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Co-op Sports & Social Club – draft

Minutes of Meeting held on 21st June, 2018

Present Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mr D Harwood, Mr D Pedley, Mrs J Hewitt, Ms H Chambers and Mr M Ellis.

1827 Apologies:

Mrs J Garner, Ms K Baker, Mr P Phizacklea.

1828 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION

Matters Arising: Mr D Harwood asked for the following to be

Minuted: “Update/Correction to previous Minutes:

Health and Safety The concern over access to the Club that was

represented by Mr Dawes (see Item 1818) was prompted by the

erection by the Maintenance Manager of a Safety Notice warning

of a trip hazard and requesting that access to the lounge and

toilets should be via the front door while the trip hazard was

present. It is emphasised that by erecting the Safety Notice it

was never the intention to try to secure sole usage of the Club

for the Singers during practice sessions. The Committee

approved the display of a Safety Sign and authorised that the

wording of the Safety Notice be amended to read as follows:

Safety Warning – Trip Hazard.”

Post-Meeting Note: An amended warning notice has been

produced in line with the approved wording”.

Mr Harwood requested that Draft Minutes be sent to Committee

Members with a cut-off date for their responses. This was agreed.

1829 Secretary’s Report:

Risk Assessment Update: The Secretary confirmed that, as

per the Club’s Health & Safety Policy and as is reasonably

practicable, she is responsible for the health, safety and

welfare of Members and visitors within the Clubhouse. Ms H

Chambers, the Club’s nominated Fire, Health & Safety Officer

said that all Committee Members are responsible for the

above when they are on the premises.

Arrangement will be made for the Intruder Alarm/

Emergency Lighting to be serviced. MT

The Treasurer said that when she takes holidays, Mrs E

Dawes deals with cash and ongoing financial issues; however

there is no cover for paying Staff and for financial

management, and that this is of concern to the Club. She

said that it would be advisable to train-up someone to cover

these aspects of the Treasurer’s role. BG

The current condition of the green was discussed and the

Committee was unanimous in the view that a consistant

approach to the green’s maintenance was vital, as it had

become recently apparent that opinions differed on how best

to return the green to better health following the extreme

hot, dry weather.

National Gas Infrastructure Notice: A national programme to

update gas infrastructure is taking place and there may be

some disruption around the Club’s driveway entrance in July,

for a day or two. Date to be confirmed by Cadent Gas.

Cabaret Admission Cost: The Committee decided against

increasing this by 50p as suggested, as this may have an

adverse effect on attendance numbers. The Secretary said

that she will keep trying to source some new artistes and

Ms H Chambers said that she will ask younger people what

might draw them to attend ? Comedy Night. Booking fees

can be a deterrent and also some local artistes are already

contracted to other clubs on Saturdays. Enquiries will be

made about having a ‘Kiddies Disco’ on a Saturday morning

or Sunday lunchtime with a view to encouraging parents of

young families who may not be Members to experience the

Club facilities and maybe join. We could then encourage any

new Members to try out bowls by offering taster bowling

sessions. MT/HC

Food Bank: From June to September, a receptacle for items

can be found within the Club, opposite the bar. All items

will be most welcomed.

Jim Hewitt Competition v North Scale will be held at our Club

on Sunday, 22nd July at 1pm. Mixed event. Non-bowlers are

welcome to enjoy the pie and peas, cost £3. (names please

to Mrs E Dawes). This is always a happy event.

Power of Attorney Registration Refund: Information about

the dates for eligibility can be obtained by visiting the

Gov. website or you can ring

on 0300 456 0300, or see Club’s website

1830 Treasurer’s Report: Finances are looking healthy due to

increased bartakings and prudent management of stock.

The May Coffee Morning had been an excellent event, with

takings barely less than the previous one – this despite the

fact that it was the Royal Wedding Day.

Thanks had been given to Ulverston Bowling League and

Furness Bowling League for their donations of £200 each.

The Savings Account is healthy and slowly growing.

Exceptional expenditure: the website ‘hosting’ annual fee

and the Music Licence renewal. Re-negotiation of the

Club’s Insurance resulted in a small reduction in the renewal


The General Data Protection Register, introduced in May was

discussed, as technically the Club has databases holding

personal information. Membership lists contain only names,

addresses and contact numbers; the Treasurer holds

additional information for PAYE purposes. Ms H Chambers

advised that 1) a general statement be placed on the Club’s

website to the effect that we hold minimal information, 2)

a statement be made at the next Annual General Meeting

and 3) bowling Members could give their permission or

otherwise to hold data on next year’s signing-on sheet.

