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Co-op Sports & Social Club
Minutes of Meeting held on 26th April, 2018

Present Ms H Chambers (Acting Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer),
Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mr D Harwood, Mrs J Garner, Mr D
Pedley and Mr P Phizacklea. Mr D Dawes was invited to attend.

1816 Apologies:
Mrs B Gillen, Mrs J Hewitt and Mr M Ellis.

1817 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Amendment to 1807 Secretary’s Report to delete “Re-design
the Club’s interior…Channelside College”.
The Minutes were then agreed by the Committee and were
signed by the Chair.

1818 Secretary’s Report:
Access to Club: Following discussion amongst the
Committee and Mr D Dawes, who had brought the concerns voiced by
some Club Members to the Meeting, agreement was reached
that there would be unrestricted access by Members to the
Club room during any group activity, having firstly observed
and assessed any Health & Safety notices on display.
It was agreed that green maintenance could take place on a
section of the green whilst bowlers were practising on the
remaining section, with any risk being notified and assessed
by each individual.

Jobs/Purchases for consideration: Suggestions for a number
of these, variable in cost, will require further consideration
before any decisions can be made at future Meetings, and
the Committee agreed that Members’ suggestions should be
considered and brought to the next Meeting.
It was agreed that the wood on the green benches be
renewed on a rolling programme.

1819 Treasurer’s Report:
Takings are picking up and the Savings Account is healthy.
Minimum wage went up on 1st April. The first quarter
appeared to be the best one ever. Trading was up with
prudent stock management, thanks to the Bar Manager.
The Treasurer proposed that Risk Assessment reviews take
place in respect of Finance, Personnel, Property and
Business and role lists will be drawn up. LC/PP/MT

The Treasurer requested a second safe for the additional
security of weekly takings, especially during the bowling
season, and this was agreed by the Committee. DH/DP

1820 Maintenance Manager’s Report:
April was a relatively quiet
month; however, the Green Committee has been very
active. Replacement scaffolding planks were procured and
a saw table donated by Mr A Logan was put to good use
when they were sawed in half lengthwise. After being given
a coat of preservative, they were inserted around the green
to replace edging most in need of repair.
The cable trunking hanging down from the ceiling near the
front light switch was permanently secured.
Mr Harwood reiterated the appeal for volunteers to help with
the website administration, and asked that Member
computer enthusiasts, their families or friends contact him
at the Club.

1821 Bowling Secretary’s Report:
Mr D Pedley was pleased to report that all teams are doing
exceptionally well, especially in the Ulverston League, with
1st and 2nd Teams third and second respectively in table at
the moment. Last week saw the Federation game on our
green between Furness and South Lakes, and on a pleasant
afternoon the crowd saw some good games with Furness
winning. The overall impression from the teams was how
good the green was running, showing the work by the
Green Staff is paying off. Ladies can play in Furness
Federation team, and any ladies interested are asked to
contact Mr Ken Haworth.
The 6th May sees the Society Trophy and In-House
Competition, for any Co-op bowling Members, followed on
the 13th by the Cumbria Senior Merit, featuring players
from both the Furness and Kendal areas – final details are
not yet to hand. The end of the month sees the Rotary
singles on the 27th, which is open to all bowlers in the local
area and so far we have 23 entries.

1822 Advertising Boards: Nil to report.

1823 Bar Manager’s Report:
Mr P Phizacklea said that he had made some small price
increases in Coke, small bottles of wines and crisps, and]
that Mild prices stayed the same. He said that savings had
been made by shopping around. Cans of fruit cider, non-
-alcoholic lager, Bombay Sapphire gin and Fruit Shoots had
been introduced and were selling well.

1824 Fundraising Report:
There will be a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 19th May,
9.30-11.30 am. Tickets £1 can still be obtained from
Mrs J Garner and Mrs J Hewitt. There will be some
excellent stalls: tombola, a selling stall, books, cakes,
raffle and refreshments. All contributions will be welcome,
as will any offers of help.

1825 Health & Safety Issues: Nil to report.

1826 Any Other Business:
It was reported that the television in the kitchen was not
working. This will be followed-up. LC
Date of Next Meeting: 14th June at 6pm
Meeting closed at 7.42pm