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Minutes of A.G.M. Held on 21st February 2017


Minutes silence


The Chairwoman started the evening by asking everyone to stand for a minute’s silence in memory of the Members we have lost in the last twelve months.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Mr P Phizacklea (Jnr) and Mrs P Rogan.


Minutes of the last A.G.M


Members were asked to read the minutes before proceedings continued. As there were no questions it was proposed that the minutes be accepted as a true record of events. The Chairwoman signed the minutes.


Chairwoman’s Report


The Chairwoman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

She thanked the volunteers who always do their best, said that fundraising has gone well and that lots of other clubs would like to be in the same position as ours and in-the-black.

She thanked Mr Alan Critchley for his help given to Ms Moira Thornburrow during the handover period of the Secretary’s duties.

Finally, she thanked all the Committee and other officials for the work they had done throughout the year.


Treasurer’s Report


Ms Lynne Chambers expressed her thanks to Mr Roy Swinglehurst for his help in easing her into the role of Treasurer and for finishing the Accounts, and to Mr Jim McGibben for his auditing of the Club’s Accounts, which represent a true and accurate account of the finances for 2016. Finances remain in a healthy position, with an excess of £5,500 of income over expenditure.

Exceptional costs of £1,698 were incurred in funding the new door for the beer store, restoration of the trailer, the new verandah roof, and the renovation of the bowling benches and the indoor seating – more details to be given in Secretary’s report.

She thanked all fundraisers and said that without all their efforts the Club’s finances would be in a much worse position, illustrating their impact with the example that over £800 was raised in two hours at the Christmas Coffee Morning.

Thanks were extended to the Maintenance Teams who work on the grounds and greens and give many hours of work.

Towards the end of the Financial Year, an interest-earning Savings Account was opened, as a means of saving towards the expense of bowling shelters and car park renovation. Mr Roy Swinglehurst explained that, in 2015 high turnover was due to the income from private parties. Mr David Harwood asked how much was going into the new Savings Account, and the Treasurer said that a standing order was in place.

Mr Peter Garner expresssed his concern about the high monthly cost of SKY of £262, and Mr Roger Wood asked if a cost comparison between SKY and BT Sports could be obtained.

Mr Roger Wood informed the Meeting that Barrow Borough Council intends to introduce a £35 annual charge for the removal of garden waste. Mr Jack Huitson suggested the idea of buying a composter in order to avoid this need. The Council have printed a booklet with details. This will be discussed at this Thursday’s Committee Meeting.


Secretary’s Report


Ms Moira Thornburrow began by thanking all those people who continue to give many hours of their time, in many ways, to keep the Club going.

The bowling green benches’ refurbishment required significant effort by the volunteers, and are looking very smart in readiness for the new season. The Secretary said that thanks were owed to those who did the work in all weathers. A suggestion to replace the wood beams by mixed recycled plastic wood, at some time in the future, was not completely dismissed. The Secretary mentioned that the benches played an important part in the Club’s history, and had been bought by Members.

The new verandah roof allows more light transmission and has stopped the leaking. Thanks were extended to those who carried out this work.

Re-upholstering of the indoor seats was done to improve both their appearance and comfort, and all agreed that the work had been carried out to a high standard by Mrs Rose Crawford. Many positive comments have been received from Members and guests to the Club.

The bowling hut floor panels were renewed with specially treated refurbished boards, as they were in an unstable and dangerous condition.

There was now new flooring around the front of the bar.

The laminate flooring in the ladies’ toilet was in a bad state of repair, with a number of joints opening-up, so new carpet tiles have been overlaid, allowing them to be moved around, should an area become worn.

There is a new door to the Greenkeeper’s store, and the old mower has a new engine.

Four bins for cigarette ends have tidied-up the area around the Clubhouse.

The car park blocks were removed as they were a trip hazard, and adequate passage for pedestrians has been respected.

Renovation work to the green has been ongoing since the end of the season. A large area was prone to waterlogging, so the blocked drainage pipes underneath have been rodded.

A Green Committee, led by Mr Don Barrow was formed and meets periodically, and has formalised the approach to green maintenance.

Green shelters. Despite the effort made into looking at another Club’s shelters, measuring-up and sourcing the materials needed, the number of negative views expressed by some Members prompted Mr Malachy Gillen to abandon the project.

Rock Lea development. Mulberry Homes, who have developed the former Thorncliffe School site, applied in 2015 to Barrow Borough Council’s Planning Department to build fourteen detached houses on the old Rock Lea land. The Council have acknowledged receipt of the Club’s concerns about any possible breaching of our boundary wall and any disturbance to the much-loved bank of poppies. The Planning Committee Meeting is scheduled to take place in April.

