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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 25th February 2016

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr R Swinglehurst (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr M Gillen, Mr D Pedley, Ms K Baker and Mr M Ellis

1610    Apologies:

Mrs J Hewitt and Mrs J Garner

1611    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION


A newsletter was emailed to all members who have provided email addresses. The information related to upcoming cabaret artists, reminder of annual subscriptions and reiterating the need for volunteers. Some of the emails were undelivered and the majority of those were ‘hotmail’ addresses, suggesting that there is some kind of automatic filtering taking place. Perhaps hotmail users should check their mail settings if they wish to receive future info from the Club. It is intended to send out a regular newsletter to keep members informed of the latest events at the Club.

Living Wage:   

As of April the minimum wage (to be called “Living Wage”) will increase from £6.70 to £7.50/hr.


Following the AGM discussions regarding our membership of the Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC), it was decided that we need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting of all members in order to implement significant changes to our Constitution. Details of the proposed changes and date/time of the EGM are to be displayed on the noticeboard by 3rd March.

1612    Treasurer’s Report:

Nothing new to report.

1613    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Job List:   

During the AGM concern was voiced that it was falling on the same handful of members to carry out maintenance work at the Club. It was suggested that a list of jobs that were deemed necessary should be printed and posted on the noticeboard to allow volunteers to decide where they could help. The list is now pinned to the noticeboard.

Bowling Hut Floor:   

Several floor panels in the bowling hut were found to be in an unstable and dangerous condition, due to a history of damp into the area. These panels have now been renewed with specially treated boards

Green Drainage:   

A large area of the green was becoming waterlogged so, to alleviate the problem, the drainage pipes under the green were rodded. This was an arduous task as the drains were found to severely blocked. Hopefully this has removed the problem for now, but a careful watch will need to be kept to spot any recurrence. Rodding poles to carry out the work were kindly donated by two Club members.

Shed Door:   

A new door to the Greenkeeper’s Shed has now been fitted.

1614    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Nothing new to report.

1615    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Signing-on nights were very quiet; as it stands there would not be enough bowlers to make up the teams. However, further signing-on is often done just prior to the start of the matches.

There is still no secretary assigned for the Senior Citizens.

1616    Fund Raising/Social Events:

No report made.


1617    H&S Issues:

Nothing new to report.

1618    Any Other Business:

Ladies Toilet:    BG/MG

It was commented that the laminate flooring in the ladies toilet room is in bad repair, with a number of the joints opening up. It was suggested that, rather than replacing the laminate, it would be better to lay carpet tiles on top of the existing covering. This would enable the tiles to be moved around should one area become worn. It was agreed that prices should be obtained.

Coffee Morning:

A coffee morning is scheduled for 14th May. Details to follow.


1619    Next Meeting:

Thursday 24th March at 2.30pm