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Report of the General Meeting held on the 12th August, 2019 at 7 pm

The Chair, Mrs B Gillen welcomed the 21 Members who attended the Meeting, which was held in the summer, to hopefully encourage a higher attendance and to update Members on Club matters. The Meeting does not replace the statutory February Annual General Meeting.

Apologies for Absence were sent by M Thornburrow (Secretary), K Baker, D Pedley, A & K Critchley, D Irvine, D Wilson, R Silcocks and R Walmsley.

Mrs Maureen Payne joined the Committee in April. Mrs Jean Garner wished to step back a bit from her Fundraising Committee role, and Maureen is now working with Jean and Mrs June Hewitt in this ongoing important role. Thank you to the ladies and all other willing volunteers for their hard work, the resulting income from which goes into Club funds.

The Club has had 22 new Members this year, and like last year this by far outnumbers leavers. There are currently 5 young bowlers; a suggestion was made that Members might promote bowling to their grandchildren and their friends.


The Annual Cleveleys Bowling trip is on 15th August.

The Furness Federation v Harrogate competition will take place on Sunday, 18th August.

3rd September sees the ANDY AMOS PAIRS competition.

The CHARLIE ROBERTS SINGLES takes place on 5th September.

The JIM HEWITT competition v North Scale will be played on 8th September.

The GRAND MASTERS will take place 5th October.


Paul Clark won the Cumbria Senior Merit competition; he and Roy Moxham unfortunately lost in the 1st Round of the National Finals.

The Society Cup competition on 5th May was won by John Sutherland, runner-up was Ian France.

The Rotary Singles competition on 26th May had an entry of 31 players. The winner, Billy Harding beat the Club’s Dave Benn.

The Ladies Open played on 7th June was won by Glenis McDonald and Gill Corrigan, runners-up were Ann France and Elaine Carton.

The Open Mixed Pairs, sponsored by Steve Martin, had 27 entries. The winners were Simon Perry and Jess Pickthall defending against Ben Wright and Emma Thornton.

The Co-op won the GEORGE BARROW competition v Harrogate on 8th August.

The Ladies are currently 3rd in the Evening League.

Coming into the last third of the season, the Furness 1st and A teams look like finishing around the middle of their respective divisions, with the B team nearer to the bottom.

In the Ulverston League, the 1st team will be just above halfway, with the A team being relegated.

In the Seniors the 1st team may finish runners-up, with the A team being relegated, whilst the B team will be near the bottom of Division 2.

The Club gave a donation to Furness Crown Green Bowling Association to help support travel costs for its Junior and Youth Team this season.

The Referees Society presented a “LAWS OF THE GAME” Seminar in May.

Thanks were expressed to the team of volunteers who look after the green.

Mrs Elizabeth Dawes is stepping down from any involvement in ‘IN HOUSE’

competitions, and she was thanked by the Treasurer on behalf of all the Club Members for the many hours she has spent planning and organising events, in particular the catering.

The Club has Safeguarding/Child Protection Policies in place and Ms Hazel Chambers continues to be the Health & Safety Officer.

With regard to cabaret evenings, Ms Chambers said that the cost of acts is going up and whilst the emphasis is on trying to book local artists, they are not always cheaper than booking through the Blackpool agency.

John Dixon will be performing on the 21st September, the 10th Anniversary evening. Members were reminded to book early, as this will be a popular event.

The Co-op Singers’ next concert will be on 19th October and the Christmas Concert will be on 21st December. The Singers have been busy entertaining at many different venues.

Mark Cumberland (Retro) will entertain throughout New Year’s Eve.

The Spring Coffee Morning raised £635, and the next one will be on 7th December.

Tap and Indoor Bowls enjoyed excellent attendances and both recommence in the autumn. Dates will be posted on website and notice boards.

Quiz nights, held usually on the third Friday in the month continue to draw a good crowd.

