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Co-op Sports & Social Club

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 9th August , 2018

Present Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mr D Pedley and Mr P Phizacklea.

1838 Apologies:

Mr M Ellis, Ms H Chambers and Ms K Baker.

1839 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The Minutes of the Meeting on 21st June, 2018 were approved by

the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1840 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

A letter has been sent to Mr D Harwood, thanking him for the

considerable effort and commitment that he gave to his role

of Maintenance Manager for the Club. His speedy response to

any maintenance issues has been much appreciated. The

Committee wish him well for the future.

Maintenance Manager/Advisor vacancy A person is required

to lead a team of volunteers in maintaining the Club buildings

and grounds. This will be looked into. PP

Bowling Green A meeting will be arranged for those people

involved in the care of the green in order to agree a cohesive

plan that can be adhered to; any such plan will be presented

to the Committee at the next meeting. PP

Doors to Huts Further quotes are awaited before a decision

can be made to replace the Beer Hut and adjoining huts

doors with either PVC or wood. The beer hut is currently not

secure and the two doubles are going at the base.

Intruder Alarm & Emergency Lighting Systems have been

serviced and procedures for documented monthly checks are

now in place.

Club Photos All the bowling photos previously displayed in

the lounge have been repositioned in the kitchen.

1841 Treasurer’s Report:

The Club’s financial position at Quarter 3 is looking healthy.

Exceptional expenditure was in relation to bowling/league

fees, and exceptional income was from private bookings/

/parties and very good bar takings from competitions and the

County match. The Savings Account is healthy.

Following a BT increase overall of 4.9% a new contract for

BT Sports Total package was negotiated and 4.7% discount

agreed, making for only 0.2% increase.

BT Sport is now working again in the kitchen.

Accounts Package and provider: The Treasurer said that she

has bought a software package that should produce

Quarterly accounts, and that she plans to discuss Final

accounts production with R.F.Miller and one other company.

Ms Chambers stressed the importance of outgoing Club

officers giving an appropriate and timely handover and

informing all providers of services to the Club of the change

and requesting removal of his/her name from their


1842 Maintenance Issues:

There are no pressing issues. Arrangement will be

made for the boiler’s service. BG

1843 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Mr D Pedley said that July was a busy time on the green,

with the Open Mixed Pairs, Ladies County and the Jim

Hewitt Competition. The Mixed Pairs saw 27 pairs compete

and after a long day’s bowling it was Simon Perry and

Jessica Picthall who won for the second year running,

defeating Derek Southward and Zoe Clark in the final. The

Ladies County was held on another lovely day and the

crowd enjoyed some excellent bowling, with the two home

bowlers Debbie Hall and Marion Woods both recording

excellent wins. It is hoped that they will use our green

again, next year. Finally, the Jim Hewitt Trophy match

between Co-op and North Scale resulted in a win for the

Co-op squad.

Latest news from the leagues is that all teams continue to

do well, with the Seniors A team and Ulverston A team both

odds on for promotion, with all three first teams likely to

finish in the top four in their respective leagues. The

Seniors 1st team lost in the final of the George Barrow Cup

to Hawcoat Park A.

The only delegates meeting was in the Ulverston league,

where the draw for the play-offs was made and another

request for a new secretary was made; we believe that

someone has come forward, but no name has been


The County Safeguarding Meeting will be held at the Co-op

on Sunday, 19th August, 12 till 3pm.

1844 Advertising Boards: Nil to report.

1845 Bar Manager’s Report:

Mr P Phizacklea said that a bar person is needed to work

ad hoc hours, and he will look into this. PP

1846 Fundraising Report:

The sale of books and teas and coffees raised £200.

1847 Health & Safety Issues: Nil to report.

1848 Any Other Business:

Following a recent complaint, the Committee wishes to

reiterate the importance of the Club’s Code of Conduct and

the requirement for all Members to comply.

Furness Wine Guild have sent a thank-you letter to the Club

saying how much they had all enjoyed their day.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 20th September, 6pm

Meeting closed at 7.30pm