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Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mrs M Payne and Mr P Phizacklea.
1969 Apologies: None
1970 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 3rd October, 2019 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.
1971 Secretary’s Report: ACTION Items raised in Suggestions Box: No postings. Irrigation Scheme Update: LS Systems will undertake a site visit on 27th November to assess the exact requirements for the project. A copy of the letter of thanks sent to Mr Maurice Ellis for his many years of service to the Club was read out. Committee Vacancy: There have been no expressions of interest to date. New Intruder Alarm: A new system has been installed. Room Bookings: The Club will be used as a General Election Polling Station on Thursday, 12th December, from 06.00 to 22.00 hrs. This will necessitate the cancelling of that afternoon’s Tap Group; however, it will not affect the social evening the night before. Safeguarding: Ms Hazel Chambers has been willing to relinquish the role and said that she will provide support to Ms Lynne Chambers, who has completed a Level 2 Safeguarding course. Confirmation is displayed on the notice board.
1972 Treasurer’s Report: Ms L Chambers said that there have been some poor weeks, especially on Fridays, now that the bowling season has finished. BT and Utilities costs have risen. The appeal to WaterPlus about the site area is ongoing; a monthly Direct Debit has been set up to avoid large quarterly bills. Bowls Shop: There have been set-up costs, purchases and an extra insurance premium involved, however sales are starting to come through. Capital Expenditure Programme & Planned Preventive Maintenance: The Treasurer talked about the benefit of being able to anticipate future expenditure on equipment and maintenance. Cabaret Admission Charge: The Treasurer said that £2.50 is not sustainable, that sometimes the Club doesn’t take enough money on the night to cover the costs of a Cabaret and we break even maybe twice a year. The cost of acts has risen and whilst the Club endeavours to keep its bar prices down, the next budget might necessitate raising the prices of beer and wines. Members’ views would be appreciated and can be left in the Suggestions Box in the entrance lobby. Cheque Signatory: A third signatory will be added.
1973 Maintenance Issues: Volunteers have been busy weeding, preparing then cementing the ground below the bowling benches; the advertising boards have been removed in order to prepare and paint the wall white, the plan being to make more of a feature of that area by introducing hanging baskets and more plants. The boards will be repositioned along the wall opposite the Clubhouse. Partial refelting of the Clubhouse roof will be carried out soon by a volunteer. MW
1974 Bowling Secretary’s Report: Nil to report.
1975 Advertising Boards: Consideration will be given as to which boards will be repositioned, as payments are outstanding for some advertisers. MT
1976 Bar Manager’s Report: Mr Phizacklea said that all is going well.
1977 Fundraising Report: Tickets are now on sale at £1 (refreshments included) for the Club’s Christmas Coffee Morning, on Saturday, 7th December, 9.3011.30 am. There will be the usual stalls, tombola and raffle. Tickets available from Mrs June Hewitt, tel. 01229 471707.
1978 Fire, Health & Safety Issues: Following its inspection of the premises in October, the following Fire Department’s recommendations have been carried-out by volunteers: • the internal lock and handle on the kitchen door has been replaced with a thumb-operated lock; • the artistes’ curtain has been repositioned on the other side of the opening (the fire extinguisher in kitchen is now easily visible); • monthly Fire Checks are now being recorded.
1979 Any Other Business: Environmental Health did a spot-check of the Club’s premises in early October, and a good report was given. A Condition Report of the Club’s electrical systems will be carried-out on 1st November by a local company. A set of bowling woods has been given to the Club. The Christmas decorations will go up on Sunday, 24th November.

Date of next meeting: Thursday, 28th November, at 6pm. Meeting ended at 7.40 pm.