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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING held on Thursday, 31st August, 10am

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer),

Mr D Harwood (Maintenance Manager), Mr D Pedley, Mr M Ellis, Mrs J Garner and Mrs J Hewitt.

1753 Apologies: Ms K Baker

1754 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th July, 2017 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1755 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Car Park Update: A grant application has been submitted to The Sir John Fisher Foundation and will be considered at its meeting in November.

Green Handrails: Following advice from the Health & Safety representative regarding recommended heights for railings and barriers, a survey of the railings is underway to establish the materials required to refurbish the corroded fittings and rails. DH

Frequency of Cabarets: The Committee were in agreement to continue the current format of cabarets every three weeks, with an extra one in December. As cabarets are classed as ‘Entertainment’ by the ‘Evening Mail’, then promotion of such is excluded from the Community

Events page and requires payment. Enquiries will be made as to the possibility of having a ‘block booking’ of consecutive cabarets at a lower cost than individually; enquiries will also be made about advertising on Radio Cumbria. JH/MT

Fire Procedures: In the event of the Fire Services needing access via the rear of the Clubhouse, the back door should remain unlocked and its bolts lifted for the duration of any large gathering, and locked by the last person to leave the building – usually the bar staff. All fire extinguishers have been serviced this month, and the Maintenance Manager is going to renew the Fire Exits/Extinguishers notice for display in the Club’s entrance.

Ladies Darts: The Committee agreed that the Secretary write to the representative of the non-Member lady players to cancel the arangement offered to them to form a Co-op Club Darts Team. There had been no communication received from the representative, following the Club’s initial letter of proposal of 14th July, 2017, and since that date a number of Club Members have expressed disquiet around the proposed use of the room on their Wednesday social evenings. MT

1756 Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer reported that the Club’s finances are healthy and that there is a substantial amount in the Car Park Fund, leading to the probability of the car park refurbishment starting in the spring. It was agreed that a ‘barometer’ poster be displayed, demonstrating the ongoing fundraising.

There have been a number of business expenses, but no items of exceptional expenditure this month. The two County bowling fixtures plus private room-use bookings had made for a busier financial period.

The Treasurer expressed thanks on behalf of the Club to Mrs E Dawes and Mr A Critchley for doing the cash/banking and wages respectively, whilst she was away on holiday.

Under U.K. Law, the Club’s four paid staff are now entitled to holiday pay equating to 5.6 weeks per year, and the Treasurer said that she has written to each member of staff, detailing their individual entitlements. The Committee agreed that 1) the holiday year would mirror the financial year, 2) holidays must be booked at least two weeks in advance and 3) holiday be agreed by any one of the Chair, Treasurer or Secretary.

1757 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

A generally quiet month was reported.

It was decided to await the installation of porches over both the kitchen and bowling hut doors before replacing the security lights, thus allowing their accurate siting.

It was noted that the outside light at the rear of the Clubhouse is sometimes left on, and a reminder to switch-off will be affixed to the wall.

The BT Router has been installed and the service has been strong and steady. The log-in details are posted on the notice board.

A replacement memorial wooden bench was installed and secured to the ground. Unfortunately, this bench was considered to be sub-standard by the sponsors, who arranged for a replacement to be supplied. This second bench had slightly different dimensions and the original fixings points did not align, and additional ground fixings had to be drilled. The installation of the bench and name plates is now complete.

A new starter was fitted to the cellar light fitting and spare starters are now held in the storage rack above the maintenance bench in the mower shed.

A new advertising board was installed on the advertising wall.

The sink tap behind the bar was reported to be loose and this has been rectified.

Following comments regarding the position of the lower tier of photographs in the Clubhouse, these have all been raised to avoid clashes with persons seated on the back benches.

A notepad holder has been installed adjacent to the lobby phone point to enable the notice on the honesty box to remain unobstructed by notepaper and business cards, and hence encourage phone users to place their contributions in the box.

A report was received that an emergency lighting fitting was not working and after investigation it became evident that there are two types of fittings installed. Those with Green LED indicators are installed at the major points of egress and are permanently illuminated; those with Red LED indicators are supplementary fittings which are intended to provide emergency lighting along the route to the points of egress and only come on when the supply to the primary lighting circuits fails.

