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Co-op Sports & Social Club

Minutes of Meeting held on 25th January, 2018

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt, Mr M Ellis and

Mr D Pedley.

1794 Apologies:

Mr D Harwood

1795 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th December, 2017 were approved

by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1796 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Car Park Update: The Committee agreed the additional quote by a

local Contractor to renovate the Club’s driveway, and work on that and

the car park will start on Monday, 5th March.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration: Doors will open at 7pm on 17th March,

Tickets will be £5 per person, which includes Beef in Guinness/Soda

Bread, Cabaret with Danny Smythe(starts 8pm) Irish Dancing

demonstration, Irish Hat Competition,

open mic slots…and basically a great evening!

Wear something green. To book your seats, ring Brenda on 471853.

Back Door Lock: Following some Members’ requests to reinstate entry

to Club from outside, it was decided to do this on a trial basis during

the bowling season, with security being emphasised at the AGM/Sign-

-ons in February. The decision would be relayed to Mr D Harwood. MT

Amendment to Rule 15 of the Club Constitution: There will be a

proposed Alteration to Rule 15 to read “A General Committee

consisting of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and seven Members

shall control the Club”. The Committee agreed that with its complexity

and vital income, the Bar needs representation on the Committee by a

Bar Manager Member. The proposed Alteration will be taken to the

vote at the Club Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 20th February, at


1797 Treasurer’s Report:

The Savings Account is healthy and will be kept open for our future

fundraising purposes.

Attendance at the New Year Celebration was 51, and the St. Mary’s

Hospice collection on that night raised £134, for which a letter of

thanks has been displayed on the Club Notice Board.

The Annual Accounts are with Mr J McKibben.

1798 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

December and January had been quite busy months. A new porch

was erected outside the Bowling Hut door, and Mr Harwood thanked

Mr M White for his help. The Committee were unanimous that Mr

Harwood’s recommendation that the respective bowls leagues might

agree to contributing to the costs of the bowling shelter and the two

porches was unneccesary.

The electrical circuits have been sorted and everything seems to be in

order now.

After discussion about concerns regarding the location of a second

bowling shelter, the Committee decided to put the erection of this on


With regard to the car park renovation, the contractor was asked to

quote for resurfacing the drive and this quote was submitted to the

Treasurer. (see Secretary’s report).

Website Update: Miss Rachael Tomlinson, the website designer has

advised that she should soon be free to apply herself to updating the

website and addressing some of the known problems.

1799 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Open competitions this year are:

Barrow Rotary Singles on Sunday, May 27th

Over-55s Ladies Pairs on Friday, 1st June

Mixed Pairs on Sunday, 8th July

Please see Notice Board or website for details.

The fixtures are out for all Leagues and can be found on relevant websites, but our request for our Home Games to be played on Saturdays has been ignored by the Furness League, but at the moment we are waiting on revised dates for some fixtures concerning the B Team, which will have an affect on other Team fixtures.

Finally it looks as though ladies will be allowed to play in the Furness and Ulverston Leagues, following information received from BCGBA.

1800 Advertising Boards:

Mr M Ellis reported that an available space will shortly be taken by an

advertiser. Most payments are now by Direct Debit.

1801 Bar Manager Report:

Mr P Phizacklea had received a letter from Marstons that as of 25th

January, beer prices would be going up. Jennings’

Fosters prices are also being raiased. In April, the Government will be

introducing a Sugar Tax, which will also impact on drinks prices. The

Bar Manager said that he will monitor the spend on beer, saying that

over 12 months there will be a difference in what we pay to the

Brewery. There is one Private Party booked on 11th February.

1802 Fundraising Report: Nil to report.

1803 Health & Safety Issues: Nil to report.

1804 Any Other Business:

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be on 20th February, 7 pm.

Committee Members standing for re-election will be:

Mr Maurice Ellis, Miss Kay Baker and Mr Dave Pedley.

The Meeting closed at 7.30pm.