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Minutes of Meetings 2015

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 22nd October 2015

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr R Swinglehurst (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr D Pedley,  Mrs J Garner and Mr M Ellis

1570    Apologies:

Mr M Gillen, Mrs J Hewitt, Ms K Baker

1571    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

Bar Staff:   

The only response to the request for more bar staff has been from Nathan Borowski who is 17. Enquiries made, regarding the legality of an under 18yr old serving alcohol, shows that it is ok as long as the person is supervised at all times. Therefore Nathan can be used at times when two bar staff are required. It is disappointing that there has been no response for more voluntary (unpaid) help behind the bar from members. If there is no one to ‘man the bar’ then there will be no drink served during matches.

Old Corer Machine:   

The old and heavy corer machine was surplus to requirements and, with no interest from any local Clubs, we were unable to even give it away. Club member Mr D Harwood offered to spruce up the machine and advertise it on eBay. As many will know this was done and the machine sold for £400 – an excellent result. Many thanks to Dave for his insight and hard work.   

1572    Treasurer’s Report:


Club accounts for the 3rd quarter were presented to the committee. They show that the Club continues to be in a healthy financial position even with the costs of recent improvements and maintenance that have been undertaken.

Gas/Electricity Contract:

A new 2yr contract has been negotiated, giving us lower prices for both gas and electricity.

1573    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Green Edging Boards:   

The wooden boards surrounding the green have all been replaced. It was decided that, rather than buy more timber boards, we would find a more ‘long-term’ solution. Since the edge of the path surrounding the green was also in a poor state, that edge was removed and replaced by concrete and the whole faced with a plastic cover. Many thanks go to a team of volunteers who worked hard for several weeks to complete the job which, hopefully, will last for a number of years.

New Storage Facility:    MG

Continual dampness in the building has been observed, mainly on the back wall. The plan is to fit guttering along the back and feed the rainwater into the ‘new’ drain. The method of supplying electrical power has been decided and will be undertaken soon.

1574    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Nothing new to report.

1575    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Everything is quiet now that the season has finished.



Two AGMs are due.

Internal Bowling Ladder Competition:

A discussion took place regarding details of a proposed internal bowling ladder competition next season. Mr Swinglehurst outlined his ideas of how the competition would be organised.  It was agreed that it will be an internal competition, open to all members (male & female) of Coop S&S Club. There will be a one-off payment of £2 to join the ladder. At the end of the season the top four players on the ladder play off for ladder champion. Final details will be advertised prior to the new season starting.

1576    Fund Raising/Social Events:

Afternoon Tea:

This was regarded as a successful event, but hard work for a few members of the Club.

Coffee Morning:    JG/JH

The next coffee morning will take place on Sat 5th December from 9 to 11.30am. Tickets are £1, available behind the bar or from Mrs Garner and Mrs J Hewitt.

1577    H&S Issues:

Green Edging:

As mentioned above, repairs to the edge of the green have been undertaken.

1578    Any Other Business:

New Year:   

Names are being taken by Mrs Gillen for the New Year party. Entry by ticket only, which is the same price as last year (£14/head). Don’t miss out on this great evening.

Presentation Night:   

The Presentation Night was a big disappointment as it was very poorly supported. It was proposed and agreed that, in future, prize money would be presented on the day that a winner is  decided.


A donation to Club funds was made by Delia Huddleston. Thank you Delia.

The Snr Men’s team contributed a wonderful hamper as a prize to raise money for the Club. Thank you to them.


1579    Next Meeting:

The next meeting has been arranged for Thursday 12th Nov 2015 at 6.30 pm.