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Co-op Sports & Social Club Dane Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 28th November, 2019 Present: Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs M Payne, Mr D Pedley and Mr P Phizacklea. Ms Thornburrow acted as Chair for the meeting.

1980 Apologies: Mrs B Gillen, Ms L Chambers and Mrs J Garner.

1981 Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 31st October were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1982 Secretary’s Report: ACTION Items raised in Suggestions Box: No postings. Irrigation System Update: A site visit was made by LS Irrigations on 27th November.

Committee Vacancy: In reference to ‘1960’, Committee Vacancy, the Secretary read out a letter of expression of interest from Mrs Elizabeth Dawes. The decision was unanimous to appoint Mrs Dawes. There had been no further expressions of interest.

Changes to Constitution: Fourteen days notice will be given of the proposed alteration to the Rules at the Annual General Meeting in February, when Members present will be able to vote on such alterations. AGM date to be announced soon.

Signing-On Dates: LADIES Annual General Meeting & Signing-on: Tuesday, 4th February, at 6.30 pm. SENIORS .. .. .. .. : Wednesday, 5th .. .. 1.00 pm. MEN’S .. .. .. .. : Thursday, 6th .. .. 7.00 pm.

1983 Treasurer’s Report: This was read out by the Secretary. Ms Chambers reported that owing to several high expenses – in particular the new alarm system and the full electrical systems check – she had not been able to make any savings in November. The Barrow AFC meeting had produced excellent bar takings.

1984 Maintenance Issues: The disabled toilet light has been fixed; the light above the defibrillator remains to be fixed. DP

1985 Bowling Secretary’s Report: Mr D Pedley said that at the Ulverston AGM, there were 2 mandates from Askam, the first proposing separate Cup competitions for each division being accepted, but the second restricting which team players could represent was rejected. At the Furness AGM, with no mandates, it was another quick meeting, with only the decision to restrict donations to Clubs to £100 on proof of costs being passed. At the November Delegates Meeting, with no teams withdrawing , the format for next season will be 14-14-13 teams in the divisions. Salthouse B requested to play all their home games on a Friday, but were forced to withdraw this request due to clashes with their other team’s Friday fixtures. At the same meeting, our Club’s request for Saturday home fixtures for the 1st and A teams was again rejected because of the Friday teams ruling. Mr Pedley said that at the next Meeting he would suggest looking at having both a Friday and Saturday League, so that players would be able to play when they wished – giving the Club the chance to have 2 teams in each League.

1986 Advertising Boards: Nil to report.

1987 Bar Manager’s Report: Mr P Phizacklea said that there had been some good bar takings in November, with whisky and gins selling particularly well.

1988 Fundraising Report: Sales of Coffee Morning tickets for 7th December have been very good and preparations are in full swing. Donations and offers of help are welcomed.

1989 Fire, Health & Safety Issues: The monthly fire checks continue to be recorded.

1990 Any Other Business: The date of the Annual General Meeting will be announced shortly. The Tap/Keep Fit remaining sessions are: Monday, 2nd Dec., Monday, 9th December and Thursday, 5th December. Restart on 6th January. The Commemoration Shield inscribed with John Hutton’s name will be removed from the lounge wall during General Election polling at Club.

Date of next meeting: Thursday, 9th January, 2020 at 6 pm. Meeting ended at 6.45 pm.