required should the problem re-occur. The Bowling Hut door handle has been
replaced and the hold-back catch re-positioned to align with the new handle. With regard to weather
protection between the kitchen and the Bowling Hut, Mr. Harwood showed the Committee the
Maintenance Team’s proposed design for this, and it was agreed that work will commence at the end of
the bowling season. The website has been updated with the front page more user-friendly. There are
some Members who are not getting the full benefit from the website, due to a lack of understanding of
how to navigate the site and find the information, and it was agreed that ‘teach-in’ sessions at the Club
could be arranged; the Secretary agreed to inform people in the next Newsletter.
2 LED PIR controlled lights will be procured to replace the existing lights at the rear of the building and
between the kitchen and the Bowling Hut. DH/MT
1748 Bowling Secretary’s Report:
Mr. D. Pedley reported that it has been really busy at the green, with competitions on every Sunday.
The In-House Men’s and Ladies’ Green Champion had “ a good entry from the men, but was poorly
supported by the ladies.” The following week saw a Men’s County Game against Lancashire, which
resulted in a win for the Cumbria team, and with it being a good day the Club saw a good bar take.
Next was the Open Mixed Pairs, and with 29 pairs and fair weather, a good day was had by all, with
some excellent bowling especially from the winners Simon Perry and Jess Wernham. The Ladies
County Match was playing on Sunday, 16th July. The annual match with North Scale is on Sunday,
23rd, after which the final In-House competition will be the Mixed Pairs on Sunday, 13th August.
The Society Cup game played on 7th May was won by Sue Dower, runner-up Mattie Ryder. The Ladies
Green Singles played on 18th June was won by Mona Logan. The Men’s Green Singles played on 18th
July was won by Albert Logan.
Details of the Club’s internal competition winners can be viewed under the “BOWLS INTERNAL
COMPETITIONS” tab on the Club’s website, as can Society Cup details and photos.
A request has been received from Denise Noble to use the Club for a Safeguarding Meeting run by
BCGBA representative Paul Ashmore, for all Barrow Clubs, on 20th August, and is awaiting approval
from Mrs. B. Gillen when she returns from holiday.
1749 Bar/Advertising Boards: Nil to report.
1750 Fundraising Repor t:
The raffle of the bike donated by Mr. D. Watterson raised £72.00, and was won by M. Thornburrow.
There are a few tickets remaining for the Bon Marche fashion event.
1751 Health & Safety Issues:
Mr. D. Harwood suggested that the Committee might benefit from a refresher in Fire procedures and
it was agreed that this take place at the next Meeting; in the interim, Ms. H. Chambers advised that it
would be good practice before the start of any Clubhouse event involving large numbers to make a
brief fire evacuation announcement, and to agree one person who would check for toilets occupancy;
she stressed that in the event of a fire, the main driveway must remain clear for emergency vehicles
access, and that the green is the muster point.
A letter had been received from Mr. Barrow Lowden, thanking all of the Co-op Team for making the
County Match such a wonderful day. He said that the green was superb, the facilities excellent, the
work put in by everyone was second-to-none, and he hoped that our green might become one to use
on a yearly basis. A reply was sent, wishing the Cumbria Team success at the next stage, saying that
the Co-op Club would always endeavour to provide appropriate facilities for any future requirements.
It was reported that an episode of lewd behaviour by an on-green County Match bowler had been
seen, and in the context of this being inappropriate and unacceptable, and in the presence of young
children, Mr. D. Pedley would discuss this issue with Mr.M.Tordoff, Treasurer of Cumbria County
Mr. D. Pedley made the point that bowlers need to be aware that, if they sustain an injury due to the
choice to wear inappropriate footwear on the green, then they cannot make a Public Liability Insurance
The bar will be open on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August, for the live BARROW v FYLDE away
football match. Kick-off 7.45 p.m.
Mr. Steve Silver will perform at the Cabaret evening of 29th July. This is a change in the scheduled
appearance, as the Club was only recently notified of the death of Mr. John Christie.
A request to the Committee for the Club to host a Karaoke Evening led by a local singer, was denied,
as previous, similar events had been unsuccessful. The decision will be conveyed to the applicant. RS
A suggestion by a Member, to the Committee, that a retainer be paid when reserving Cabaret places,
as lately some people had not turned-up after reserving their seats, was considered but all agreed that
this would not be practical and would create work.
The bench beneath the darts board should be moved when game is in play.
It was reported to the Committee that Miss Rachael Tomlinson had been delighted with her gift voucher
given to thank her for her work on the Club’s new website.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 21st August at 6.30 p.m.
The Meeting finished at 8.15 p.m.