A defective lighting tube was replaced and the system tested and confirmed to be functioning


Website Update: The website has been updated with the front page now more user-friendly. Further enhancements will be discussed with the website designer at a meeting scheduled for September. Despite the Maintenance Manager’s concerns that some Members may not be getting the full benefit from the website due to lack of understanding of how to navigate the site and find the information they require, and having posted a list for Members to sign-up for a teach-in, there have been no takers.

1758 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

The Ulverston League finished on 31st August and is still short of 2-3 decent bowlers to progress in the Leagues, with teams finishing 11th and 9th respectively, very much equalling last season’s performance. We have won more games in the 1st Division. There is still need to improve, especially in the 2nd Division in order to avoid relegation battles every year.

Furness League Rules Committee are still finalising a new set of playing rules to go to the A.G.M., and Mr D Pedley said that he will need to call a players’ meeting to discuss any issues arising, the main one being the allowing of all teams to select their ‘home fixture day‘ being met with the threat of teams pulling out of the League if this goes through; also, other mandates may need to be considered. DP

The Cumbria Safeguarding Meeting took place at the Club on 20th August with nine clubs in attendance. A donation was made.

Colin Haworth has sent out a letter to all clubs regarding holding seminars on ‘The laws of the game’, and also seeing if anybody would be interested in taking a referee’s course. Mr Pedley has replied suggesting that it may be better to hold an open meeting of the laws at a club such as Co-op, rather than at individual clubs where uptake may be low. The letter will be put up on the notice board. DP

Positive comments have been received from many people – especially the two County teams, with regard to the excellent state of the green.

The Bowling Secretary was asked what mechanism there currently is in place for canvassing the Club’s bowlers for their views, and the suggestion was made that a meeting was needed to get bowlers’ views on any issues and that more use could be made of the Club’s website to this effect.

It was suggested that better communication is needed, especially with regard to entry to the Club

prior to matches. Recently, on arrival for a match, there was no keyholder available, and the

suggestion was put that all Bowling Captains hold keys for the Clubhouse and Bowling Hut.

The Jim Hewitt competition v North Scale, held on 23rd July was a good day and everybody enjoyed themselves. The winners were the Co-op. Thanks were given on behalf of the Club to Mrs June Hewitt for her kind donation to the Hospice of £100 raised from the raffle that she organised.

The In-House Competition held on 13th August was won by Mrs E Dawes and Mr M Ryder, and the runners-up were Ms H Chambers and Mr P Phizacklea.

1759 Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Mr M Ellis said that all advertising spaces are in use.

1760 Fundraising and Social Activities:

Mrs J Garner reported that the Bon Marche Fashion Show had been a successful event enjoyed by all, with a substantial amount of money raised for Club funds.

The next Coffee Morning will be on 2nd December, and tickets of £1 each are already available from Mrs J Garner. Donations are welcomed, in particular bottles and contributions towards a hamper.

Keep Fit to Music restarts on 11th September, 7-8.30 pm and the £2.00 admission includes refreshments. Mondays 7-8.30 pm and Thursdays 1-2.30 pm.

Indoor Bowls restarts on Monday, 9th October.

1761 Health & Safety:

Ms H Chambers, Health & Safety Representative will be asked if she’d be willing to take over the periodic checks of the Defibrillator Cabinet, a role previously undertaken by Mr A Critchley.

1762 Any Other Business:

Mr D Harwood reported that the Co-op Singers had purchased two second-hand speakers, thereby no longer necessitating the use of separate amplifiers. The Committee agreed to the speakers remaining in situ at the Club.

The Committee agreed that more volunteers to work the bar are needed, especially during the bowling season, and that training in the use of the till and the alarm system would be useful.

Three bookings have been made for hiring the Club room – two for this year and one for 2018.

It has been noted that In-house competitions have not been well supported this year, and the question had been raised to the Committee as to whether it was worth continuing with them.

Two enquiries about hiring the Club room were made during the successful Women’s Community Matters event held in August which, thanks to the effort and commitment of Ms S Dower raised a significant sum towards that organisation.

Magners will be asked if they would be willing to provide the Club with any promotional items for the St. Patrick’s Day party in March.

A suggestion put to the Committee about the Club having a Food Bank was well-received, and enquiries will be made regarding types of foodstuffs and collections. JG

Date of next Meeting: Thursday, 28th September, 6.00 pm.

The Meeting ended at 11.45 am.