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April, 2019, 6pm
Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer),
Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Ms K Baker, Mr P Phizacklea and Mr D Pedley.
1915 Apologies: Mr M Ellis.
1916 Minutes of Previous Meeting: In reference to ‘1906, Committee Vacancy’, the Chair read
out a letter of expression of interest from Mrs Maureen Payne, Member of the Club, and said that
Mrs Payne had been invited to attend the Meeting later in the proceedings. There had been no
further expressions of interest in the role.
The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 21st March, 2019 were approved by the Committee
and signed by the Chair.
1917 Secretary’s Report: ACTION
Items Raised in Suggestions Box: No postings.
Date of General Meeting: Monday, 12th August, at 7pm.
1918 Treasurer’s Report:
Income is starting to pick up and the Treasurer will be able to resume savings.
In response to an enquiry, the Treasurer confirmed that she would have the floats ready for the
Coffee Morning on 18th May.
1919 Maintenance Issues:
The crack in the verandah roof will be patched and sealed.
1920 Bowling Secretary’s Report:
All teams are doing as well as expected. All players are getting games, with the Seniors having to
rotate players more than anyone else. Colin Haworth sent an update about footwear, which says
that captains are responsible for ensuring suitable footwear is worn by players on the green. There
is a “Laws of the Game” seminar at Red River Club on Monday, 13th May, 7 pm start, to which
ladies and gents are welcome to attend.
1921 Advertising Boards: Nil to report.
1922 Bar Manager’s Report:
No concerns. Social nights are picking-up.
1923 Fundraising Report:
Preparations for the Coffee Morning on 18th May are going well, and tickets can be obtained from
Mrs Jean Garner, Mrs June Hewitt and are also available at the Bar.
The next Quiz Night will be held on 31st May – a change from the usual 3rd Friday in a month – as
the lounge is needed for setting-up stalls for the Coffee Morning on the 18th
1924 Health & Safety Issues: None to report.
Mrs Maureen Payne was welcomed to the Meeting. She said that although she recognised that she
had been a Club Member for a relatively short time, she could offer her skills in advertising and
promotional experience to the Club and would be willing to work alongside the Secretary in this
respect. The Committee agreed that Mrs Payne would be an asset to the club.
The Treasurer was asked why Mr Jim McKibben was no longer auditing the Club’s annual accounts,
to which Ms Chambers replied that an independent auditor was required.
The central heating thermostat is currently erratic and this will be looked at.
Plans for the Club’s 10 Years Celebration event were discussed – individuals and organisations will
be sought to sponsor the event or to contribute in any way. MP/PP
DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday, 6th June, at 6 pm.
The Meeting finished at 7.10 pm