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Friends of ‘Club’ Constitution

Constitution of the “Friends of the Co-op  Sports and Social Club”

“Rock Lea” Dane Avenue Barrow in Furness

NameThe organisation shall be called the “Friends of the Co-op Sports and Social Club” (the Club).
ObjectThe object of the organisation is to provide a facility for the whole community to maintain an interest in the activities of the Club as set out in its Constitution.
AffiliationThe organisation shall be separately constituted and affiliated to the Club.
MembershipThe organisation shall be open to anyone interested in the activities of the Club.
 “Friends” shall accept the rules of the Club governing access to and use of the facilities of the Club as set out in its Constitution.
 Life Members of the Club having surrendered their membership in accordance with Clause 13 in the Constitution of the Club shall be transferred to  the “Friends of the Co-op Sports and Social Club”.
ManagementThe organisation shall be managed by a Sub-Committee of the Club consisting of a Chairperson and Secretary.
 “Friends shall be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Club but will not hold voting rights.
 The “Friends” Sub-Committee shall meet not less than once a year.
Membership CardsThe Club General Secretary shall issue a “Friends” membership card which will be required to be produced upon attendance at the Club for the purpose of using the sports and/or social facilities of the Club.