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Co-op Sports & Social Club

Minutes of Meeting held on 22nd March, 2018

Present Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mr D Harwood, Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt, Mr D Pedley and Mr P Phizacklea.

1805 Apologies:

Ms K Baker and Mr M Ellis.

1806 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th January, 2018 were

approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1807 Secretary’s Report:

The car park refurbishment was completed on time and the

contractor has been paid.

At the Annual General Meeting held on 20th February, the

proposed Amendment to Rule 15 of the Co-op Club

Constitution to increase the Committee Members to ‘seven’

was carried.

Following discussion, the Committee agreed that Mr D Pedley

write to the Ulverston and Furness Bowling Leagues, to ask

for grants towards Club improvements. DP

Re-design of the Club’s interior was discussed, and it was

agreed that this could be presented as a project for Furness

Channelside College. DH

Reassurance was given to the Committee that the website

security had been improved.

Following Mr R Swinglehurst’s resignation as a Trustee of the

Club, the Committee welcomed Ms L Chambers to the role

and she gave reassurance that there is no conflict of interest

between her joint roles of Treasurer and Trustee.

1808 Treasurer’s Report:

The Current Account has ‘dipped’ but has been boosted by

private bookings of the Club.

The St. Patrick’s Day event had seen excellent bar takings,

and 82 people had attended.

Following the large financial outlay for the car park

renovation and its white-lining, the Treasurer reported that

a small amount remains in the Savings Account, and that

she will continue to save in anticipation of funding require-

-ments for the next priority works.

The bar stocktake with Mr P Phizacklea will take place at the

end of March. Bar prices will be looked at with the view to

inevitable increases, due to the impact of the sugar tax,beer

price increases and the forthcoming Budget.

Mr R Swinglehurst has confirmed that he will assist with the

Year End Final Accounts if necessary.

1809 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Mr D Harwood said that February and March had been busy

months. Following completion of the car park resurfacing,

the outbuildings doors were raised to provide clearance and

a new underground cable was laid to power the outbuildings

after the existing one had been damaged during the car

park work.

The Club’s interior was painted and the carpet was renewed

in the ladies toilet.

The outside of the Club has been cleaned.

The Bowling Hut was re-painted and its store tidied.

The rear entrance door external handle has been

reconnected. All key-holders need to check that this door is

locked before they set the alarm on exiting the Club.

The Club’s website security arrangements have been

tightened, and it will soon be updated by its designer, Miss

Rachael Tomlinson. Mr Harwood reported that the

administration of the website is time consuming and asked

that any interested computer enthusiasts (Members, their

family or friends) contact him.

1810 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Furness League have not agreed to our request for the B

Team fixtures to be moved from Saturday to Friday, so all

games will be played as per fixture book. Whilst they

admit to having no rule that it is a men’s League, they are

quite adamant that they will not allow ladies to play in the

League. On the Club side, we are ready for the season, with

the green now open and with an influx of new players we

look forward to improved results in both Leagues.

1811 Advertising Boards:

With some repositioning, there would be space for an

extra board. The boards are to be cleaned.

1812 Bar Manager’s Report: No concerns.

1813 Fundraising Report:

There will be a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 19th May,

9.30-11.30 am. Tickets £1 can shortly be obtained from

Mrs J Garner and Mrs J Hewitt. There will be some

excellent stalls: tombola, a selling stall, books, cakes,

raffle and refreshments.

1814 Health & Safety Issues: Nil to report.

1815 Any Other Business: Nil

Date of Next Meeting: 26th April, at 6pm

Meeting closed at 7.30pm