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Co-op Sports & Social Club

Minutes of Meeting held on 6th April 2017

Present: Mr. R. Swinglehurst President, Mrs. B. Gillen (Chairperson), Ms. L. Chambers (Treasurer), Ms. M. Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs. J. Garner, Mrs. J. Hewitt and Mr. D. Pedley.

1721 Apologies:

Mr. D. Harwood, Ms. K. Baker and Mr. M. Ellis.

1722 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd February, 2017 were

approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1723 Secretary’s Report:

Refugees in Cumbria: The questionnaire was completed and

returned to Cumbria Volunteers Service, stating the Club’s

interest in offering support. It is understood that the

refugees will not be arriving until next year.

Website Update:There has been mixed reception of this by

Members. The Website is a work in progress and inputting

information can be time-consuming and the

Committee asks that Members consider this. There are

certain details on the site that need adjusting, one being

the Calendar. With regard to costs, an up-front payment for the

‘domain name’ has been made, to cover 15 months.

During discussion as to who will be responsible

for moderating the content, the Committee were assured


a) all content would be vetted for anything

inappropriate and

b) lists of Members’ names and addresses would

not appear on the website.

Funding Grant

After discussion with Fund Providers at a Cumbria

Volunteers Action event at Forum 28 in March, it would seem

that two ‘Providers’ might offer grants, for the refurbishment

of the car park. (Amount unknown). Estimates would be

essential and the Maintenance Manager will be

asked to obtain estimates for a full/partial refurbishment,

for the Committee to assess the scale of a fundraising effort.

The Club is fortunate in having a Member’s relative, with vast

experience in gaining project-funding, to kindly research

other possible Providers, and the Secretary

will liaise with her and report back to the Committee. MT/DH

Garden Recycling The Committee agreed that given the

amount of grass cutting during the bowling season, annual

payment for collection from three bins at a cost of £35 per

bin collected fortnightly was justified. The required

identification stickers have been affixed to them.

Rock Lea Mulberry Homes have submitted

amended plans for the site, reducing the build from 14 to

10 detached houses. No date yet set for Planning

Committee Meeting.

Promoting Club Activities Insertion in the Evening Mail’s

Community Noticeboard Page is giving positive results, with

six new people attending Keep Fit/Dance. Given that a

lady living almost opposite the Club only found out about

the activity from the Mail, the Committee agreed we need to

be making better use of the on-street notice board.

1724 Treasurer’s Report:

After the Treasurer speaking to BT, it is clear that by

replacing SKY with BT Sport & WiFi the Club can make a

significant monthly saving. The Committee agreed to this

and assurance would be sought meanwhile from BT that

there would be no break in service, once the changeover

took place. LC

1725 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Each Committee Member had a copy of the Maintenance

Manager’s report, outlining maintenance activities and

actions. The bowling shelter is complete and open for

business; two potholes in the car park have been repaired

using cold-lay Tarmac, and approval had been sought of

the Committee for bulk purchase of sufficient material to

repair the remaining potholes, to which it was agreed to

ask the Maintenance Manager to obtain an estimate for

partial and whole refurbishment of the car park as soon as

he is able, on the grounds that, matching any Provider’s

Grant figure could be realistic for the Club, especially if the

repair were done in sections at a time.

Car parking restrictions have been marked out on the car

park, thereby allowing unrestricted access for emergency

vehicles. It is important that the restrictions are observed.

The wood shed has been cleared out and tidied, the plastic

cladding and guttering around the clubhouse has been

power-washed, as has the bowling green plastic edge

boards and the wall bordering Dane Avenue. New wood has

been purchased, painted and the seating replaced on bench

No.17. Storage racking has been installed in the bowling

hut cupboard. A PC has been installed in the bowling hut

and set up so that it defaults to the Club website, from

where links can be activated to each of the Men’s Bowls

leagues to facilitate team captains’ Match Results uploading.

Teach-ins have commenced to explain the process to all

team captains. A Wi-fi extender has been installed to

extend the Wi-fi coverage, principally to the bowling hut.

On behalf of the Club, the Maintenance Manager would like

to thank the following Members for their help and continued

support in maintaining and improving the material state of

the Club: Dave Watterson, Albert Head, Peter Phizacklea,

Don Barrow and Roger Wood.


1726 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

The new season is upon us and with all affiliation fees paid,

it is time to bowl. The men’s Furness and Ulverston teams

have only just got enough signed-on players to run the

teams, and it would be much appreciated if any other

players could make themselves available as reserves to be

called on when we are short due to work or holidays –

names please to Liz Dawes or Dave Pedley.

Ken Howarth had asked if the Club were willing to give a

donation to help with 2 Junior Teams, and £10 was agreed.

1727 Bar Report/Cover:

Mr. Alan Critchley expressed his wish to withdraw from

involvement in bar cover from 1st April, and provided the

Committee with the necessary information, in particular the

sourcing and ordering of drinks and the need to liaise with

suppliers and paid Bar Staff. Mrs. E. Dawes was approached

and is considering taking up the role and has organised Bar

cover for bowling events and will liaise with Mr. Don Barrow

about stock. Mr. Roy Swinglehurst will continue to do the

pricing of drinks.

On behalf of the Club, the Committee wishes to thank Alan

for his involvement in Bar management and for overseeing

stock levels and sourcing the best price deals over many


1728 Fundraising Committee Report:

A Coffee Morning will be organised for June 24th. A Bottle

Stall will replace the Tombola Stall.

1729 Social Activities Report:

Nil to report.

1730 Health & Safety Issues:

‘Safeguarding’ information had been obtained from Cumbria

Crown Green Bowling Association, indicating it is best

practice to have a Club Policy in place. The document

would be displayed in the Bowling Hut and the Clubhouse.

The Treasurer said that she will ask Ms. Hazel Chambers,

the Club’s Health & Safety Representative, if she will agree

to being ‘Welfare Officer’. LC

1731 Any Other Business:

The Secretary said that she and the Treasurer will be away

for 5 weeks in May and June. Cover has been arranged for

cashing-up and paying wages.

An enquiry had been made by a local entertainer about the

possibility of the Club hosting a Cabaret, in order to raise

money for the new FGH Baby Unit, with the possibility of

making it an all-day event, tied-in with a bowling

competition. It was decided amongst the Committee that

although the Club were prepared to give free use of the

room, it could not guarantee audience numbers. The

President will convey the Committee’s decision to the person

concerned. RS

The Cancer Drop-In Centre have booked the Clubhouse for

its Coffee Morning on Friday, 19th May, 9.30-11.30, and a

poster will be displayed.

Clarification was requested, at the Men’s Seniors AGM about

£100 from Mr. Alan Johnson. This was a donation to the


The question was asked as to the feasibility of a canopy from

the Clubhouse to the Bowling Hut, as the kitchen floor and

the Hut floor get very wet when it is raining. It was agreed

that the Secretary ask the Maintenance Manager if the work

could be done either during or after the bowling season.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2nd May at 10.00 am

Meeting ended at 7.45pm