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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 5th September 2016

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), (President), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr D Pedley, Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mr M Ellis, Ms K Baker Ms M Thornburrow and Ms H Chambers

1670    Apologies:

None – all present

1671    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

New Secretary:       

Following the announcement that Mr Critchley is to step down as Club Secretary, the committee is pleased to announce that they have appointed Ms Moira Thornburrow to the post. Mr Critchley will work alongside Moira during a hand-over of the duties and also continue to be available at the Club to meet anyone needing access.  

Lawn Mower:   

The older of our two lawn mowers is out of action. Initial investigations suggest that it may not be recoverable as it needs a new carburettor that is no longer available. The machine is currently with the maintainers and we are awaiting their findings.   

Shelters for Green:   

As reported in last month’s minutes, it was the committee’s intention to erect two shelters around the green. With that aim in view Mr Gillen and Mr Critchley went to the West Shore Club to investigate their approach to the task, as a number of members had remarked on how good their shelters were. Photos were taken, measurements made and discussions with the person that built them took place. Both members came away with a good idea of how and where we should build similar shelters at our Club. Shortly after that, Mr Gillen started work preparing timber for the build. However, he was approached by a small number of bowlers enquiring as to what he was doing and then expressing lots of negative views as to the whole idea. The outcome is that Mr Gillen has lost interest in managing the build, so if any other members want to take on this project then they should inform the committee of their intentions, but for now it is ‘on-hold’.  

Writing Project:    MT

A suggestion was put to the committee of the idea to start an open book at the Club for members to write down any memories they have of their time at the Club, memories of previous members, early days at the Club etc. or even their family holidays…. basically anything they want to write about their past. The committee agreed it was an excellent and interesting idea that could bring back many happy memories for people and was well worth giving a try.

Another Co-op Bowling Club:   

An email has been received from Alloa Cooperative Bowling Club! Their president stumbled upon our website and was surprised to find that another such club existed. An exchange of emails ensued and it transpires that there are a number of similarities between the two clubs. The Alloa Co-op Society was a major employer and had a huge shop which sold almost everything, but closed about 10 years ago (sound familiar?). The members bought the clubhouse and greens (two) in 1996. There is one big difference between us however, they can’t handle a crown green!! They are a flat green bowling club. Perhaps a friendly comp might be interesting at some point in the future – who knows.

1672    Treasurer’s Report:

The accounts show that the Club finances remain healthy, however there are some hefty bills due to be paid. Repair of the lawn mower, following accidental damage, was expensive and the bowling fees are due.

1673    Maintenance Report:

Nothing new to report.

1674    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Nothing new to report.


1675    Bowling Secretary’s Report:


A number of rearranged fixtures are still to be played.The Ulverston league team finished one place up on last year.

1676    Fund Raising/Social Events:

Cheese & Wine Afternoon with a Magic Show

Wednesday 28th September 2-4pm

Tickets £7.00 available from Jean or June

1677    H&S Issues:                                           


Members are reminded that they should not park near to the Club entrance. A space needs to be reserved in the event that an ambulance needs access. Such a case happened recently where an ambulance had to be called and the vehicle could not get close to the door; resulting in the patient having to be carried some distance. The committee decided that the entrance should be marked with yellow cross-hatchings.

Access to Green:

Bowlers are reminded that they should not use the green whilst maintenance is being carried out. The Club would not be responsible in the event of an accident if this rule is ignored. Our liability insurance would be void.

1678    Any Other Business:

Exit from Club:    AC

It was suggested that Barrow Council be contacted with a view to widening the exit from the Club on the left hand side to avoid vehicles hitting the kerb. This is regarded as a safety issue as damage to wheels/tyres could occur due to regularly hitting the kerb and the danger of having to swing further into the middle of the road to avoid the kerb.

Message Book:    MT

It was pointed out that there is a regular breakdown in communications between members at the Club. Several times there has been a misunderstanding of which jobs have been done or need to be done.  With a view to overcoming some of the communication problems it was suggested that we have a Message Book which notes anything that needs to be passed on to others. The committee agreed it is a good idea as all have experienced instances of misunderstandings due to a message not being received.

Bench Seats:    JH

The state of the bench seats in the Club was raised, querying whether we could get them recovered to improve their looks and make them more comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods. The committee agreed it would be worth investigating what the cost would be. Mrs Hewitt is to make some enquiries.  


Mr Ellis stated that, due to the lack of internal competitions he has been unable to hold his usual raffles. Therefore he has decided to make a donation to the Club instead. The committee thanked him for the generous gift of £150 to Club funds.

Phone Extension:         AC

It was pointed out that it is often difficult to hear the telephone ringing from the kitchen area and as a consequence asked if it would be possible to fit an extension there. The committee agreed to look into the possibility.

In-house Competion:         

The winners of the competion were Mrs L Dawes & Mr P Phizacklea and the runners-up were Mrs J & Mr P Garner.

Tap/Keep Fit:         

Sessions are due to start again on Monday 12th September at 7.00pm.

Friday Night Bar Opening:

Members are reminded that the next  “Special Prices Night” will be on Friday 16th September.

All drinks prices are substantially reduced every third Friday of the month.

1679    Next Meeting:

Thursday 20th October at 6.00pm