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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING held on Thursday, 21st March, 2019

Present: Ms L Chambers (Acting Chair/Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Garner, Mr P Phizacklea and Mr D Pedley

1904 Apologies: Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Mrs J Hewitt and Mr M Ellis.

1905 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 31st January, 2019 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Acting Chair.

1906 Secretary’s Report:

Amendment to Rule 21 of the Club’s Constitution: At the Annual General Meeting in February, in reference to non-attendance of Committee Members, a proposal to remove “without reasonable cause” was carried. Any Committee Member failing to attend three consecutive Ordinary Meetings will be considered to be unable to fulfil their Committee responsibilities, and their replacement will be at the discretion of the Committee; the over-riding consideration in this regard will be to ensure a viable Committee attendance. A

Committee Member should notify the Secretary stating the reason for non-attendance.

Committee Vacancy: One vacancy exists and following no expression of interest at the AGM or since, the position will be posted on the Club’s website and notice-board, with application to be made to the Secretary in writing.

Suggestions Box: This will be kept in the Club porch for Members to post any ideas/opinions/concerns – anonymously or otherwise. “ITEMS RAISED IN SUGGESTIONS BOX” will, from today become an Agenda Item at Committee Meetings in order to raise the profile of its existence and use.

General Review Meeting: Following discussion amongst Members at the AGM, the general consensus was to hold a General Meeting in the summer during the daytime, in order to hopefully encourage better attendance than at previous AGMs. The General Meeting will NOT replace the Annual General Meeting. Once a date can be arranged around bowling fixtures/room use, it will be posted on the website/notice-boards.

10 Years Celebration Event: May, 2019 will be the 10th Anniversary of the Co-op Club’s purchase of the grounds and buildings from the Co-operative Society. A celebratory evening will be held on the 21st September – a cabaret evening, when John Dixon returns to entertain us – the lounge will be decorated, a photo album displaying old Club photos will be circulated, and a special cake will be shared by all. Book early to avoid disappointment. Enquiries to our breweries suppliers will be made, to see if they are willing to donate to the celebration. PP

Promotion of the Club: A new and enthusiastic Member is now liasing with local media, and is distributing events posters over a wider area. Her attempt to get the ‘Co-op Group’s

consent to advertise our events on their in-store radio was unsuccessful, the Community Advisor writing “…we do not allow advertisements from groups on our in-store radio. If we were to allow this it would be for the causes we support through our funding rounds”.

Car Park Boundary Fence: There is ongoing communication between New Homes, Duke Street, Barrow and the Club. The poor state of the boundary fence belonging to the developers of the Rock Lea site was brought to their attention; a reply is awaited. MT

TV Viewing: The Club pays annual PRS, PPL, TV licences, and to avoid paying a further annual licence to MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Company) it is important that BT Sports, news and music channels are the only channels to be played on the Club’s tv.

Cabaret Acts: Two Members had recently enquired about the possibility of the return of a popular cabaret artiste. The Treasurer said that she will look into setting an annual budget for cabaret acts. In reality, cabaret attendances need to be around 80 people in order to be able to afford the more expensive acts. LC

Lounge Wallpapered: Many positive comments have been received for the work done by a volunteer, which has certainly enhanced the lounge’s appearance. The end panel space has been used to display the photo of Mr Gill Finch, Past President of the County Association, and the newly-polished commemorative plaque of John Hutton, MP’s visit.

Social (Non-Team) Bowlers: The Secretary said that a form has been placed in the bowling hut for these bowlers to record their weekly activity on the green. This is necessary in order to prove that the Club is fulfilling the CASC requirement of at least 50% of the Members participation in recognised CASC activities, which means that we pay a vastly reduced Non-Domestic Rates. A sample form is also posted on the lounge notice-board.

Food Bank: The donations container is in the corner of the lounge and any donation will be gratefully received by the Barrow Food Bank, who scrutinise all requests prior to the distribution of foodstuffs.

1907 Treasurer’s Report:

Ms L Chambers said that March had been a quiet month financially. Bar takings were low and there had been some heavy outgoings. The Savings Account is healthy.

1908 Maintenance Issues:

Most of the bowling green benches have been painted and look magnificent, thanks to the hours of dedicated work by a volunteer; the aim is to get the rest finished soon.

The verandah roof is awaiting the purchase of new roof panels.

1909 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Mr D Pedley said that March had been a quiet month, with only the Club’s Bowling AGM/Signing On night and a Furness League Delegates Meeting. Thirty three players attended the AGM (seven apologies) meaning that teams can be sorted out for this season without having to chase up many players. At the Furness Delegates Meeting Askam put forward a proposal that donations to clubs for work done on repairs/inprovements to club facilities should be limited to 10% of actual cost, with a limit of £100. The proposal has been taken to clubs before a decision is made.

Ms Chambers said that our Club would be happy to donate £20 to Furness Crown Green Bowling Association to support travel costs for its Junior and Youth Teams this season. The Referees Society have given details of a ‘Laws of the Game’ seminar at the Red River Club on Monday, 13th May, at 7 pm., which is open to all bowlers. A poster will go on the notice board.

1910 Advertising Boards:

Mr M Ellis has been collecting payments for boards.

1911 Bar Manager’s Report:

Mr P Phizacklea suggested that Wednesday and Friday social evenings are a good opportunity to promote all the events at the Club and that information on tables would be helpful. He said that attendance recently on these nights had been low, but anticipated much better numbers now that the bowling season is upon us.

The Treasurer agreed to Mr Phizacklea’s request to offer a free drink to all the volunteers who have been helping maintain the green and grounds.

Mr Phizacklea asked for confirmation that a cabaret artist has been booked for New Year’s Eve; the Secretary gave her assurance that although an act has been assured by an agency, the name is not yet available,but she would contact the agency to expedite this.


1912 Fundraising Report:

Mrs J Garner said that the Car Boot Sale, originally planned for April 14th, has needed to be postponed. Once a new date is arranged, this will be posted on website and notice boards.

Plans for the Spring Coffee Morning on May 18th are going well. Donations for the raffle and tombola will be most welcomed and can be left at the Club. Tickets will be available soon.

1913 Safeguarding/Health & Safety Issues:

Arrangements will be made to check the Defibrillator Cabinet contents on a regular basis.



Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, April 25th at 6 pm.

Meeting ended at 7 pm.