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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 30th June 2016

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr R Swinglehurst (President), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mr D Pedley, Mr M Ellis and Ms H Chambers

1650    Apologies:

Mr M Gillen

1651    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

New Secretary:    AC/RS/LC   

Nominations are still being sought for Club Secretary. To help members understand what the role would mean, it was decided to compile a list of all the duties, including those currently undertaken by the Treasurer and President. It is understood that those responsibilities could be shared by more than one person and a list will help to clarify the situation for members considering taking on some responsibilities.

Bar Staffing:    JH/ME Staffing of the bar during afternoon matches has been a regular problem. Options to address the situation are: to have cans available for players; to employ paid bar staff; not to open the bar.

Each of these options was discussed by the committee and the idea of cans in the fridge was almost decided on, as it had been done in the past. However, it was felt that cans was not the best solution, so Mrs June Hewitt has volunteered to make herself available as necessary. Mr Ellis pointed out that if he is at the Club during a match he is happy to provide bar cover. It was agreed that June and Maurice would co-ordinate the bar cover for the match days.


Buying our own glasswasher outright to replace the rented one currently in use has been investigated as a possibility. On paper the idea seemed a sensible financial decision. However, the current cost of rental includes a maintenance contract, which ensures that, in the event of a machine malfunction, it will receive prompt attention. The committee decided that this “peace of mind” was worth paying for, so the idea of buying our own was rejected.

Rubbish:    AC

The incidence of rubbish around the Club, particularly cigarette ends, was raised. After some discussion it was decided we should provide more bins for cigarettes and erect more signs to direct smokers to smoking areas.

1652    Treasurer’s Report:

Accounts for the 2nd quarter up to end of June were presented to the committee. They show that the Club continues to be financially secure. Major purchases in the quarter include an annual payment for insurance, which has been renegotiated to give us a better deal.

1653    Maintenance Report:

Nothing new to report.

1654    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:


Mr Ellis stated that there is just one space left for an advertiser. He is actively trying to attract a florist to advertise.

Bar Cover:   

Early bar cover during match evenings on Wednesdays and Fridays is covered for July. Cover for other match days was discussed earlier (see above).

1655    Bowling Secretary’s Report:


The Club is still struggling on occasions, to get full teams.

Rotary Club:   

The Rotary Club’s usual fixture at the Club will take place on Sunday 21st August, however, to date there have been only six entries.

Mixed Pairs Comp:   

This competition is set to take place on Sunday 10th July. There are currently 26 entries.

1656    Fund Raising/Social Events:

The idea of another afternoon tea was raised. As a change from flower arranging, it was suggested that maybe a magician could be brought in to perform at close quarters around the tables. The committee agreed that it was worth trying, so a provisional date of Wed 28th September has been penciled in.

1657    H&S Issues:                                            HC

A new complete first aid box and an ‘accident book’ are to be ordered.

1658    Any Other Business:


The committee was informed that the door to the defibrillator was found open one wet and blustery evening last week. Examination of the contents showed nothing had been removed. The incident was reported to the CPAD coordinator, but no 999 call had been made and no explanation could be given as to how the door could have been opened.

Club Security:   

On at least three occasions recently, the rear door to the Club has been found unlocked. The  committee wishes to remind all key holders to check that the rear door is locked prior to setting the alarm and leaving the building.


A donation of £100 was made to the Club from the estate of the late Mrs Pat Johnson.

A further £100 donation was made from the sale of books and also plants that had been provided by Mrs Shirley Sharpe.

All such donations become part of the Club funds, unless the donor has asked them to be used for a particular purpose.

Coffee Morning:   

A date for the Christmas coffee morning was agreed. It will take place on Sat 10th December. Details to follow.

Alan Johnson Seat:   

Members are aware that a seat has been donated to the Club by Furness BS, in memory of Alan Johnson and a number have asked why it is not available for use. Initially the seat had to be varnished and also we were informed that a representative from the Furness BS would like to make a formal presentation. However, as we are well into the bowling season it was agreed that we should install the seat asap and a presentation can be made with it already in place.

Green Shelter:   

A regular request for shelter from the elements has been made to the committee by bowlers doing the marking during matches. It was agreed that we would make enquiries into the suggestion, given the limited space near the boundary wall.

Jim Hewitt Memorial Trophy:   

This annual competition is set to take place between North Scale Club and ourselves on Sunday 24th July. There will be two teams of 12, one team at home the other at North Scale. Entries (£2.50 inc pie/peas) to be made to Peter Phizacklea.

Green Championships:   

The ladies competition was won by Mrs E Dawes and the runner-up was Mrs M Logan.

The men’s was won by Mr D Waterson and the runner-up was Mr J Proudfoot.

General Secretary:

Reminder: The Club Secretary (Mr Critchley) announced that he will be stepping down from the post following the next AGM in February.

Any member interested in taking up this position should make it known to Mr Critchley who can discuss the work involved. Nominations for the post will be declared at the AGM and voted for by the members.

1659    Next Meeting:

Thursday 28th July at 6.30pm