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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING held on Thursday, 1st August, 2019
Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow
(Secretary), Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs M Payne and Mr D Pedley.
1936 Apologies: Ms K Baker, Mr P Phizacklea and Mr M Ellis.

1937 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 6th
June, 2019 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1938 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Items raised in Suggestions Box: No postings.

Irrigation Scheme Update: The grant bid to Sport England has been unsuccessful; we
await the outcome of the application to Grantscape (Walney Wind Farm). The Treasurer
reported that she is confident that the Club can commit to the project going ahead in a few
months, even if the Grantscape bid is turned down. A project team will be formed to
collectively endorse the project design, in order to forestall any future
problems. MT/LC/DH

Security of Building: This has been compromised when the back door is left unlocked and
the alarm not activated when the last person leaves the Club.

The water boiler has been left switched on, the outside hose has been left on all night
recently, and the bar till drawer containing a substantial amount of mony was
left open.
The Committee agreed the need to reduce the amount of Club keys in circulation and ask
that current keyholders please return their keys where possible. An updated keyholders list
can then be drawn-up.

General Meeting: The purpose of the Meeting, due to be held on Monday, 12th August at
7pm, is to update Members on the financial performance of the Club, its current priorities
and general information about the Club’s activities since the Annual General Meeting in
February. All Members are welcome to come along, express opinions and make
suggestions about anything Club-related.

10th Anniversary Event: An article highlighting the Club’s history and activities will
hopefully appear in the local newspaper soon.
BAE Systems have kindly donated a framed print for the Club’s 10 year Anniversary
evening on September 21st; this will be a special raffle prize. A letter of thanks will be sent
to BAE. MTThe Chair confirmed that she will be taking bookings for the event.

Cabaret Bookings: To enable early completion of cabaret seating plans, places should be
booked, when possible, by the Thursday beforehand. Messages can be left on 01229
471853 or 0773 303 4243.

Mrs Elizabeth Dawes informed the Committee of her intention to step down from any
involvement in ‘In House Competitions’ and said that all competitions up to the end of the
season are sorted, apart from the Grand Masters event on 5th October when volunteers’
help with catering/kitchen work will be required throughout the day. Mrs Maureen Payne
(01229 828617) said that she will welcome extra offers of help on what will be a long and
busy day for the usual small group of ladies.

Ladies Open played on 7th June results: Winners were Glenis McDonald and Gill Corrigan,
Runners Up were Ann France and Elaine Carton.
Bowling Competitions:
Outside Comps – FURNESS FEDERATION (v. Harrogate) Sunday, 18th August

GRAND MASTERS Saturday, 5th October

Seniors In House Comps – ANDY AMOS PAIRS Tuesday, 3rd September

CHARLIE ROBERTS SINGLES Thursday, 5th September

JIM HEWITT Competition v. North Scale – Sunday, 8th September (amended date)
Car Boot Sale scheduled for Sunday, 11th August was cancelled. After discussion, it was
considered that the time, costs, effort and risks involved outweighed any financial benefit
to the Club.

1939 Treasurer’s Report:
Ms Chambers said that she will be meeting with Mr Peter Trelore in due course, to discuss
upgrading the security system to better meet insurance requirements. LC
PPL licence has been paid.

An appeal to WATER PLUS for the site’s area to be reassessed has been submitted by the
Treasurer and the high-level cost of waste water drainage has been challenged.
After negotiation of a new contract, a small saving has been made on the BT bill.
The Treasurer has authorised further expenditure on the green maintenance, in response to
a written request from Mr Ian Hall.

1940 Maintenance Issues: None to report.

1941 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Missing from the last report was “Congratulations” to Paul Clark, who won the Cumbria
Senior Merit, defeating Roy Moxham in the Final at Burton, both players going forward to
the National Finals played on 27th July where, unfortunately both lost in the first round.
On our green we held the Open Mixed Pairs, with 27 entries and on a warm day we were
treated to some excellent bowling, with once again the pairing of Simon Perry and Jess
Pickthall successfully defending against the pairing of Ben Wright and Emma Thornton. Mr
Dave Pedley expressed his thanks to our sponsor, Steve Martin, and all the Club Members
on/off the green for all their work in making it a successful day.
Coming into the last third of the season, the Furness 1st and A teams look like finishing
around the middle of their respective divisions, with the B team closer to the bottom. In
the Ulverston League, the 1st team will be just above halfway, with the A team being
relegated. In the Seniors, the 1st team are on course to finish runners-up, with the A team
being relegated, whilst the B team will be near the bottom of Division 2, but they have
played as a squad and have not fielded their strongest team purely to get results. The
Seniors 1st team are also in the final of the George Barrow v. Hawcoat Park, which is on
8th August at West Shore.

1942 Advertising Boards:
Mr Maurice Ellis has been kept informed of all payments received from advertisers.
The Committee were in agreement that one board be taken down, due to persistant late

1943 Bar Manager’s Report: Nil to report.

1944 Fundraising Report:
The Annual Christmas Coffee Morning will be held on Saturday, 7th December –
details to follow.

1945 Health & Safety Issues: None reported.

1946 Any Other Business:

A letter of thanks from Mr Joe Steele of the Furness Wine Guild was read out; they all very
much appreciated the hospitality and efforts extended by the Club during their Annual
Bowls Evening on 23rd July, in particular in relation to the green and the bar. The Guild
expressed their thanks to the Co-op Singers, who had given up their practice night for the

The central heating boiler will be shortly due for service. MT
The mower has been damaged and is now in for repair and service.
Date of next meeting: Thursday, 29th August, at 6pm.
Meeting ended at