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SENIOR MEN’S LEAGUE – ‘GEORGE BARROW CUP’ .    Final played on Thursday, 8th August at West Shore.   CO-OP beat HAWCOAT PARK

Update 9

A decision was taken by the committee to shelve the proposed erection of a second bowling shelter. (See Committee Meeting Minutes).

Dave’s Blog Update 8

A poll will be taken during the bowling AGMs relating to the preferred location for the second bowling shelter which is scheduled for erection early 2018.  The options will be tabled and a vote taken.

Cleveleys 2017 was another great day out and a triumph for the Phizacklea brothers (Pete and Dave) organisational prowess.  The weather started off very wet but cleared up shortly after we arrived and the rest of the day was fine and dry.  As we have come to expect, the food and service was exemplary (and the beer and spirits very reasonably priced which may have encouraged a few to imbibe a little more than normal).   The Grand final winners were Ronnie Smith, Peter Garner and Ken Stirzaker while the Plate winners were Roger Wood, Gerry McDonald and Yours truly.  Bobby Corkill was so disappointed with his performance that he even started to practice his delivery on the bus coming home (see Photo below).  In actual fact this was him trying to get up after searching under the seat for his dropped wallet.  As can be seen from the photo below, Les Vickers met up with and was almost inseparable from his mate Jack Daniels throughout the day. More photos of the day have been added to the Cleveleys 2017 Mens Bowling Trip Photos viewable under the Gallery Tab/ Bowling Outings/2017 Cleveleys.  A great day – book early to avoid disappointment next year.

Dave’s Blog Update 7 (2 June 2017)

Coop Ulverston League Knock-out Cup – Coop A were victorious last night against the Post Office and go through to the 2nd round.  Well Done to all.

Dave’s Blog Update 6 (29 May 2017)

The Coop Rotary Singles Competition was won by Tony Moxham.  In a very close final Tony beat Derrick Southward 21-20.  Well done to both and to all who took part and assisted.

Dave’s Blog Update 5 (21 May 2017) – (Rotary Singles report times) – Deleted

Dave’s Blog Update 4 (3 May 2017)

Great news from the Mens Seniors Cup Matches – All 3 Senior teams won their first round cup matches yesterday (George Barrow and Billy Hall Cups).  Well done to all.  Follow the links to the Seniors Website for details of next round matches.

Dave’s Blog Update 3 (5 April 2017)

 Details of all the in-house and Open competitions being held on our green have now been added to the ‘Events Calendar’ which can be accessed from the Home page under the ‘Entertainment’ tab, via the Right hand menu at the bottom of the home page.  Alternatively they are listed at very bottom of the home page which also has an active link to the full events calendar. More details regarding entrance fees etc. are available on the bowling hut notice boards.

Dave’s Blog Update 2 (27 March 2017)

There is now  a PC, Monitor and Keyboard in the Bowling Hut which are explicitly intended to provide access to the Club’s Website and from within these pages, link out to Men’s Bowls League results pages and linked websites e.g. Furness League Website, Senior Citizen Website and the Ulverston League site.  Our Men’s Bowls Team Captains are encouraged to seek help from either myself (Dave Harwood), Dave Waterson, Dave Pedley or anyone else who is familiar with how to input and upload Match results onto the respective League Results website should they require any assistance.  After switching on the PC, click onto the Internet Explorer Logo at the bottom of the page.  This will provide you with the option to open up one of 2 Tabs (either of which will take you to the club’s website).  From there, use the Menu tabs to drill down into  ‘2017 Men’s Bowls’ and which-ever league you are interested in.

Update 1 (3 Mar 2017).  Update 2 (27 March 2017)

The Men’s Bowls website pages are currently being maintained by me (Dave Harwood) in my capacity as one of the Coop ‘New Website’ Administrators.

Now that all 3 men’s leagues are using the same web-based fixtures and results software we now have a common presentation of bowls-related data across The Furness, Furness Seniors and Ulverston Leagues.  As a consequence, the current intention is to merely provide links to each of these sites from our respective Men’s Bowls Tabs on the Coop Site (which I have now done so give it a try).  This will remove the need to reproduce results and other data which has been a very labour intensive burden on Roy Swinglehusrt in the past.

Competition results will not be captured by the results software and so will have to be reproduced on our site unless we can link out to other websites where they may appear.  This is work in progress.

All our team captains will have to arrange for their team results to be uploaded onto the new software.  This can be done using 1 of 3 methods – PC, Smartphone or Tablet and software variants are available for each.  It is acknowledged that some individuals may be unwilling or unable to grasp this innovation initially and it is therefore intended to give guidance sessions to anyone who may have an interest or a need to know how to upload results. Watch here for details of teach-in sessions.  One of the major advantages of adopting this software is that the website will reflect the game results as soon as they are uploaded – potentially within minutes of the end of the game.

That’s it for my first noticeboard update.  Please bear with me and the other Administrators as we get more familiar with what we can do with our great new website.  We will be looking for ideas and constructive suggestions as to how we can make our site the hub of all you wish to know about the Who, What, and When of things happening at YOUR club.