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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING held on Thursday, 20th Februrary, 2020.

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Ms L Chambers, Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs M Payne, Mr D Pedley and Mr P Phizacklea.

2002 Apologies: Mrs J Garner and Mrs E Dawes.

2003 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 9th January, 2020 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

2004 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Suggestions Box: No postings.

Annual General Meeting: 20 Members had attended.

Committee: In 2019, Mr Maurice Ellis resigned due to ill health, Ms H Chambers relinquished her ex-officio Health & Safety/Safeguarding role on the Committee, and Ms K Baker resigned due to personal circumstances. Mrs M Payne and Mrs E Dawes were appointed. There were no expressions of interest at the AGM to fill the one vacancy.

Mr P Phizacklea (Jnr) and Mr D Pedley were re-elected for another 2 years term of office.

Membership: There were 22 new Members in 2019 and 7 in 2020 so far. The Secretary thanked those Members who rarely or never come to the Club for their financial assistance through Membership.

Non-payment of Annual Membership Fees. 32 Members who had paid in 2018 did not renew in 2019, thus negating the income generated from the 22 new Members last year.

The Committee agreed that “What can I put into the Club, as a Member?” is preferable to “What’s in it for me as a Member?” and that it is unfortunate that some bowlers who play for another Club in any year choose to not support the Co-op Club by non-payment of Annual Membership fees for that year, thereby leading to potential lost income. The Committee agreed the importance of keeping the Club viable for the community for the future, in order to keep land-developers away. Members pay no bar fees and a reduced room fee when hiring the Club. The Treasurer said that Membership cards (to be linked-in to the till) will be reintroduced this year, once she and the Bar Manager have developed an implementation plan. LC/PP

Cabaret Admission Cost: At the AGM Members agreed that a raise of 50 pence to £3 was a reasonable increase for admission; it had remained at £2.50 for many years. The Committee agreed that this increase be announced at the forthcoming cabaret on 22nd February, to come into effect on 14th March.

Audience Noise Levels at Cabarets: This was raised at the AGM. The Secretary said that at the forthcoming cabaret night she would address this ongoing problem. MT

Constitution Changes: Following discussion at the AGM, the Constitution will be displayed shortly on the Club’s internal notice board.

There was enthusiasm at the AGM for another summer General Meeting, which updates Members on Club matters. Date to be arranged.

Irrigation System: A bid for a small grant from the British Crown Green Bowling Association has been submitted.

2005 Treasurer’s Report:

Ms Chambers said that she had been able to resume savings following a large refund from WaterPlus; she is still trying to get the Direct Debit reduced.

Exceptional expenditure over a year had been:

  • New alarm system to replace obsolete and faulty one
  • Beer store door, which is now alarmed
  • 5 yearly electrical systems check
  • Bar bottle fridge
  • Bowling shop stock purchase
  • Green and grounds maintenance

Bar sales were up even though costs had also risen.

Overall, cabaret artistes’ costs had risen.

Insurance costs were higher as Club now has to cover the Bowls shop stock.

Ms Chambers said that because the till has an inbuilt stock-control system, there is no bar wasteage.

Pensions Regulator: The Treasurer said that employers have to re-declare that they have offered pension schemes to employees in compliance with the law.

2006 Maintenance Issues: Benches have been repainted, stonework around green has been cleaned and relaid, and the Advertising Boards wall is being prepared.

2007 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Mr D Pedley reported another quiet month with no League meetings. The Club had held its signing-on Annual General Meetings and the results were positive, with quite a few signings, and along with other players extended their availability to more Leagues; the Club should be fielding much stronger Teams all round this season. It is hoped to open the green for two weeks prior to the season but, as per usual this will rely on an improvement in the weather conditions.

2008 Advertising Boards: Income is coming in.

2009 Bar Manager’s Report:

Mr P Phizacklea said that bar help is still required for Cabaret nights.

The bar will be opened on 22nd February at 5pm for the BT Sport Live Barrow v Sutton match.

2010 Fundraising and Social Activities Report: Nil to report.

2011 Fire, Health and Safety: A vacancy exists for a H & S Officer to identify on-site risks/hazards and to implement policies and procedures.

The Fire Department provided the format for updating the Club’s Fire Policy and that is underway.

‘Members’ Responsibilities in Event of Fire’ notice has been updated and is on notice board.


Following the suggestion from the Indoor Bowlers that they are prepared, as of September, to increase their subs by 50 pence to £2, the Committee unanimously agreed that in order to help with Club funds, all activity groups should pay £2. This will take effect in September.

There will be a Quiz on 20th March.

Halloween decorations will be put up for Cabaret night on 31st October.

The defibrillator pads and electrodes were renewed as expiry date reached.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday, 26th March at 6 pm.

The Meeting finished at 6.40 pm.