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Draft Guidance Notes for team selection for all men’s teams.

Approved by G.Finch, D Pedley, D Mckenzie, B Hetherington & R Swinglehurst

First step at A.G.M.

  1. A Chairman  and  Secretary will be elected

Selection Committee

  1. The selection committee will consist of the Chairman, Secretary and a representative from each team.
  2. Teams for the first game will be selected by the previous year’s selection committee, and will where possible be based on last season’s aggregates.
  3. The A.G.M. then elect temporary captains for the first game of the season, and at the first game the players will elect a captain and vice-captain to officiate during the matches.
  4. At the first match each team will also select a representative to the selection committee. This representative will be addition to the Chairman and Secretary.

Selection Policy

    1. Following the first game, the selection committee will meet to select the teams. Where possible this will be based on the aggregates for the new season of each player in each team.
    2. In the event of a player being unavailable in a higher team, in general, the player with the best aggregate in the next team down will be selected (if they so wish) If they decline the next player will be asked until the vacancy is filled.
    3. A player who is unavailable for a higher team may not automatically regain his place and may have to play his way back by results into the team
    4. The teams will remain unchanged except for availability problems for a number of games (minimum of five) to be decided by the committee, to allow thing to settle down.
    5. Any player who is subsequently demoted or dropped will be informed in person to explain the reason why.
    6. Any player with a grievance has the right to request, through his captain, to attend a selection meeting to voice his grievance.
    7. All signed players will at some point be given the opportunity to play. This will generally be by replacing players at the bottom of the lowest team. The system adopted will depend on the number of players awaiting selection.
    8. The final decision on selection matters is at the discretion of the selection committee.

Other points which can affect selection

Players can be demoted or dropped altogether

  1. If they persistently do not mark cards, or refuse to play their part around the green. (Except where health reasons prevent participation)
  2. If they persistently fail to be present for the whole match.
  3. If they cause trouble within a team on the green outside the grievance procedure.
  4. If they appear to be picking and choosing in which games they are prepared to play.
  5. If they persistently do not turn up when selected.

Anyone unable to play is requested to inform a member of the selection committee at the earliest possible time. Not informing the selection committee until the last minute is almost as bad as not informing them at all.

Reserves are also expected to attend at the start of a match.