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Minutes of Meetings 2015

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 8th August 2015

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr M Gillen, Mr D Pedley,  Mrs J Garner and Mrs J Hewitt

1550    Apologies:

Mr R Swinglehurst, Mr M Ellis, Ms K Baker

1551    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

Members Christmas Draw:   

Further to the idea of having a free draw for members, it was decided that instead of a single prize of £100 there will be four prizes of £25 in the form of vouchers to be spent in the Club.

Green Maintenance:    AC

The green has become very compacted over years of use, prompting a request to the committee for permission to organise “deep spiking” to be carried out. This involves an outside contractor using a machine to spike the green to a greater depth than our own machine is capable of, then injecting compressed air to loosen the ground. Other clubs in the area are considering the same work and this will help to keep the cost down. The committee agreed that a good green was vitally important to the Club and that we should proceed, however, further information was needed from those involved with its maintenance and a meeting is to be organised between the secretary and green keepers.

Welcome Sign:   

A “Welcome to the Coop Club” sign has been donated by Deltawaite and erected at the end of the drive. This is a splendid addition to the overall look of the Club and really enhances the entrance. Many thanks to Mr Paul McHugh for both the suggestion and the kind donation.

Bar Staff:   

Mrs Lynne Churcher has informed the committee that, she is unable to continue serving behind the bar. Lynne has been a regular and popular member of the bar staff for many years on cabaret nights and other functions; she will be missed.

The committee agreed that we should seek to employ another experienced person to replace Lynne and thus keep the staff level to three. In addition it was felt that we also need more voluntary (unpaid) help behind the bar from members, mainly during bowls matches. If you think you may be able to help please let a member of the committee know.


The Club is to hold Karaoke Nights on the second Thursday of each month, starting on 10th September. If there is sufficient interest it is hoped it will become a regular event. The bar will be open from 8.00pm.

1552    Treasurer’s Report:


There were no new announcements regarding the Club accounts.

Rock Lea:    RS

A meeting was recently held between Mr Swinglehurst and Mr Critchley from the Club and two council representatives to discuss the purchase of the land behind Rock Lea. It was explained that the council needs to raise as much money as possible from the sale as it was part of the plan for paying for the new facility on Risedale Rd. The expected cost of buying Rock Lea is likely to be well outside what the Club could think of paying, even before the outlay of developing the land for our use. In addition an offer from the Club would need to be made before the end of October.

In conclusion, it is unlikely that the sale to the Club will proceed as we will be unable to raise the required monies in time, even with any grants that could be obtained.

1553    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

New Storage Facility:    MG

The footings for the new facility have been laid and building is expected to start in the next few days.

Green Edging Boards:    MG

The boards surrounding the green need replacing; they are badly warped and some are rotting. The path edging is also breaking up in places – creating a potential safety hazard. Prices for new boards, in two sizes, have been obtained and a decision is to be made as to which is the most suitable. Suggestions were made as to how best to repair the path.

1554    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Bar cover to the end of August was discussed and the need for more volunteers and paid staff was reiterated.

1555    Bowling Secretary’s Report:


The Mixed Pairs competition went well, although the number of entries was disappointing. The observation was made that there seems to be a general decline in competition entries in the area.


Early on in the season there was concern that we were struggling to form teams, in the main due to illness and holidays. That situation has now been reversed and we now have more players than needed for the teams !!

1556    Fund Raising/Social Events:

Afternoon Tea:

Tickets are now available from June Hewitt or Jean Garner for the Christmas themed flower arranging display by Norma Halpin.

The number of tickets (£5 each) will be strictly limited to 50.

Details are:    Wednesday 7th October 2 – 4pm     Entry by ticket only

1557    H&S Issues:

Green Edging:

As mentioned above, repairs to the edge of the green are necessary.

1558    Any Other Business:


Several requests have been made for the sale of chocolate from the bar. Therefore it has been decided to stock a small quantity and to monitor the demand.


A number of members have asked when the dart board can be used. The answer is it is available for use now. A temporary oche in the form of tape on the floor is provided and a temporary scoreboard can be made until a proper cabinet is erected. A shelf now protects the top of the radiator, this shelf is easily removable when the heating is on.

Cleveleys Trip:   

A £45 donation to the Club was made by the members who went on the enjoyable and popular bowling trip. Thank you to all concerned.

Solar Panels:    AC

The idea of fitting solar panels to the Club was suggested. It was agreed that the idea should be investigated.

Bonus Ball:        ED

The bonus ball is being increased from 49 to 59 numbers, therefore there are 10 more places available in the draw. If you are interested please contact Mrs Liz Dawes for information.

Indoor Bowls/ Coop Singers:       

The use of the Club for these two activities is to increase to £1.50/person/session from the end of September. This brings these events more in line with the Keep-fit/Tap ladies who pay £2/session.

Pie & Peas:       

The end-of-season pie & pea suppers are arranged as follows:

Men’s Ulverston League:  Wed 2nd Sept, served at 8.15pm. Names to D.Pedley or P.Phizacklea by 27th August. £2.80 each

Senior Men:    Mon 7th Sept served at 4.30pm. Names to Ian Hall by 27th August

Ladies:  Wed 9th Sept served at 5.00pm. Names to E.Dawes or S.Sharp by 27th August

Men’s Furness League:  Sat 19th Sept served at 2.00pm. Names to D.Pedley or P.Phizacklea by 27th August. £2.80 each

1559    Next Meeting:

The next meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 2.00 pm.`