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Co-op Sports & Social Club

Minutes of Meeting held on 20th September, 2018

Present Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Ms M Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs J Garner, Mr D Pedley, Mr M Ellis and

Mr P Phizacklea.

1849 Apologies:

Mrs J Hewitt and Ms H Chambers.

1850 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th August, 2018 were

approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.

1851 Secretary’s Report:

Bowling Green Work by a team of volunteers to clean, seed

and fertilize the green will begin next week.

Irrigation System Two quotes were at hand and it was

agreed that a Preston company would supply the system and

oversee its installation by Club Members. Funding will be

applied for. MT

Doors to Huts After comparing two quotes, it was agreed

to go ahead with replacing, initially the Beer Hut door.

1852 Treasurer’s Report:

The financial accounts are healthy.The biggest spend was on

treatment for the green. A new till, on a lease purchase

agreement will be installed soon. It has a financial manage-

-ment system attached, allowing the Treasurer to manage

the Club’s finances more effectively and enabling the Bar

Manager to monitor and control stock.

1853 Maintenance Issues:

Currently, there is a cohesive team of men who are under-

-taking all maintenance jobs. There has been no expression

of interest for the role of Maintenance Manager.

1854 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Mr D Pedley reported that

with all matches played and only the Furness play-offs and

Grand Masters left, it was fair to say that this has been the

most successful year for the Men’s Teams in many a year.

The Furness League Teams finished 5th, 3rd and 8th in their

respective Divisions, whilst in the Ulverston League the First

Team came 4th, with the Second Team finishing Runners-Up

in Division 2, gaining promotion. The Men’s Senior First

Team finished Runners-Up in Division 1, with the Second

Team winning Division 2 to gain promotion, with the Third

Team in 11th place. The Individual Merit for Division 2 was

won by Dave Harwood, with Gerry McDonald getting to the

Semi-Finals in the play-offs. The influx of new players at

the Club certainly was the reason for the improved results,

with all new players finishing well up their respective team

averages, and with the promotion to a higher level of play-

-ing for several players, it is hoped that their ability will

improve, giving the Club a stronger depth of players. The

Ulverston League now has a new Secretary – Stu Aspinall

from the Red River will be confirmed at the AGM in

November. In the Furness League, decisions by the

emergency committee have caused heated debates at

delegate meetings and the ongoing problems with fixtures

is still no nearer to being sorted. The AGM at the Co-op

Club in October, followed by the delegates meeting in

November will be the last chance for another year to get

some resolution to the problem.

1855 Advertising Boards:

Mr M Ellis said that he is following-up outstanding payments.

1856 Bar Manager’s Report:

Ms Jennifer Darragh, an experienced barmaid recently began

working at the Club, and Mr P Phizacklea said that she is very

friendly and efficient.

1857 Fundraising Report:

There will be a Coffee Morning on 1st December – details will

follow. Donations of foodstuffs to the Food Bank during June

have contributed towards 99 meals.

1858 Health & Safety Issues:

Ms H Chambers advised that when chemicals are being used

on the green a sign should be visible to warn of potential

allergic reaction. PP

The Committee agreed that chemicals should be stored

within a locked cabinet.

Information will be obtained about any legal requirements

for individuals using chemicals. MT

1859 Any Other Business:

Following the annual fire check, a new extinguisher has

replaced an old one.

Date of next Meeting: Thursday, 18th October, 6 pm

Meeting closed at 7.25pm.