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Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr D Harwood (Maintenance Manager), Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt, Mr D Pedley and Mr P Phizacklea (Jun). The Chair welcomed Mr Phizacklea to the Meeting.

1783 Apologies: Mr M Ellis, Ms K Baker, Miss H Chambers.

1784 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 2nd November, 2017 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1785 Secretary’s Report: ACTION Car Park Renovation. The Club has received £1,000 from The Hadfield Trust, with a proviso that an Evaluation Form be returned to the Trust within 12 months of the work’s completion. The Sir John Fisher Foundation has set aside £5,000 on condition that the Club raises sufficient other funds for the project to go ahead as proposed. The Secretary expressed the Club’s gratitude to both organisations for their generous commitments and will provide the Sir John Fisher Foundation with a breakdown of income generated over the next two months from social events, room hire, Annual Membership Fees and Bowling Fees. MT The Maintenance Manager will obtain an estimate for resurfacing the driveway. DH Annual Membership Renewal. Forms will be available at the Club; the £10 fee is due early in 2018.

1786 Treasurer’s Report: The Savings Account is healthy. The Treasurer reported the largest proceeds to date from the Christmas Coffee Morning, and thanked all those people involved for their selfless hard work and for the many donations. Thanks were expressed for the income generated from the sale of cards and calendars. Exceptional expenditure had been 2 hand dryers for the toilets, and materials for the bowling shelter and porches.

1787 Maintenance Manager’s Report: November was quite a busy month. A new porch was erected outside the kitchen door. The opportunity was taken to bulk-buy some timber and ground fixings in readiness for the erection of a porch of similar design outside the bowling hut door and also to support the proposed additional shelter. These additional materials have had the effect of artificially masking the cost of the kitchen porch. Much of the timber framework for both the existing shelter and porch came from timber reserves which are virtually exhausted, and so future projects will rely heavily on new purchases and, hence, elevated costs when compared to past projects. A new security light has been installed outside the disabled toilet, as the existing fitting had become defective.
A second electric hand dryer was bought and fitted in the ladies toilet. The redundant electric water heater was removed and the water supply capped-off. Work should start on the bowling hut porch early in the new year. After discussion about the location of the proposed new bowling shelter, it was suggested that this be taken to the vote at the Bowling AGMs in February, to which the Committee agreed. The Maintenance Manager will produce two designs. There was nothing to report about the Website.

1788 Bowling Secretary’s Report:
The reply from BCGBA regarding lady bowlers in men’s leagues is as follows: BCGBA has been led to believe that if a league association or club was already in existence before the Equality Act came into being, then they can continue in the same manner. Any leagues, associations or clubs setting-up after this date must conform to the terms of the Act.
The only way forward, if the league has a rule stating it is male only, would appear to be to put a proposition to the league’s AGM to amend ‘male only’ to ‘male and female’, and if enough clubs supported the proposition then it would be passed and could then not revert to being ‘male only’. This will be made known to the leagues at their January meetings.
The request for Co-op and Co-op A home fixtures to be on Saturdays in the Furness league, will again be on the Agenda if fixtures are still on Friday nights.
The general opinion from County is that the £2 levy that they wanted to introduce will not be implemented, so those who paid last year will get it back as a reduction on signing-on next year.

1789 Advertising Boards: Nil to report.

1790 Bar Manager’s Report: Mr Phizacklea said that he had added a third bottled beer – at the same price as current beers – in order to give Members more choice. Confirmation was given that the Bar will be open on 23rd December from 3pm onwards, and the Bar Manager said he is prepared to work as a volunteer alongside other Members who might want to help out. A refrigeration engineer had been called-out to fix the bar room cooler; the pipes need refitting. The flash chiller needs servicing by the engineer, and he will be contacted. Mr Phizacklea was thanked for his enthusiasm and hard work in his new role.

1791 Fundraising & Social Activities Report: The Christmas Quiz night with its raffle and buffet had been a great success and enjoyed by the participants. Thanks were given for income generated from the sale of homemade jams and chutneys. The Co-op Singers’ Concert on 21st October was an evening enjoyed by all who attended. Date of the May Coffee Morning will be confirmed. The next cabaret is on Saturday, 13th January, 8-11.30pm, when MIKE PALMER will perform for us. To book your seat please ring Brenda Gillen on 01229 471853. Cost £2.50. Pocket-sized Cabaret acts notices are available at the bar.

1792 Health and Safety: Nil to report.

1793 ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There are 2 BONUS BALL numbers available as of January. If interested please contact Liz Dawes on 833942. Keep Fit to Music and Indoor Bowls restart on 8th January. A new St. Mary’s Hospice Box has been positioned on the Club’s notice board. Reassurance was given to the Committee that, due to its Christmas design and without a logo, it was a genuine Hospice box. All donations welcome.

Christmas cards are now being displayed along an internal wall, in order to free-up the notice board for official notices.

Mr. Don Barrow is unwell and the Committee send their good wishes to him on behalf of the Club. His selfless input to the daily smooth running of the Club does not go unnoticed, and he is missed. Jobs routinely done by Don have been undertaken by Members.

In the New Year the carpet tiles in the ladies toilets will need replacing. The inside of the Clubhouse needs repainting – volunteers welcome.

Following discussion about a phone call received by the Chair from a person wishing to join the Co-op Singers, it became apparent that there are issues which need to be discussed within the Group.

Next Meeting: 25th January, 2018, at 6pm. Meeting ended at 7.45pm.