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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 26th May 2016


Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr R Swinglehurst (President), (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mr D Pedley, Mr M Ellis and Ms H Chambers

1640 Apologies:

Ms L Chambers and Mr M Gillen

1641 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Waste collection: Our general waste is collected by SUEZ (SITA) who charges us by the number of bins we have each week. The contract to date has been for two bins each week, but we only ever have one collected. Therefore, SUEZ has been contacted to have the contract amended to just one bin/week, thus halving our costs for future waste collection.

Regular Bar Staffing: Following advertising for bar staff in the Evening Mail we have successfully recruited two new staff to provide bar cover at the Club. Joining Ken Pavett, who has been a regular barman on Wednesday evenings and the Saturday cabarets for some time, are Christine Armstrong to serve every Friday evening and Charles Tomlinson to help Ken on Saturdays. Having three paid staff to call on for bar cover, removes the need to constantly rely on volunteers. The committee, on behalf of the members, welcomes the two newcomers to our Club.

Letter box: Post delivered to the Club is often found to be extremely wet when collected from the outside letter box. Following the long spell of rain over the winter months it was decided to replace a glass panel in the entrance porch with a solid panel and fit a letter box. This job been completed, so now post is always delivered dry.

Glasswasher: AC Replacing of the rented glasswasher with a bought one is ongoing. 1642 T reasurer’s Report:

Nothing new to report regarding the Club accounts – the bank balance remains healthy.

The Club insurance is shortly due for renewal. Enquiries are being made to find a new Company to provide us with cover. 1643 Maintenance Report:

The trailer that the Club has made good use of for several years has finally failed beyond repair. A replacement has kindly been loaned to the club by Mr George Last and this has subsequently been updated by volunteers, led by Mr Dave Harwood. Thank you to all concerned.


Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Boards: Mr Ellis stated that he is pursuing a new lead for a local plasterer to have a board displayed. This will replace the board of another advertiser who is not responding to the call for payment.

Bar Cover: Having a list of home games each month from the Bowling Secretary has enabled the arranging of bar cover to be more straight forward.


Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Teams: The situation of finding enough players to make up the teams is improving. It is thought that we should be ok for the rest of the season.

Rotary Club: The Rotary Club’s usual fixture at the Club will take place on Sunday 21st August.

The Rotary has also asked to use the green for an internal competition. They have been given dates to consider.

Bowling Ladder: Disappointment was expressed that there has been no uptake of names for the bowling ladder. It was imagined that the ladder would be used by members wanting to “an extra edge” to any practice sessions at the Club and also by those who enjoy a game, but have no desire to join a bowls team. 1646 Fund Raising/Social Events:

It was felt that the recent coffee morning went well, with substantial funds being raised for the Club.

Mrs Hewitt presented the Club with £100; raised from the sale of her ‘famous’ home-made jams and chutneys. Thank you June.


H&S Issues:


Ms Hazel Chambers told the committee that the current first-aid box was inadequately stocked, according to the latest workplace guidance. She will source the most appropriate replacement. 1648 Any Other Business:

Society Trophy: The Club knock-out competition took place on the 8th of May and was won by Mrs Liz Dawes, with Mr Terry Weir as the runner-up.

Club Comps: Mr Ellis told the committee that he will have four bowling bags available as raffle prizes.

Drinks Request: The committee received a letter from a member asking for a particular drink to be made available at the Club. The topic was discussed and it was agreed that it is difficult to introduce additional product lines, mainly due to the limited space available and also the need to turn over any stock purchased. However, it was decided to consider the request further and to accommodate it if feasible.

Senior In-house Comp: The Senior In-house Doubles competition takes place on Friday 17th June at 10:30. Please bring a plate of food to share.

Coop Green Championship: The Ladies and Men’s Green Championship takes place on Sunday19th June..Interested parties should add their name to the sheet on the noticeboard in the Club.

General Secretary Post: The Club Secretary (Mr Critchley) announced that he will be stepping down from the post following the next AGM in February.

Any member interested in taking up this position should make it known to Mr Critchley who can discuss the work involved. Nominations for the post will be declared at the AGM and voted for by the members.


Next Meeting:

Thursday 30th June at 6.30pm