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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 28th July 2016

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), (President), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mr M Ellis and Ms H Chambers

1660    Apologies:

Mr D Pedley, Ms K Baker

1661    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

New Secretary:       

A list of duties to be undertaken as secretary has been compiled and is available to any member considering taking on responsibilities. Interested persons should contact Alan Critchley (07938 010 877) for further details. The list has been shown to one member who has expressed a willingness to help and that person has indicated which of the listed duties could be undertaken; still leaving some to be covered. The committee discussed this situation and it was agreed that the duties could be split between two or three members as necessary.

Green Committee:    AC/BG

A proposal was submitted to the General Committee to formalise the Club’s approach to green maintenance and, at the same time, organise backup and help to the Greenkeeper (Don Barrow). The suggestion proposed was to form a Green Committee which would meet periodically to discuss any strategy required to ensure the green was always in tip top condition. The proposal was accepted by all members present at the meeting. An action was raised to arrange for potential members of the Green Committee, along with the Club Chairperson and Secretary, to meet to discuss the way forward.


Shelters for Green:    MG/AC

Following requests made for some shelter around the green it was decided to check out the structures at the West Shore Club with a view to copying the design. These are ‘homemade’ shelters with similar space to what is available around our green.

Cigarette Bins:   

Four bins have been purchased and fitted around the Club; three facing the green and one outside the porch entrance.

Rear Door:   

For reasons of Club security the lock to the rear has been altered such that, if the door is closed, it cannot be opened from the outside. Therefore during periods where regular access to the kitchen is needed it will be necessary to:

  • secure the door in the open position,
  • knock to alert someone inside to open it
  • walk around to the front door

The committee apologises for this slight inconvenience, but it is regarded as necessary under the circumstances.

1662    Treasurer’s Report:

Nothing new to report. The accounts show that the Club finances remain healthy.

1663    Maintenance Report:

Nothing new to report.

1664    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:


Nothing new to report.

Bar Cover:   

Bar cover for men’s evening matches through August has been arranged, based on the fixture list provided

1665    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Nothing new to report.

1666    Fund Raising/Social Events:

The suggestion of having a magician to perform at close quarters around the tables during the next “afternoon tea” was discussed further. It was decided that it would be worth a try and, also, to try it as a “Cheese & Wine” event (but with tea/coffee available if required). Details are as follows:

Cheese & Wine Afternoon with a Magic Show

Wednesday 28th September 2-4pm

Tickets £7.00 from Jean or June

1667    H&S Issues:                                           

A new complete first aid box and an ‘accident book’ have been purchased and are located in the kitchen area. Our H&S representative (Hazel Chambers), emphasized that the kit must not be added to by the addition of any supplementary medicines (aspirin etc), as it would be a breach of H&S rules.

1668    Any Other Business:

Presentation Night:   

Due to the lack of support on previous years it has been decided to cancel having a presentation night. Instead, prizes will be awarded to each team at the end of their fixtures.


The ‘in-house’ mixed pairs competition will take place on Sunday 14th Aug.

The Rotary Club event will take place on Sunday 21st Aug

The recent ‘open mixed’ competition was won by Maureen Ratcliffe & Kenny Judge. The runners-up were C & S Bushell.

Friday Night Bar Opening:

The committee discussed the poor attendance at the Club on Friday evenings and, whilst there is no intention of closing the bar on Fridays, it would be better if more members used it. The idea of promoting the Club by the occasional reduction of prices was put forward. This was met with enthusiasm so therefore it was decided to look at the current prices and formulate a plan to have one Friday each month at special rates.

So keep an eye on the noticeboard for full details.

1669    Next Meeting:

Thursday 1st September at 6.30pm