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Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd February, 2017

PRESENT: Mr R Swinglehurst (President), Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Garner, Ms K Baker, Mr D Pedley, Mr M Ellis and Mr D Harwood. The Chair welcomed Mr. David Harwood as Maintenance Mgr and Committee Member.

1710 Apologies: Mrs J Hewitt

1711 The Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th January were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.



REFUGEES IN CUMBRIA Cumbria Volunteer Service send monthly emails to Third Sector Organisations, and are currently looking to organisations who can provide help to just under 300 Syrian Refugees who, beginning in the spring will be welcomed to Cumbria over the next 3 years. To support these individuals and to ensure their integration into society, Cumbria Third Sector Network are working closely with Cumbria County Council to co-ordinate that work. Following discussion about what the Club and individuals might offer, e.g. help with white goods, bowling tuition, keep fit with dance – basically friendship, distraction and support, ( and a possible link on the new website where Members could state their specific help), it was agreed unanimously that the Cumbria Volunteer Service’s questionnaire be completed and returned. RS

MEMBERSHIP CARDS. Following discussion, the Committee have decided to cease issuing annual cards. Each year, dozens of cards remain uncollected. If, however, any Member wishes to have a card, they should please contact Moira Thornburrow 07857897763 and one can be printed.

BAR STAFF RESPONSIBILITIES. An updated Bar Staff Duties notice is now in place to ensure that concerns are addressed about heating being left on, glass washer left switched on, car park lights left on and door being left unlocked.

QUIZ NIGHTS will continue subject to availability of the room on Friday nights. RS

WEBSITE UPDATE It will be ‘going live’ next week, and will provide instant up-to-date access to bowling fixtures and results for both Clubs and Leagues. All Men’s Leagues will have common access. At their Delegates Meeting, the Ladies will discuss the option of adopting the same software to obtain their League results.

FUNDING GRANT APPLICATIONS Information on how best to complete these will be obtained at a Cumbria Volunteers Action event at Forum 28 on 2nd March with a view to submission to a Grant Provider- next year at the earliest-for help with the car park renovation/repair. It was suggested that any eventual application should be for the car park plus for example netball and volleyball, once resurfaced and with line-markings. The case could be made for attracting younger people, generally keeping people fit, the safety of our Members, and the importance of social inclusion. A project team would need to be established and an on-site survey would be necessary, since the previous one was 4 years ago. In the meantime, potholes would be identified and repaired with asphalt. A regular sum of money is going monthly into the Club’s Savings Account, for the Car Park fund. A local singer/entertainer has expressed his willingness to perform at the Club, for free, to help raise money. DH/MT

GARDEN RECYCLING Following Barrow Borough Council’s introduction of a £35 levy for the removal of green waste, it was agreed to opt-in to this, the alternative being volunteers having to bag-it up and make frequent trips to the Council Tip. Enquiry to be made about a possible cheaper Commercial rate. MT

ROCK LEA UPDATE The Planning Committee Meeting will be held sometime in April.

PROMOTING CLUB ACTIVITIES The Evening Mail Community Notices are now displaying information about Indoor Bowls and Dance to Keep Fit, and a Poster outlining all the Club’s activities and entertainment has been put on a notice board at Channelside College.

DOOR LOCK UPDATE Some Members have expressed concern about the outer door lock mechanism. However, it was considered that if the door handle was lifted sufficiently to engage the mechanism, the lock should function properly.


As the SKY contract is the Club’s biggest, single monthly expense, a cost comparison of SKY to BT SPORT would be made, before it was decided whether or not to continue SKY.

In January, Income exceeded Expenditure. The Bonus Ball, Hire of the Clubhouse and 2 cabarets contributed to this.

Regular and ad hoc amounts were being paid monthly into the Savings Account, which gives a small amount of interest. It was suggested that the monthly transfer from the Current Account to the Savings Account be increased. This was agreed.

The Treasurer outlined the new legal requirement for employers to establish a Works Pension Scheme. As the Club employs four people, an assessment had to be completed to determine their eligibility for automatic enrolment. As none were so entitled, LC confirmed that the declaration of compliance had been completed and that the Club had met its legal duty.


The materials for building the first Bowling Shelter have been costed , and work will start very soon. It will be positioned in the corner by the main entrance gate. The pathway will remain clear. The construction of a second, larger shelter will be considered at a later date.

New wood will be bought to replace one of the benches.

New driveway lighting continues to be looked into. DP/DH

In answer to his question about any ongoing maintenance that might be documented, Mr. D. Harwood was informed that nothing was written down, and that any work was done as the need arose.

A request was made that the Manager paint yellow lines designating an area for emergency vehicles only near to the Clubhouse entrance, to which he agreed. DH


There had been a turnout of 30 for the Men’s Signing-on.

The Ladies League Secretary Irene Murray had sent a request for use of our green for their Division Two play-offs all day on Wed. 20th September. This was agreed.

The Ulverston and Senior Citizens Leagues have now followed the Furness League, and will be using the online fixtures/results website. All information can be found by visiting and selecting the league required. It was suggested that it might be useful for all Captains to have a meeting about the bowling website.

At present the Seniors Co-op B fixtures are wrong and players should consult the fixtures book. As discussed at the Men’s AGM, the idea of fixed bowling fees will be reviewed when costs are available from leagues.

Tuesday mornings – the Green will not be available to others, as this is the Ladies’ day.


APRIL 7th, 14th, 21st, MAY 5th, 12th, 26th, JUNE 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, JULY 14th, 28th

AUGUST 4th, 11th, 18th, SEPT. 1, 15th.


There is one private party booking for 1 April.


A ‘BON MARCHE‘ Fashion Show is scheduled for sometime in July. Refreshments included. Further details once known.


Nil to rept.


Nil to report.



Date of Next Meeting: 30th March, at 6pm

Meeting ended at 8.35pm.