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Minutes of Meetings 2017

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 19th January 2017

Present:  Mrs. B. Gillen (Chairperson), Ms. L. Chambers (Treasurer), Mr. A. Critchley (Co-Secretary), Ms. M. Thornburrow (Secretary), Mrs. J. Garner, Mrs. J. Hewitt and Mr. D. Pedley.


1700  Apologies:

        Mr. M. Gillen, Ms. K. Baker and Mr. M. Ellis.


1701  Minutes of Previous Meeting:                                 ACTION     

        The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st December, 2016 were                         

               approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.


1702  Secretary’s Report:


        Rock Lea Development:  Mulberry Homes Ltd., Blackburn,  

               have submitted Plans to the Planning Dept. Town Hall, to

               build 14 detached houses on the former Rock Lea site.  The

               Application no. is 6/2016/0789 with a recent amendment of

  1.                 B07/2016/0789 and can be viewed at  Representation on

     behalf of the Club has been submitted to the Town Hall,

               seeking reassurance and written confirmation that the

          boundary wall position remain unchanged and would not

          be breached by pedestrian access from the proposed site,

          that any untoward damage to the Club’s boundary be

          made good and that any disruption impacting on the Club

          be minimised.  Acknowledgement has been received from

          the Development Services Manager, stating the the Club’s

          views and concerns would be reproduced in full as part of

          any report.  It is understood that the Planning Committee

     may discuss this Application on 7th March, 2017.


     Website Update: A student from Channelside College

     continues to assist the Club in its redevelopment of the

     website.                                     RS/DH


     New Bar Prices:  The implementation of the new bar prices,

     most of which have been lowered, is proving profitable for the

     Club.  An account with Morecambe Bay Wines has been

     opened in addition to those we have with Marston’s and

     Booker.  It was agreed that additional space was needed for

     the storage of bar stock, and this would be looked into.     AC


     Members v Non-Members:A proposal to consider charging

     non-members a small entrance fee was raised, this being

     seen as a way of encouraging regular non-members who

     visit the Club to become members, and lead to the possibility

     of offering a free “trial membership” – maybe one month – to

     outsiders. After discussion, the proposal was rejected.


     The Committee considered how best to provide incentives

     for Membership and agreed to return to this at the next

     meeting.                                                                       MT


     Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy Update: Due to the

     complexities of current legislation, it was decided that the

     Club’s ‘target’ group should be 18-30 year olds, and

     communication would be made with Channelside College to

     intimate the Club’s willingness to provide free ad-hoc bowling

     tuition, with the use of the Club’s woods.                         MT


     Driveway Lighting Update:  Ongoing enquiries are being

     made to identify the best way forward.                            DP


1703 Treasurer’s Report:


     A Business Money Manager Savings Account has been opened

     with a view to funding resurfacing of the car park.  It was

     agreed that local charitable organisations be contacted to ask

     for possible help with funding.

     The Year End accounts are with the Auditor.

     There is an excess of Income over Expenditure.  Exceptional

     costs over 2016 have been: upholstering of internal seats,

     maintenance of bowling green benches, verandah roof, new

     door to greenkeeper’s store and refurbishment of the trailer.

1704  Bowling Secretary’s Report:


       There is a date change for the Men’s Signing-on, from

       9th February to 16th February.

       Furness AGM have requested the use of our Club for the

       26th October at 7pm.

       Furness League Meeting was held on 18th January.  The

       Rules Committee would be getting together to provide

       clarification to those bowlers who have misunderstood

       the interpretation of the rules.

       The Knock-Out Cup format will be reconstituted.

       The Police are moving to Red River.

       Due to work going on at Cavendish Park, leading to

       possible car parking problems, it is advisable to either

       walk or car-share.

       No feedback has been received from the Cumbria AGM.

       The £2.00 levy has been voted in.

       No Treasurer has yet been appointed.

       The Rotary Singles – possible dates of Sunday, 28th May

       or Bank Holiday Monday, 29th May would be looked into.


1705 Bar Report/Cover:

       A question was raised as to the possibility of the bar

       opening each night. The Committee decided to wait for

       the bowling season to start, before making a decision.


1706 Fundraising Committee Report:

       The next Coffee Morning is on Saturday 24th June, at

       9.30-11.30 am. Four volunteers to help in the kitchen

       will be needed for this and future Coffee Mornings.


1707 Social Activities: Nil to report.


1708 Health & Safety Issues: Nil to report.




       Sadly, due to health reasons, Mr. M. Gillen has tendered

       his resignation as both a longstanding Committee Member

     and Maintenance Manager, with effect from 19th January,

  1. The Committee extended their grateful thanks and

     gave their best wishes for Mr. Gillen’s future and for

     improvement in his health.


     With the much-anticipated return on 18th March of top-

     class Cabaret Artist James Reay, it was considered

     advantageous to promote this and other cabaret events

     in the “Evening Mail”. Cost enquiries to be made.        MT


     There have been a number of requests by lady bowlers for

     a bowling shelter. It was agreed to await the appointment

     of a Maintenance Manager to discuss the matter further.


THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be 21st February at 7pm.

     Four Committee Members are due for re-election, including

     the position of Maintenance Manager.


DATE OF NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING is 23rd February at 6pm.


The Meeting ended at 7.45pm.