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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 1st December 2016


Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Co.Secretary )

Ms. M. Thornburrow (Secretary), Mr. M. Gillen, Mrs. J. Hewitt, Mrs.J. Garner, Mr M. Ellis, Mr. D. Pedley and Ms. K. Baker.


Ms. H. Chambers

1691 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

1692 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Bar Prices/Stock Levels AC

Mr. Critchley is liaising with Mr. Don Barrow and Mr. Ken Pavett regarding minimum stock levels

with a view to making online orders for future bar stocks. It was agreed that the “Special Prices”

event on 16th December will be the last. Mr. Critchley agreed to carry out an analysis of bar prices, in order to consider whether an overall reduction in prices could be offered. The need for the Club to be competitive was emphasised.

Soft Drinks/Sizes/Stocking

It was agreed that there is wastage with big bottles of soft drinks, and a proposal was made to replace bottles with cans. The Committee agreed that it is not feasible to store part-used bottles of wine purchased by Members at the bar, and will request that these be taken home.

Website Update Ms. H. Chambers was unable to attend the Meeting, therefore this item will be carried forward to the next Meeting.

President’s Delegation of Role

Mr. Roy Swinglehurst had expressed the wish to relinquish much of his role as Club President, and after discussion with Mr. A. Critchley, Ms. L. Chambers and Ms. M. Thornburrow the duties were divided as follows:

Ms. L. Chambers: Insurances ( except Public Liability for Bowling, as these are arranged by Mr. D. Pedley); negotiating contracts for Gas, Electricity and Telephone; wages and PAYE; completion of the Month End Accounts and liaison with Mr. R. Swinglehurst for completion of Quarter End Accounts. Mr. Swinglehurst will continue to complete Year End Accounts. Completion of new Bank Mandate for cheque account signatories, whenever changes are required. Mrs. E. Dawes and Mr. I. Hall have agreed to provide cover for her.

Mr. A. Critchley: All bar-related work and the negotiation of prices.

Ms. M. Thornburrow: Cabaret artistes-related work and producing of posters. Producing of Year End Membership lists showing numbers and percentage involved in Club sports.

All Committee Members to be responsible for the Club Constitution.

Driveway Lighting DP

To ensure pedestrians’ safety, a sensor positioned at the gates entrance was suggested, and enquiries will be made.

Continuity of the Club ALL

Following expression of concern about participation in Club activities and recruiting of new Members, new ideas as to how the Club can attract younger Membership would be welcomed.

Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy LC

With a view to attracting younger people to participate in Club activities, the Committee feel it important that we have an updated Child Protection Policy to reflect future requirements for safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults. Enquiries would be made about this and any requirement to have a named person to be the Club’s lead on safeguarding.

Club Constitution

As Membership of the General Committee comprises the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and 6 others, Ms. L. Chambers raised the need to amend the Constitution to allow for “ ex-officio Member attendance at Meetings as so required by the Committee”. Approval for the change would have to be referred to the AGM.

Bowling AGMs and Signing- On

Dates provided by Mrs. E. Dawes are as follows:

LADIES: AGM and SIGNING- ON Tuesday, 7th February, at 6.30 pm SENIOR CITIZENS: AGM and SIGNING- ON Wednesday, 8th February at 2.00 pm MEN: AGM and SIGNING- ON Thursday, 9th February, at 7.00 pm

Poster of the above will be displayed on the Club’s Website and the Notice Board.

Fridge-Freezer MT

It was bought to the Committee’s notice that unnecessary items were being stored on top of the fridge- freezer, which could restrict airflow and cause overheating, and a notice to that effect will be displayed.

Bowling Benches Update

Following two primer coats, these are now at the glossing stage.

Newsletter Update MT

The Secretary said that in the next Newsletter she would appeal to Members for ideas about recruiting younger people to the Club, as well as keeping Members up-to-date on Club events. Help with delivering the letter would be welcomed, as posting them would be a costly option.

Christmas Draw AC

The Annual Members’ Christmas Draw will take place on 17th December at the Christmas Singalong


Christmas Opening

The Committee agreed that the Bar will be open on Christmas Eve from 2pm. A list of opening times over the Christmas period is displayed on the Club door.


November’s Accounts show an increase of income over expenditure, and there is currently £13,500 in the Bank. The Quiz Nights have proved to be successful over the past three months. The main items of expenditure were the reupholstering of the indoor benches, the fee for Mrs. Rose Crawford, Upholsterer, and paint supplies for the bowling benches.


The bowling green benches are in the process of being repainted by a small team of volunteers who have given many hours of dedicated, hard work.


Ulverston Meeting – nothing to report, as things remain the same. Furness League KnockOut Cup is being disbanded. Cumbria AGM is on Monday, 5th December. Mr. Mark Gordon will represent Mr. D. Pedley.


Mr. Maurice Ellis will continue to keep the bar topped-up. Money for the Advertising Boards is being collected.


Ticket sales are going well for the Christmas Coffee Morning, and there are still some available. It was decided to have the books/CDs stall in the kitchen area, so as to free-up space to display the “Guess the Weight of the Cake” stall. Mr. M. Ellis said that Cumbria Bowls will sponsor the mulled wine for this event.


With reference to the poor state of the car park’s surface, it was agreed that Ms. L. Chambers make an appointment with the Bank, with a view to the Club opening a “Car Park Fund” account, where it may be possible that small monthly donations may accrue with interest.


£100 had been received from Mrs. J. Hewitt from the sale of her delicious jams and chutneys, for which the Committee expressed their thanks.

Six chairs have been taken for reupholstering by Mrs. R. Crawford, to match the indoor benches.

Complaints had been received from some Members about the self-locking of the back door, and the inconvenience of having to walk round to the main entrance. The Committee agreed that no change was required.

It has come to notice that the Ladies Toilet Door closer has been dismantled, without authorisation of the

Committee. This would be looked into. AC

At the New Year’s Eve Party, a St. Mary’s Hospice box would be available for contributions.

New Year’s Eve tickets are still available from Mr. A. Critchley, for what promises to be a great night of entertainment, a good buffet and a free draw for 10 prizes.

Next Meeting: 19th January, 2017 at 6.00pm.

Meeting Ended: 8.30pm.