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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING held on Thursday, 3rd October, 2019

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow

(Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt and Mr D Pedley.

1958 Apologies: Ms K Baker, Mr P Phizacklea, Mrs J Garner and Mrs M Payne.

1959 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 29th August, 2019 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1960 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Items raised in Suggestions Box: No postings.

Irrigation Scheme Update: The grant bid to Grantscape (Walney Wind Farm) was unsuccessful; although our application fulfilled the criteria, it would seem that the demand far exceeded funds available. The Secretary will apply to other organisations.


The Committee have been informed that it is becoming increasingly difficult, due to long-term health issues, for Mr Maurice Ellis to attend Committee meetings, and it was agreed that the Secretary would write and thank Maurice for his years of input to Committee meetings and his work for the Club.

Committee Vacancy: A notice advertising this will be posted on the website and on the internal notice board, requesting that written applications be sent to the Secretary.

Bowls Store: Meetings have been held. Mr Dave Watterson has agreed to be the named person, assisted by two Club Members who have also volunteered their time and commitment to the store’s success. A price list is available on the Club’s website and flyers are ready for distribution.

Lock-Up Procedures: New signage is now displayed near the kitchen door and near the alarm panel, as a reminder of the checks to be done by the last person to lock-up.

Gas Boiler has been serviced.

Electrical Installation: This will be serviced soon by a local company.

Fire Policy: The Club’s Fire Policy is under review and will be updated following the visit on 7th October by the Fire Department. Committee Members were each given a copy of their duties in the event of a fire, and were told that information about Members’ duties has now been posted on the notice board at the entrance of the Club.

It was decided that ‘Fire Issues/Concerns’ will in future be included with ‘Health & Safety Issues’ on monthly agendas. Members’ duties in the event of a fire will be on the Annual General Meeting (February) agenda. MT

10th Anniversary Event: This was an enjoyable, successful evening and the bar staff worked very hard. The introductory speech by Mr Roy Swinglehurst was well-received, as was the wonderful entertainment from John Dixon. The special raffle prize of a framed print was won by a longstanding Club Member.

Bowling Results:

Seniors In House Comps – ANDY AMOS PAIRS: Winners: J Proudfoot and P Jeffries,

runners-up: M Woods and J Sutherland.


Winner: P Jeffries, runner-up was L Dawes.

JIM HEWITT Competition v. North Scale, played at Co-op Club: The Plaque was won

by the Co-op. Good weather, added to great support made for a wonderful event.

The Senior Men’s end-of-season buffet was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and the George Barrow Trophy was presented to Mr Albert Head.

Indoor Bowls and Tap have restarted.

1961 Treasurer’s Report: Ms L Chambers said that there have been a large number of expenses in September, especially relating to the Club’s takeover of the Bowling Shop, stock purchase and associated expenditure.

The green maintenance is an ongoing expenditure.

On 29th October, the alarm system will be upgraded and there will be a door contact alarm fitted to the Bowls Store door, with a cost as yet unknown.

The potential for CCTV installation at some point was discussed.

The Treasurer said that overall income reduces between October and March, whilst expenditure increases.

Ms Chambers said that she is unable to recommend expenditure on the irrigation system at the moment, and the situation will be reviewed at Year-End. However, the Club has committed to a site visit by the company for advice on its installation.

WaterPlus: The dispute about level of charges is ongoing. An application/appeal will be made about the site area on which charges are based, as the Club is a CASC site and may be eligible for a concessionary rate.

Bar: Jennings have provided a free barrel of the new beer “Fine Line”

1962 Maintenance Issues: None to report.

1963 Bowling Secretary’s Report: Mr D Pedley reported that it has been a hectic month with delegates meetings, player shortages and weather-affected play-offs. The Ulverston meeting was quiet, with only the offer from Paul Johnson of Glaxo Fire Service to run a defibrillator course – anybody interested please give Dave Pedley their name and contact details to pass on. At the Furness meeting, a letter from Red River claiming a walkover for the Helen Clark game in our recent match, was confirmed, even though nobody could say which League Rule we broke, but on further investigation it became apparent that Helen’s opponent was in default of Rule 2.6 – but the League have not responded to this. The Furness AGM will take place on Thursday, 24th October at Co-op Club, 7.00 pm start.

On the League front, despite player shortages, the Furness 1st Team managed 5 wins out of their last 6 games to finish 5th; the A Team were 7th and the B Team 11th. Mr Pedley said that, hopefully with more consistent availability we can improve on this next year. In the Ulverston League, the 1st Team finished 9th, but had a much better second half to the season – something to carry into next year, whilst the A Team will be looking to bounce back after being relegated.

The Furness and Ulverston play-offs were disappointing, with early exits for most players, although Club player Martin Ryder did get to the final of the 2nd Division play-offs, representing Dalton, where he unfortunately lost.

The Seniors play-offs saw Kenny Judge take the 1st Division title, beating Bill Burgess in the final at Hawcoat Park, to add to the cup victory and runners-up in the League.

The final action of the season sees the Grand Masters on our green on 5th October, where 3 Co-op bowlers will feature in Kenny Judge, Caroline Bushell and Helen Clark. Good luck to all three.

1964 Advertising Boards: Nil to report.

1965 Bar Manager’s Report: Nil to report.

1966 Fundraising Report: Mrs June Hewitt presented the Treasurer with a cheque for £120, being the income made from the sale of her jams and chutneys. £80 raised from the sale of teas and coffees was also handed to the Treasurer on behalf of Mrs Jean Garner.

1967 Health & Safety Issues: None reported.

1968 Any Other Business:

Date of next meeting: Thursday, 31st October, at 6pm.

Meeting ended at 7 pm.