An Indoor Bowling mat trolley has been made by Mr Les Vickers, making it much easier to manoeuvre the mat into position. The Secretary expressed her thanks.

Special Prices Night had been introduced for every 3rd Friday and take-up had been low. Now that regular 3rd Friday Quiz Nights have helped, and bar prices have been re-assessed and generally lowered, the decision was taken to stop Special Prices Night. Bulk purchase of wines are now made from Bookers.

Quiz Nights are proving to be successful.

Website Development. Three Club Members have been working with a student from Channelside College, and we can look forward to it going live before the start of the bowling season. Mr David Harwood explained that it will provide instant up-to-date access to bowling fixtures and results.

The trailer had failed beyond apparent repair, but has been given a new lease of life after undating by volunteers. Many thanks were extended by the Secretary.

CASC. Mr Alan Critchley outlined the reason for the Extraordinary General Meeting in 2016, and said that the Club, by complying with HMRC by providing Year-End figures to demonstrate that over 50% of Members participate in specified Club activities, avoids having to pay Corporation Tax.

The sum of £95 was donated to the St. Mary’s Hospice box, and the receipt will be displayed on the notice board, once received from the Hospice.

A First Aid Box and Accident Book are now kept in the kitchen for the recording of any accident or incident on the Club’s grounds.

The Secretary thanked all those Members who, through their efforts help boost Club funds. . the sale of books, jigsaws and cds, plants, and income generated from the Carpet Bowls,Ladies’ Tap, Co-op Singers, Advertising Boards and donations. The May and Christmas coffee mornings were popular and successful, thanks to good organisation, time and effort, and are an essential part of keeping the Club in-the-black and helping the Club to remain a vibrant part of the community.

In May, Mr Alan Critchley said that he wished to step down from being Secretary and over a period of three months asked that any Members interested in taking up the postion make themselves known to him.. A list of duties was drawn-up. One person withdrew after being intitially interested, and after being approached by a Member to apply, Ms Moira Thornburrow did, indicating which duties she felt able to undertake. The remaining duties were split between the Treasurer and Mr Critchley. The Committee agreed that Ms Thornburrow be appointed and, since the role of Secretary is not an electable one, she has been working alongside Mr Critchley during a handover of duties. AGM Members were then asked if they had any objection to this appointment, to which the answer was no. The Secretary thanked Alan for his valued work over a number of years.

In December, Mr Roy Swinglehurst said that he wished to relinquish many of his duties as Club President, and these were divided as follows: the Treasurer is responsible for insurances, untilities and completion of month-end accounts; the Secretary is responsible for cabaret artists bookings and for producing Year End Membership numbers (for CASC purposes); Mr Alan Critchley is dealing with all bar-related issues. The Secretary thanked Roy for all that he has done over the years.


Election of Officers


Mr Mala Gillen had been due to stand for re-election, but submitted a letter of resignation in January. A gift and card from the Committee and Members were handed to Mrs Brenda Gillen, to give to her husband on their behalf. Members were unanimous in their acknowledgement that Mala’s decades of continuous efforts to improve and upgrade the Clubhouse and grounds will become part of the Club’s history.

A proposal by proxy had been received from Mr P Phizacklea (Jnr), nominating Mr David Harwood for the Maintenance Manager’s position and thereby a position on the Committee. This was seconded by Mr Alan Critchley.

There were three vacancies on the Committee: Mrs B Gillen, Mrs J Hewitt and Mrs J Garner were all due for re-election. As each stated that they were prepared to stand and as there were no other nominations from the Floor, a vote to re-elect all three Members was proposed and seconded by several Members in attendance.


Any other business


Mr David Harwood said that all prime-position benches are now back in place, and he reassured everybody that new wood would be bought for the remaining bench and that its plaque, which is currently temporarily on another bench would be returned to its original place.

Mr Harwood had submitted a Proposal that “Any Club Member submitting an agenda item for consideration by the Committee at the monthly meetings has the right to attend the meeting to address the Committee in person, in order to fully discuss the item, address any questions arising and any other issues that may emerge”. He stressed that if any item for consideration were a complex one, the attendance of the Proposer would allow the Committee to make better-informed decisions. A show of hands was requested by the Chairwoman, and the Proposal was accepted.

As there was no other business the Meeting closed at 8.20 and Members were invited to the bar for a drink.

Attendance: 28