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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 24th March 2016

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr R Swinglehurst (President), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Mr D Pedley, and Mr M Ellis

1620    Apologies:

Mr M Gillen and Ms K Baker

1621    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

CASC Update:    RS/AC

All changes to the Club’ constitution, in relation to our membership of the Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC), were accepted at the recent EGM. The effect of this is that all ‘life members’ who do not participate in any way at the Club will be reassigned to a new Club to be known as ‘Friends of the Coop Sports & Social Club’. This recognises the financial contribution these people made during the buying of the Club, but removes them from the count as ‘members’ of the Coop Sports & Social Club. If any of those people visit the Club four times in a year (and sign the book as evidence), they will be reinstated as life members. Further details of the amendments can be found on the Club website.

Indoor Bowling:   

A suggestion was made to add another session of indoor bowling each week. This may enable more members to join in the activity if they are not available for the Monday slot. The idea was discussed and several points raised, including the need to manoeuvre the heavy mat into position and store each time. It was agreed to give the suggestion more consideration prior to the start of next season’s indoor bowling.

Additional Activities:    AC

During the EGM, and the explanation of CASC, an observation was made that the register of CASC recognised activities included a number that could potentially be undertaken at the Club. The most obvious ones for us appear to be Darts and Table Tennis. A more radical idea suggested was to form a Rambling Group based at the Coop Club. It was agreed that we should be open to any extra sports activity taking place, so if anyone would like to participate in something new contact Mr Alan Critchley to discuss your interest.

1622    Treasurer’s Report:

Ms Lynne Chambers has volunteered to take up the position of Treasurer and this was officially confirmed and welcomed by the committee. Mr Swinglehurst will guide Lynne through the work over the next few weeks.

1623    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Job List:   

The list of jobs needing to be done around the Club is being worked through. Most are now completed, however, their will always be new jobs cropping up so any volunteer help is always welcome.

Ladies Toilet:    AC

The flooring in the ladies toilet area is in a poor state and it has been agreed to fit carpet tiles over the existing laminate. A suitable tile has been identified and is to be purchased asap.

1624    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Boards:    ME

Mr Ellis stated that he is struggling to find firms to fill the advertising spaces at the Club. There are currently four places vacant. This is a good source of revenue so needs to be fully utilised as soon as possible. Any leads/suggestions would be appreciated.

Bar Cover:   

Bar cover is needed during home matches. The bar is to open at 6.30pm on Wednesdays and Fridays, instead of the usual 7.30. Cover during other home match days will need to be arranged as necessary.

1625    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

There are still a few bowling members who have not yet signed on, however, we may just have enough to make up the teams, but not enough to cover ‘unavailabilities’. This situation prompted a regular query regarding ‘mixed teams’; pointing out how it would help teams to meet their numbers if ladies were allowed to play alongside the men. Whilst it was agreed that there are many arguments for having mixed teams (including how it is the norm in most other towns), it was seen as unlikely to happen in the near future.

Match Results:   

Fixtures and results for Furness League games and Ulverston League games can be seen on the respective websites and links to those sites are also available through our Club website.

The dates for games including night matches are posted in the bowling hut.

Bowling Ladder:   

The idea of having a bowling ladder for individual Club members (men and women), which was proposed at the end of last season is to be implemented.  Details to follow soon.

1626    Fund Raising/Social Events:

Details of the forthcoming coffee morning have been posted and tickets are now available.

        Date: Sat 14th May  starting at 9.30am

Bonus Ball:   

The summer bonus ball will not run this year as nobody has been found willing to take on its organisation. Unless someone volunteers for the job!

1627    H&S Issues:

Nothing new to report.

1628    Any Other Business:

Nothing raised


1629    Next Meeting:

Thursday 21st April at 6.30pm