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Co-op Sports & Social Club

Minutes of Meeting held on 15th June, 2017

Present: Mr. R. Swinglehurst, Mrs. B. Gillen (Chair), Ms. L. Chambers (Treasurer), Ms. M. Thornburrow (Secretary), Mr D. Harwood, Mrs. J. Garner, Mrs. J. Hewitt, Mr. D. Pedley and Ms. H. Chambers.

1732 Apologies:

Ms. K. Baker and Mr. M. Ellis.

1733 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th April, 2017 were approved by

the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1734 Secretary’s Report:

Website Update: Mr. D. Harwood said that the website appears to be

being used by an increasing number of visitors, based on the ‘counter’

now installed, and that he had met with Rachael Tomlinson regarding

suggestions for improvements, and as she has finished her exams,

she feels that she can find more time to help address these. She is

creating a ‘log-in’ password for all Club Members, thereby enabling

people to make posts and comment on other people’s posts; however,

a moderator would be needed to approve any log-in, as this is a form

of social media. Additionally, Rachael has been asked to provide

details of how the website administrators (David Harwood, Hazel

Chambers and Roy Swinglehurst) can grant restricted access to certain

functions e.g.the uploading of photos to the Media Library directly. The

Committee welcomed Mr.Harwood’s suggestion ofa gift and ‘Thank You’

card to Rachael,on behalf of the Club, in recognition of her enthusiastic

and dedicated hard work in creating the website.

Car Park Refurbishment: The Committee looked at the quotes

obtained from three contractors, two of whom are local, and

agreed that none of these is unatainable financially, therefore

the applications process for Funding Grants from Grant

Providers can begin. MT

Canopy from Kitchen to Bowling Hut: see Maintenance Manager’s


Garden/ Refuse Collections:Numerous phone calls over many weeks

were required, before Barrow Borough Council honoured their

obligation to deliver red bins, and to eventually empty the overflowing

recycling bins and boxes. Photos were taken by Club Members of the

rubbish-strewn Club entrance area, and the point made to the Council

that rats had been seen and that it had become a Health & Safety

issue. Mr. Don Barrow will continue to monitor the overall situation

for any lapses. DB

It has been noticed that glass has been placed in the wrong receptacle.

Bowling Shelter-re.smoking: After comments were received about

smokers using the new shelter and discarding cigarette butts in and

around it, a “No Smoking” sign is now displayed within the shelter.

Committee Members agreed that Members should be encouraged to

challenge smokers who do not respect our facilities. ALL

Second Bowling Shelter: After the Committee agreeing on its

necessity, the final details of its construction, style and placement will

be confirmed soon. DH

Safeguarding Policy: The Club now has two copies of its approved

Policy; one is displayed in the main Clubhouse, the other in the Bowling

Hut, and the Committee recognise the need to familiarise themselves

with the contents. Ms. Hazel Chambers, the Club’s Welfare Officer,

stressed that it is mandatory for organisations to have such

information at hand, and for Members to contact her in the event of

any concerns they might have. (Her contact number is displayed on

the Bowling Hut window). Any such information would be treated

confidentially. Ms. Chambers said that Mrs. Denise Noble, Cumbria

County Crown Green Bowling Association Welfare Officer, will be

posting new information on the Cumbria website.

1735 Treasurer’s Report:

Ms. L. Chambers thanked Mrs. Elizabeth Dawes for covering her

Treasurer duties and Mr. Alan Critchley for doing the wages, whilst

she was away.

She reported that the Savings Account is growing and that the Current

Account is healthy. There has been an increase in the Minimum Wage

to £7.50, and it was agreed that Bar Staff will be paid an extra £1.00

for working on Saturdays.

Sky/BT A twelve months contract with BT started on Monday, 19th

June, 2017.

The Treasurer queried the differences in the rates paid for room use, by the Co-op

Singers of £1.00, the Tap Dancers of £2.00 and the Indoor Bowlers of £1.50, and

suggested that the Singers might increase their weekly sub to £1.50 per person.

The Secretary said that this would be consistant with rates paid by Indoor Bowlers

Some Members said that they thought that the Singers already raised

considerable income annually for the Club. It was proposed to take this to a vote,

the result being: 4 in favour to increase the rate by 50 pence, 3 against, and 1

abstension. A suggestion was made that weekly subs should cease for Mr. Alan

Critchley and Mr. John Newby, the sound engineers for the Singers, and this would

be put to them.

1736 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Canopy from Kitchen to Bowling Hut: Mr.D.Harwood presented his assessment of

the problem with rain water ingress into the entrance to both buildings and accepted

that it is not feasible to keep opening and closing the doors, especially since the

kitchen door cannot be opened from outside. The Committee agreed that Mr.

Harwood proceed with implementing his suggested solution 1) of reverse-hanging

the Bowling Hut door, and 2) of installing a drop-bolt on the blank kitchen door, to

enable this to be opened into the mid-position to act as a weather screen.

A Committee Member said that Chatsworth Signs had installed a canopy elsewhere,

and it was agreed to make enquiries. DH/MT

A Hand Rail has been installed at the main entrance to assist those with mobility


The Entrance Porch Door has been removed, shimmed and re-hung to overcome

the bottom fouling the floor. This is a one-time repair. New hinges will be required

should the problem re-occur.

The Men’s Toilet Pan has been re-secured.

Car Park: Mr. Harwood has obtained 3 written quotations for partial/piece-meal

sections resurfacing of the car park, and the Committee were unanimous in their

preference to choose one of the local contractors, and Mr. Harwood agreed to ask

him if he is prepared to match the lowest quote.

