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Minutes 26th February 2015

Co-op Sports & Social Club
Minutes of the meeting held at Dane Avenue

26th February 2015



Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Mrs E Christian (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr D Pedley, Mr M Gillen, Mr M Ellis, and Mrs J Hewitt


1510    Apologies:

Ms K Baker & Mrs J Garner    ACTION

1511    Secretary’s Report:

Member’s Nights:    EC

The lack of member support on the Wednesday and Friday Club nights was discussed and everyone agreed it is really disappointing, especially now that the room is nice and warm. Reasons for the decline in numbers were suggested and the only recent change that could be highlighted, apart from members on holiday, was the removal of Sky Sports. Whilst the numbers that used the facility was always small, those few are now not using the Club. It was suggested that if there are not enough customers then we cannot afford to pay bar staff and therefore we should not open on those two nights. This was generally regarded as a backwards step and was discounted as a way forward.

A discussion then ensued regarding pros and cons of reintroduction of Sky Sports. Mrs Christian produced a financial analysis of bar takings over the last few weeks compared with the same weeks in 2014. It showed that there has been a significant drop in profits, though not enough to cover the cost of Sky subscription. However, following a vote, it was decided that we will consider re-establishing Sky as a facility for our members, especially as the Club is in a sound financial position. Mrs Christian is to contact the Sky rep to negotiate terms.

Further discussions were centred on other ways of attracting members to use the Club. It was decided that we should invest in a dart board for members to use, but also make enquiries about approaching a local team to use our Club as its base; Mrs Christian is to investigate the possibilities. Other ideas include a regular quiz night, a horse racing night, a dominos team; further suggestions from members would be greatly appreciated, after all, it is your Club.

1512    Treasurer’s Report:

Private Functions:   

The Club is regularly used for private functions and it was discussed whether the £50 fee was set at the right level. Also, whether there should be a two tier fee; one for members and one for non-members. After much debate it was decided that the current fee is about right compared with other establishments in the area. It should not increase for non-members, but at the same time, because of bar staffing costs, we cannot reduce the fee for members. Therefore it was concluded that the current scheme will continue unchanged.


Mrs Christian presented the committee with a summary of recent income and payments, which once again show the Club to be in a sound financial position. Whilst the Wed & Fri takings showed a marked reduction, they have been boosted by other non-regular events.

Club subscriptions for 2015 are going well with a high percentage of annual members renewing their subscriptions. In addition there have been several new memberships, including four new life members.

1513    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Pending Jobs:    MG

Mr Gillen outlined jobs that will require attention soon.    

  • Outbuilding doors are in need of repair
  • Gent’s urinal flushing system needs modification
  • Bowling green path alongside outer wall requires repair (attempts to obtain quotes for tarmac are ongoing)

1514    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Bar cover for upcoming events was arranged.

1515    Bowling Secretary’s Report:


The turn-out for signing-on was very good, with enough names available to make a full complement of teams.

County ‘Vets’ team:       

Correspondence has been received investigating the interest from local clubs for the establishment of a new trial venture, ie a Sunday night league of eight county-wide teams. Given that the league would require a lot of travelling, especially for local players, and also the requirement for floodlights, it is anticipated that there will be very little interest from this area.

Referee Seminars:

Once again there has been an offer to run seminars for players interested in becoming a referee. There is a distinct shortage of officials for matches in the area. If you are interested then contact Dave Pedley for more information.


All fixtures have now been posted on the website.

1516    Fund Raising/Social Events:

No new issues

1517    H&S Issues:

No new issues raised.

1518    Any Other Business:

Bowls Match:

There is to be a match at the Club on Sunday 29th March in memory of Jim Hewitt. The match will be against North Scale (Jim’s former team) and will comprise two mixed teams playing 12 games at home and 12 at North Scale. Returning to the Club for pie & peas at around 5.00pm (£3/head). Mr M Dennis (N. Scale Club) has purchased a trophy to commemorate the event. Names of interested parties are to be placed on the list on the noticeboard.

Sale of Wine:

Members wishing to buy wine and all those working behind the bar are reminded that we no longer provide wine by the glass. There is a stock of full and small bottles covering a good selection of red, white and rosé varieties, at very favourable prices.

Quiz Night:   

A reminder that the next quiz night is to be held on Thu 19th March. Names and teams of those interested are to be placed on the noticeboard.

Coop Singers:   

The Coop Singing group performed recently for residents at Risedale Care Home. The event was well received by a full and very appreciative audience.

1519    Next Meeting:

The next meeting has been arranged for Thursday 2nd April 2015 at 6.30 pm.`