Wednesday and Friday social evenings are very popular, with good prices and friendly service. Mr Peter Phizacklea (Jnr), Bar Manager, explained why he needed more staff, in particular for when he is taking part in a match and is unable to man the bar.

There was one posting in the Suggestions Box – the request for an outside ‘snacks hut’, which will be considered at the Committee Meeting on 29th August.

Members were told of the instances when the Clubhouse alarm has not been set, the water boiler wasn’t switched off, the water hose was left on, the back door was left unlocked and the till drawer left open with money inside.

Following discussion with Members, it was agreed that checklists would be displayed by the alarm panel and back door, and that team captains would be informed that they have to take responsibility for locking up.

Members agreed that it would be helpful to have a notice near to the Dane Avenue entrance, informing the public of the Defibrillator sited on the Club’s outside wall.

There was a discussion about how to increase involvement of people and how to get people to attend the Annual General Meeting, the conclusion being that not much more could be done since Club information is already posted on notice boards and the website, and is also sent by email to Members.

Treasurer’s report:

1. Year End 2018. Mr Roy Swinglehurst explained about errors made in the year-end accounts and described how they had been corrected. He said that he had stopped his involvement with the accounts because of problems with his vision, but since surgery his vision is greatly improved and he had agreed with the Treasurer that he would resume his involvement. Mr Steve Pryer had agreed to carry out an independent inspection of the yearly accounts. Roy said that there is no need for a turnover of the Club’s size to have a formal audit.

A thank-you card will be sent to Mr Jim McKibben, in recognition of all his help in previous years.

2. Accounts Quarters 1 and 2 – to end of June, 2019. Ms Chambers drew attention to exceptional expenditure of £408 for the bottle fridge and £575 for the beer store door.

She said that the Secretary was dealing with Advertising Boards’ fees in Mr Maurice Ellis’ absence through ill health.

3. Security Alarm. To better meet insurance requirements, the alarm system needs to be extended to cover other areas of the Club, for which a quote has been provided by a local company.

Members present agreed that the system should be upgraded. It was suggested that adding CCTV cameras would be a good idea. Discussion took place about the recent vandalism at Hawcoat Park grounds and the value of CCTV in identifying perpetrators.

4. Irrigation System. The Treasurer said that she is confident that sufficient funds will be available by the end of January, 2020 and earlier if the £5,000 funding bid to Orsted (Grantscape) is successful. Mr D Harwood drew attention to the legal and certification issues he had just learned of; it is a legal requirement to approach United Utilities regarding the installation of a sprinkler system with its specific installation requirements. He said that whilst the installation of the equipment is well within the skills and capabilities available in the Club, the liaison with United Utilities and the certification is not. It was agreed that the Preston firm ‘LS Irrigation’ is the best option for purchase of the equipment, and that Mr Harwood would approach them in order to establish the feasibility and costs of LSI to liaise with United Utilities about the legal aspects.

5. Waste Management. Following Ms Chambers’ challenging of the high cost of water bills, WaterPlus have accepted that the basis of their charging was wrong and the Club was credited nearly £1,000.

An issue relating to the area used in the calculation for waste water is awaiting consideration by United Utilities.


1. State of the Club grounds. After discussion amongst by Members about the glasses and cans left around the green after a match, it was agreed that Co-op team Captains could organise a rota, whereby a Member of the Co-op team should clean up after the match. This information would be relayed to everyone travelling on the bus to Clevelys on 15th August.

2. Club Activities. A Member suggested that each section of the Club should support the other activities.

3. Bowling Hut Store. Following a long discussion, it was agreed that two Members would consult with Mr M Ellis who, unfortunately through illness has been unable to continue to operate the bowling Store. As the Store is not part of the Co-op Club, there are legalities to be addressed, in particular the purchase of stock and the payment of invoices. One Member has expressed interest in being involved with the Store.

All present at the Meeting agreed that it had been a useful ‘mid-year’ meeting and asked if it would continue. The Committee would consider this.

Members were thanked for their attendance.

Numbers present: 23 (including Chair and Treasurer)