Green Handrails: Following a report from a Member, a temporary repair was made to

a potentially sharp edge on one of the guard rails and following a survey made of the

rails bordering the Club house terrace, fit was evident that several sections need

repair/replacement. Ms. Hazel Chambers will investigate and report back with

guidance on Health & Safety compliance regulations. HC/DP

Priorities for Maintenance Spending: The Committee agreed that the top priority

is the Car Park refurbishment, and in the meantime the construction of the canopy

from the kitchen across to the Bowling Hut will be looked into. Installation of footpath

lighting is also necessary.

Mr. Harwood emphasised the need for dialogue throughout the Club, after reporting

that on 3rd May a Club Member had placed a bag on the keyboard of the Bowling Hut

computer, when a software update was in progress (which subsequently required

many hours of effort to restore the P.C to working order.) On pointing this out, he said

the Member swore at him. He reported that he learned later of the Ladies Team

Captain and Vice-Captains’ increasing frustration that the P.C was taking-up some of

the desk area which they needed, especially on Wednesdays, for completing their

paper work, and acknowledged that, whilst this may have been a legitimate issue,

once it had been brought to his attention, he had donated a computer desk and had

re-sited the P.C. Mr. Harwood said that he had not been present in the Bowling Hut

on the Wednesdays prior to this incident, and that he was annoyed that he had been

the focus of the Ladies’ increasing frustration. He suggested that dialogue between

Club Members is sadly lacking and that the Message Book might be used more, in

particular by Members who feel reluctant to talk about any issues they have.

At this point in the Meeting, a Letter of Concern from a Member, dated 6th May, 2017,

was read to the Committee. The Member expressed her concern that on a number of

Wednesday afternoons, some player-Members had not been affording the Ladies

Captain and Vice-Captain, and the away-team Captain and Vice-Captain the space

and privacy in which to complete their paper work in the

Bowling Hut, and that they had become increasingly frustrated at the men’s

insistence on using the computer at the end of the table and their refusal to leave the

area. She wrote of an altercation on 3rd May between her and a male player who was

wanting to do computer work during her busiest administration period. She said that

the situation seemed to have escalated when he saw her bowls bag on top of the

keyboard, and that he became aggressive in his manner and rude in his reply,

resulting in her, the Vice-Captain, and the away-team Captain and Vice-Captain

feeling disturbed, upset and angered.

After discussing Mr. Harwood’s report and the Letter of Concern, the Committee

expressed their disappointment that matters had reached this stage and were all

of the view that Member/Bowlers should show reciprocal respect and courtesy,

(in particular on Wednesday afternoons when the Ladies need to use the Bowling

Hut), that swearing is unacceptable and that early communication in future would

help to avoid unpleasant situations.

A notice has been placed in the Bowling Hut window requesting that Members using

the Bowling Hut afford each other the above-mentioned.

The Committee agreed that a copy of the Club’s Code of Conduct be attached to New

Membership Application forms.

The Secretary said that she would respond in writing to the complainant. MT

1737 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Mr. David Pedley said that it was nice to report that, with the season at around

stage, all is going well, with all players getting games, and teams in both leagues

performing probably better than expected. With the holiday period just around the

corner, he said that the Club will need all players to be available as often as

possible. The Rotary Singles took place on Bank Holiday Sunday and despite the

big bash at Dalton, we had a field of 31, with good support from lower league

players as well as the Club. It was won by Tony Moxham, who defeated Derek

Southward in the final 21-20. Cumbria Men’s Team will be playing Lancashire on

our green, on Sunday, 2nd July. Mr. Pedley said that hopefully, if we can impress,

then we may get more matches in future. The Open Mixed Pairs, to be played on

Sunday, 9th July, has only a few places left, so the Club can anticipate a good day

of bowling.

1738 Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Meetings have been held with Mr. Don Barrow and Mr. Ken Pavett and Mrs.

Elizabeth Dawes has been co-ordinating bowling fixtures/bar cover. The Baileys

50ml optic is now in place.Large Coke bottles were phased-out and replaced by

cans. Don and Ken are going to establish a convenient time when the tap room

can be emptied of as much as possible so they can paint it. The bar has been

working well and cover provided when required.

Nil to report with regard to the advertising boards.

1739 Fundraising Committee Report:

Mrs. June Hewitt reported that a good start had been made in selling tickets for the

Coffee Morning on Saturday, 24th June, 9.30-11.30 a.m. There will be plenty of

variety, with the tombola, bottles stall, raffle, cakes stall and refreshments. Payment

can also be made at the door of £1.00.

1740 Social Activities Report:

Mrs. Jean Gardner report that posters are ready for the Bon Marche Fashion Show on

27th July, admission £5.00, duration about 1 hour. This will be posted on the website.

Any enquiries to Jean on 01229 832897.

1741 Health & Safety Report:

Ms. Hazel Chambers said that, as a Health and Safety Requirement, the Co-op

rehearsing, the sound equipment cables ought to be covered by special mats, to

prevent trip hazards, and that a pathway should always be clear for Singers and for

Members walking through to the kitchen. DH

1742 Any other business:

The Club has been revalued for insurance purposes, and a competitive premium was

quoted and paid; the advice is for revaluation to be made every 3 years.

A group of Darts players have been coming to our Quiz nights, and it was suggested

that they might be interested in helping to get a darts team up and running.

A missing wall plaque has been found, cleaned and rehung.

On 20th June, 3 teams would be having pie/peas.

Women’s Community Matters” organisation have enquired about using the Club

house for their fundraising event. Their new premises needs fixtures and fittings. A

lady Member/Bowler would be paying for the food and alcohol. The Committee

were in agreement to provide the room free-of-charge.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 13th July, at 6.00 p.m.

Meeting Ended: 9.35 p.m.