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Minutes of Meetings 2015

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 25th June 2015

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr R Swinglehurst (President/Treasurer), Mr D Pedley,  Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt and Mr M Ellis

1540    Apologies:

Mr M Gillen, Ms K Baker

1541    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION


The committee was informed that the duties of Treasurer are now being covered mostly by Roy Swinglehurst, whilst Alan Critchley is taking care of the PAYE/banking with the help of Ian Hall. Therefore the Club is no longer seeking a new treasurer.

Tables:    AC/MG

The modification of the tables from round top to rectangular is ongoing. Most tops have now been converted and a number of the bases have been refurbished. As an experiment one table base was modified to widen the legs as a way of improving stability. After some discussion it was decided to gradually modify all the tables with the wider leg set-up.

‘Heartstart’ Training:   

Two dates have now been arranged for training in the use of the defibrillator along with other life saving techniques. The details for the courses at the Club are as follows:

Friday 14th August 2 – 4pm

Monday 17th August 5 – 7pm

If you would like to book onto one of these sessions please contact:

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service

Call Nicola on 07825011005 or email:

Further details of the course can be found on the Club’s notice boards.

1542    Treasurer’s Report:

Accounts:    RS/DB

The accounts are currently being completed for the end of the second quarter. The figures to date show that the Club’s finances remain in a healthy state.

Stocktaking is due to take place soon and stock sheets are being prepared so that accounts for the quarter end can be completed.

1543    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

New Storage Facility:    MG

Work has now begun on building the new storage facility. Mr Gillen has sourced a door for free and this has been fitted with a new lock and its dg window replaced with a solid panel.

1544    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Mr Ellis stated that he is awaiting payment for just two of the advertising boards, with payment falling due at the end of July. There are two spaces available for use by advertisiers.

Bar cover to the end of July was discussed.

1545    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Rotary Competition:   

A letter of thanks was received from the Rotary Club. They were very pleased with the event and with all the help they were given to make the day a success.

Open Mixed Pairs:   

This competition will take place at the Club on Sunday 12th July. To date the number of entries by Coop Club members is disappointing.


The number of players available for matches is gradually improving after the recent struggles due to illness and holidays.

Notification of Games:    DP

It was raised that a number of members have asked why notification of all games is no longer displayed outside the Bowling Hut. It was agreed that this would be rectified as soon as possible. It was also pointed out that all scheduled matches are on the Club website.

1546    Fund Raising/Social Events:

Afternoon Tea:

Following the success of the flower arranging display by Norma Halpin last year, it has been decided to hold a similar event again. This time it will have a Christmas theme with Norma demonstrating the making of Decorations suitable for use at Christmas time. Details are:

Wednesday 7th October 2 – 4pm

Tickets (£5 ea) will be available soon.

Cabaret Nights:

A list of dates for future cabaret nights is on the Club website (

1547    H&S Issues:

Bar Surround:

The brass edging strip arround the carpet near the bar is in bad repair, mainly due to beer barrel movement into the cellar. It was agreed that this will need to be corrected soon, before it gets any worse.

1548    Any Other Business:

Members Christmas Draw:   

A free draw, open to all Coop Club members, was proposed as a way of thanking members for their support to the Club. A discussion took place of how/if such a draw should be undertaken, or if another way of ‘rewarding’ members would be better. Following a vote it was agreed to hold a draw during the Coop Singers Christmas Concert. The draw would be based on “membership number” (every member has a unique number allocated to them – held on the Membership List). Life members have a permanent number, wheras annual members have a number based on the current year’s subscription.

There will be one prize of £100


Mrs Garner presented the Club with a donation of £100, being the money collected from the sale of books and jigsaws. Since 2008 this activity has raised over £800.

1549    Next Meeting:

The next meeting has been arranged for Thursday 6th August 2015 at 2.00 pm.`