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Constitution and Principles of Management of the Coop Singers

Updated 5 Feb 2019

The following sets out the way the Coop Singers group is constituted and the manner in which the members intend to conduct the management of the group. The contents have been democratically derived and are issued publicly to provide visibility to anyone who may have an interest in the groups activities.

Objectives of the Group

The objectives of the Coop Singers Group (hereafter referred to as the ‘Group’) is to gather as a group of like-minded singing enthusiasts to practise for and perform musical concerts for the Coop Club members and other local groups or organisations in order to show-case Group members talents and spread a little joy and happiness to those who may benefit from it. To this end, the Group members will strive for continuous improvement through mutual support and encouragement which will be delivered at all times in a friendly and respectful manner. In support of this objective there is, by necessity, a need to manage Singing Group numbers.

Policy for new members

There are practical limitations on the numbers that can be accommodated within the group in order to maintain the established principle of giving group members the opportunity to make 3 appearances within a typical concert of 90 minutes duration. In order to avoid any embarrassing and uncomfortable encounters with non-group members who express an interest in joining, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Anyone expressing an interest in joining the Coop Singers is cordially invited to attend any one of the group practise sessions which are held at the club, typically every Tuesday evening commencing at 19:00.

  2. On attendance, everyone will be given a brief induction which will cover the following points:

    a. How the group came into being

    b. The objectives of the group (to put on concerts)

    c. The factors that are believed to be at the heart of the groups popularity (the type of songs we choose i.e. those that are not typically covered by Cabaret artists or that can be heard routinely at any Karaoke Bar for example).

    d. The key positions within the group and the roles and responsibilities of those holding those positions (see below for details).

    e. The personal responsibilities of each member (selecting their own songs and advising the Group Leader and Concert Coordinator of such).

  3. During the visit everyone expressing an interest to sing will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents and be given the opportunity to give an insight into the type of songs that they prefer to sing. On completion the group will discuss the needs of the group as they stand at the time (numbers, upcoming concerts, balance of male and female members, known future absences due to illness holidays or other commitments etc. In due course, the potential candidate will be advised of the groups decision which will usually fall within one of the following responses:

    a. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear you sing and we are delighted to invite you to join our group

    b. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear you sing and we would like to offer you the opportunity to practise with us with a view to starting as a reserve singer to cover for absences/unavailability of group members with the aim of becoming a full and permanent member of the group.

    c. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear you sing but unfortunately there are no immediate suitable openings within our group but we would like to keep your details on record should a suitable opening present itself in the future.

  4. Every member of the Coop Singers must be a fully paid-up member of the Coop Sports and Social Club.

Key Roles Within the Group

The following roles exist within the group:

Group Leader

Concert Coordinator

Audio Technician

Video technician


Duties and responsibilities

Group Leader – To propose the concert sequencing (order of songs), act as the ‘Front Man’ to conduct the concert introductions, provide guidance and encouragement regarding choice and presentation of concert content.

Concert Coordinator – To liaise with local area concert secretaries to arrange dates/times of concert bookings. Keep records of songs performed by group members and songs sung at previous concert appearances. Provide concert running order spreadsheets to include key-change details, timings and song-file locations.

Audio Technician – To provide technical expertise relating to the provision and setting-up of the sound monitoring and reproduction equipment and where appropriate and possible, carry out repairs and maintenance to all group audio assets. To act as the audio-mixer operator during practices and concerts.

Video technician – To provide technical expertise relating to the provision and setting up of the video reproduction equipment and where appropriate and possible, carry out repairs and maintenance to all group video assets. When requested, to attempt to adapt karaoke files to make it easier for individuals to separate out specific elements of a song. To act as the video operator during practices and concerts.  

Treasurer – To collect, hold and record details of all group monies received. To ensure that any and all financial obligations e.g. room hire fees etc. are settled in a timely manner.

This document will be reviewed annually and updated as required.