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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 20th October 2016

Present:  Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson),   Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary),  Ms M Thornburrow (Co-Secretary), Mrs J Hewitt, Mrs J Garner, Ms H Chambers, Mr M Ellis and Mr D Pedley  


1680    Apologies:

Mr M Gillen and Ms K Baker


1681    Minutes of Previous Meeting:The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.


1682    Secretary’s Report                                                                                                        ACTION

Bowling Green Benches:                                                                                                        BG/ME

A proposal had been received regarding the potential replacement of the benches, to which the President had expressed his approval.  Ms L Chambers had expressed her concern to the President about the costs (all 16 benches for approximately £3,800 equating to 28% of monies in the Bank, or 10 benches for approximately £2,700 equating to 20%) and the process by which this option had been reached in the apparent absence of a full appraisal of alternative options for the maintenance of the benches, and its priority in relation to other Club needs, in particular the re-upholstery of the indoor bench seats and the car park resurfacing.  A wide-ranging discussion followed.  It was noted that the benches had been bought by Members and were an important part of the Club’s history.  Mrs Gillen said, on behalf of Mr Gillen, that in his view they required refurbishment rather than replacement, and that there was nothing wrong with 90% of them except the appearance.


The decision to proceed with refurbishment as indicated by Mr Gillen was supported unanimously.  Assurances were received from some Committee Members that a working party could be readily set up.


Treasurer Cover:                                                                                                                          LC

Ms L Chambers stated that she had accepted the role of Treasurer on the basis that she would require cover for certain aspects of the role during her periods of time away.  Of particular concern was the cashing-up process, of 2-3 times a week.  Mrs Gillen suggested that Ms L Chambers contact Mr Ian Hall and Mrs Elizabeth Dawes.  Mr A Critchley said that he would do the wages.


Verandah Roof Update:                                                                                                              AC

The new roof was now in place, at a cost of approximately £510.  The position of the gutter remains to be resolved, and Mr A Critchley agreed to follow this up.


Mower Update:                                                                                                                              AC

The old mower was now back with a new engine.  The quote had been £145 and as yet no bill had been received.


Kerb Update:                                                                                                                   

Mr A Critchley had made enquiries with Barrow Council, and with a high cost and a lengthy bureaucratic timescale, the Committee decided to not pursue this.


Problems with Floor:                                                                                                                   AC

It had been noticed that small areas of ‘lifting’ of wood tiles was occurring, especially during dance sessions.  Mr A Critchley said that he would obtain advice, via Mr R Swinglehurst, about the possibility of refurbishing, as Mr Swinglehurst has recently had work done on his house.


Bank Debit Card:

The Club’s Bank had suggested that the issue of a Debit Card may be helpful.  However, the current system of making payments and reimbursements was satisfactory, and therefore no further action was needed.


New Year’s Eve:                                                                                                                          ALL

It was noted that Mrs B Gillen would be away at New Year and unable to organise the celebrations.  The Committee agreed the following arrangement: Mr A Critchley would take the bookings, and Mrs J Hewitt and Mrs J Garner would be starting to recruit volunteers to help in the preparations, most of which could  be done in advance, and further discussion will take place at the next Meeting.  At a cost of £14 per head and numbers limited to 80, the importance of booking early was noted.


Club Sign for Gate Entrance:                                                                                                     AC

It was noted that visitors to the Club occasionally had difficulty locating the premises.  Mr A Critchley agreed to organise a sign to be affixed to the pillar at the drive entrance.


Internal Seating:                                                                                                                      JH/MG

Costs had now been received for the re-upholstery of the bench seats.  This included materials of approximately £350 and a labour cost of £300, dependent on the overall condition of the benches.  The upholsterer confirmed that, subject to an early delivery of the material, she could complete the work before Christmas.  The fabric would be identical to the chairs.  Mr M Gillen would check on delivery dates.


1683  Treasurer’s Report:


Ms L Chambers presented the Quarter 3 Accounts, which show an increase of income over expenditure.


1684  Maintenance Report:


Nothing to report.


1685    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Mr A Critchley reported that Bookers was now the preferred option for bulk purchase of wines.


1686     Bowling Secretary’s Report:      

         Mr D Pedley said that preparations are underway for next season’s Furness League AGM on

         Thursday 27 October at 7pm.

1687     Fund Raising/Social Events:                                                                      ALL

          Tickets are now available, on the bar counter or from Mrs J Hewitt.  

At £1 each, the Festive Coffee Morning on Saturday 10th December, 9.30-11.30 am, will be

a nice run up to Christmas.  Posters are available from Mrs J Hewitt, and any offers to display these in car windows and local shops would be much appreciated, as would volunteers willing to bake, man stalls, help with raffle and tombola and help in the kitchen.

1688   Health and Safety:                                                                                      AC

Ms H Chambers expressed concern around the stability of the water butt situated behind the Bowling Hut, and suggested that a large paving slab placed beneath it would add to its stability.  Mr A Critchley agreed to collect a slab from her.


Mr A Critchley gave reassurance to Ms H Chambers that the water butt’s previous storage of chemicals posed no hazard to its current storage of water.


1689  Any Other Business:


Club Website:

An approach had been made by Club Member Mr M Ryder, who works at Furness College, about the possibility of a College student assisting the Club in the redevelopment of its website.  Although Mr R Swinglehurst was leading on this, Ms H Chambers offered her support to the project.


Writing Project:

Mrs J Garner suggested that a personal approach be made to Members, since notices on the board rarely attracted attention.


Message Book:

This was proving to be useful in improving communication.


Front Door Lock:

It was noted that some Members had had difficulty in closing the external door and Mr A Critchley agreed to seek expert advice.


Private Club Bookings:

Four Function Bookings have been made up to October 2017.


Phone in Kitchen:

It was agreed that a dual handset would be the best solution, and Mr D Pedley agreed to look into this.


Green Shelters:

The provision of Green Shelters was considered to be a priority, and that the original proposal by Mr M Gillen was the best solution.  It was agreed to ask him if he would reconsider his involvement, and the feasibility of the work required.


Christmas Eve:

Mrs B Gillen said arrangements for this were uncertain as yet, and she would seek clarification from Mrs Elizabeth Dawes.


Quiz Nights:

It was suggested that maybe it would be better if the Quiz Night was held on a different Friday rather than the third Friday in the month when it is followed immediately by Cabaret Night, so as to have two spaced events to draw people in. However, as the next dates are already advertised it will continue as the third Friday of the month.



Thursday 1st December at 6pm


The Meeting closed at 8.15pm