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Minutes of Meetings 2015

Co-op Sports & Social Club
Minutes of the meeting held at Dane Avenue

2nd April 2015



Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Mrs E Christian (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr D Pedley, Mr M Gillen, Mrs J Garner, and Mrs J Hewitt


1520    Apologies:

Ms K Baker & Mr M Ellis


1521    Secretary’s Report:

Tables:    AC

The current small round table tops are regarded as not totally ‘fit for purpose’, mainly because they do not enable easy use by four people especially when food is served. Also, the number of tables required leaves very little space in-between for those sitting on the benches when they need to get out. Therefore it was decided we needed bigger but fewer tables. However, it is difficult to find new tables of a suitable size and at a reasonable price.

As an experiment one of the tables has been converted from a round top to a rectangle and the whole sanded and varnished. The finished result was discussed at great length by the committee and, though not all in agreement that it was ideal, it was decided that it fulfilled most of the requirements and would be an improvement.

Quotes for the supply of oak faced plywood including cutting to size, also additional quotes for shaping and finish sanding were presented to the committee. It was agreed that we would proceed with the lower quote which did not include shaping or finish sanding. The tables would all be converted one by one.

SKY Broadband:    AC

Further to the reinstatement of SKY Sports TV, the committee has agreed that we should also have a broadband service. An SKY engineer is due to visit the Club on Tue 7th.

Dart Board:    AC/EC

Members will have noticed that a dart board has been erected. The intention is to make a cabinet to enclose the board, make a removable oche and provide protection for the new radiator (in case the secretary decides to play)! Enquiries are ongoing to find out if a local team would be interested in making the Club their home venue.

1522    Treasurer’s Report:

Cellar Cooling:    AC

Schofield Construction had to be called out to deal with a fault on the cellar cooling. A coolant leak was found and repaired. However, we were then sent a substantial repair bill, prompting the Treasurer to phone the Company. It was pointed out that the system is still under warranty. This produced an apology and the bill was deleted. The consequence being that it made it clear how much any repairs could cost once the warranty has expired. Therefore it was decided to take out a maintenance contract with Schofield’s to negate any future expenditure shocks.

Water Usage:   

Following repair of an overflow problem in the disabled toilet, it was reported that water usage (and bills) are now back to normal.


A summary of accounts for the three months to the end of March was given to the committee, including a comparison with first quarter 2014 income/expenditure figures. Once again it shows that the Club’s finances are in good order. The comparison shows a marked improvement in bar sales, income from ‘room use’ and donations, over the same period in 2014. All other significant differences between the two years were explained, such as the one-off purchases for Club improvements.

1523    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Men’s Toilet:   

A push-button flushing system has been installed above the urinal, in place of the cistern-fed self-flushing device. This modification is regarded as a way of saving on water usage since the previous system used water regularly, despite whether the Club was in use or not. Male members using the urinal are asked to press the button on the wall once they have finished to give a three second flush and so help maintain a hygienic environment.

1524    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Nothing to report..

1525    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Furness & Ulverston League:   

It has been confirmed that Paul Lewis will be retiring from his role as league secretary at the end of the bowling season.

Furness AGM:   

The date for the Furness League AGM has been set for Thursday 22nd October.

Donation Request:

A letter has been received from the Furness Crown Green Bowling Association, asking for donations for youth teams. It was agreed that the Club would make the usual contribution.

In-house Comps:

Dates for the in-house competitions are – 10th May (pencilled in), 21st June and 26th July..

1526    Fund Raising/Social Events:

No new issues

1527    H&S Issues:

It was pointed out to the committee by a club member that there is a hollow in the path where the new gas connection enters the Club. This was seen as a potential trip hazard that needed to be dealt with before the bowling season got under way. The hollow has now been filled using some of the tarmac waste from when the car park drainage was installed.

1528    Any Other Business:

Defibrillator:    AC

Mrs Garner informed the committee that she was told by a visiting bowler that the defibrillator should have a number of objects with it at all times; namely – a towel, pair of scissors and a safety razor. Mrs Garner has therefore provided these items. It was also pointed out that the unit should not be kept inside the Club, but should be available for use outside. The committee are aware of this second point and are still awaiting a response from the fire service, who are responsible for its installation and upkeep. Mr Critchley agreed to contact Mark Ducie once again in an attempt to finalise the matter.

Furness KO Matches:

The knock-out matches are scheduled for the 16th and 30th of April. 5.30pm start.

Green Hired:

The green has been hired by Deltawaite on Friday 22nd May. As a consequence the bar will be open from 6.00pm

1529    Next Meeting:

The next meeting has been arranged for Thursday 21st May 2015 at 2.00 pm.`