The Treasurer said that she is experiencing difficulty in

getting Utility Bills sent to her at the Club’s address rather

than to the previous official’s home address. She recently

submitted a VAT Certificate of Declaration to enable the Club

to pay 5% rather than the current 20% – this has now been

actioned and a refund of the VAT paid from the commence-

-ment of the contract is awaited.

RIGBY TAYLOR, from whom we buy chemicals for the Green

maintenance have high delivery charges. The Treasurer

advised that where possible bulk purchase – rather than

small quantities could be made.

With regard to security and personal safety, the Treasurer

said that on a number of occasions when she arrives early

in the morning, the Intruder Alarm has not been set, the

water heater and music centre have been left on, and the

blinds have been left open. It was suggested that a timer

for the water heater might be useful.

The Treasurer apologised for her delay in contacting BT

about the TV in the kitchen, and will follow this up. LC

1831 Maintenance Manager’s Report:Mr D Harwood said that

the actions he had been allocated have been completed. A

new safe has been installed, a new trailer lighting board was

purchased and fitted and a replacement trailer wheel clamp

was purchased. Two defective walkway lights were replaced.

1832 Bowling Secretary’s Report: Mr D Pedley said that it has

been busy lately with both internal and external comps on

the green. First up was the Club Society Cup open to all

Co-op bowling Members, which saw Derek Southward

defeat Pete Garner. Next up

was the Barrow Rotary Open, which saw 31 players contest

on a fairly lively green with Billy Harding defeating Ben

Wright in the final. Competition was keen all day, with the

home bowlers getting no further than quarter finals. The

performance of Glenis McDonald – the only lady in the field

in reaching the semi losing out to Ben 21-20 has to be

commended. The Cumbria Senior Merit followed next, and

again on a fast, tricky green the bowlers from Barrow and

Kendal took a while to get to grips with the green, but

produced some excellent games – it was unfortunate that

Co-op bowler Chris Johnson reached the last four on the

Roose green, meaning that the latter rounds had to be

played at Roose because of BCGBA rules – a loss of some

takings on the bar.

The Open Ladies Pairs followed this and 26 pairs had a long

day’s bowling, causing a delayed start to the men’s league

match. This was the first time that this has occurred but we

will need to possibly arrange with league to

ensure there will be no fixture on this day in future.

Along with the numerous league games, the Club has also

had league cup matches on every round showing how

popular the green and facilities are with the leagues.

All teams are doing better than expected, especially in the


The next competition will be the Open Mixed Pairs on July 8th

with spaces still available for any players interested. Also on

July 15th Cumbria Ladies will be playing a County game

against Cheshire and finally on the 22nd we have the Jim

Hewitt match against North Scale.

1833 Advertising Boards: Mr M Ellis said that he is chasing-up

two late payments from advertisers.

1834 Bar Manager’s Report: Nil.

1835 Fundraising Report: Nil.

1836 Health & Safety Issues: Nil.

1837 Any Other Business: At this point in the Meeting,

Mr D Harwood made the following statement:

Please be advised that after a recent review of my life

choices and priorities I have concluded that I cannot devote

the time and energy required to effectively discharge the

responsibilities of CSSC Maintenance Manager. Therefore,

regrettably with immediate effect I hereby resign as

Maintenance Manager. Going forward, I may be able to

provide support to general maintenance activities on an

opportunity basis, but I do not wish to retain any

responsibility for them.

Clearly my position on the Committee is directly linked to

this appointment, therefore as of now (with the exception of

receiving a draft copy of my final Meeting Minutes for

comment) I expect to take no further part in Committee


Pending appointment of a dedicated Website administrator,

I will be prepared to update the Club website if requested

and pending the appointment of a replacement Maintenance

Manager I am prepared (in the short term) to be the point

of contact for any significant urgent emergent defects. If this

is acceptable, then I think it would be sensible for me to

remain a key holder. Please let me know if this arrangement

is agreeable.

I will of course be happy to brief the new Maintenance

Manager on relevant details and any outstanding or ongoing

issues once the appointment is made.


D B Harwood MBE”

Members have been asking when the Club photos would be

going up on the kitchen wall. The Secretary said that she

will follow this up. MT

Date of next Meeting: Thursday, 9th August, 6 pm.

Meeting closed at 7.50 pm.