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Co-op Sports & Social Club
Minutes of Meeting held on 18th
October, 2018
Present Mrs B Gillen (Chair), Ms L Chambers (Treasurer), Mrs J Garner,
Mr D Pedley, Mr M Ellis, Mr P Phizacklea and Mrs J Hewitt.
The Minutes were taken by Ms L Chambers.

1860 Apologies: Ms M Thornburrow.

1861 Minutes of Previous Meeting: ACTION
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 20th September, 2018 were
approved by the Committee and signed by the Chair.
Matters arising: Hazardous Chemicals At no cost to the Club, Mr
P McHugh has provided a sign warning of chemical hazard, to be
placed at the road end of the drive, whenever chemicals are in
use. Mr P Phizacklea said that he will obtain a chain and padlock
to secure the cupboard in which hazardous chemicals are stored,
in the end shed. PG

1862 Secretary’s Report:
Cheque Signatory The Treasurer asked whether there was
a need for another cheque signatory. Mr P Phizacklea said
that there were no problems with cheques because the
Treasurer signs a number of them, which he can then sign at
Bookers. No action needed.

New Year’s Eve Concern was expressed about falling
numbers. Bar sales last year were disappointing and only a
small profit was made on the event. A lot of effort goes into
the catering. It was agreed that the admission cost would be
reduced from £15 to £7.50 per person, and that in place of a
buffet there would be nibbles at the tables, and if people
chose to bring food that would be fine.
The Committee agreed that thought
should be given to the format of future New Year events.

Irrigation Funding Bid A grant application to the Big Lottery
Fund has been submitted, and we await its decision within
fourteen weeks. The Treasurer said that we should anticipate
scrutiny of the Club by the Big Lottery Fund when they are
assessing our application – including the Club’s website and
social media.
If we get the grant, then the work might start before the
next bowling season, but the Treasurer said she needed to
have a full understanding of all the financial implications of
the project.

Hazardous Chemicals This was dealt with in Matters Arising.

1863 Treasurer’s Report:
There have been some lean weeks, leading to a slow-down in
savings; better weeks were from cabarets, concerts and
room use. Quarter 3 accounts show a healthy trading profit
and good bar-management.

EPOS Till/Financial Management System The Treasurer has
been using the back-office system and already the benefits
in cash-management and budgeting are obvious. The system
has been added to the insurance policy.
The level of insurance cover for single items has also been

Gift Aid After some time, £148 Gift Aid has been received.

1864 Maintenance Issues:
No expressions of interest for role of Maintenance Manager;
however, the work is being done. The beer hut door will be
fitted soon and the boiler service will be on 29th October.

+-1865 Bowling Secretary’s Report:
The end of season saw the Furness League play-offs and the
Grand Masters competitions. In the play-offs Darren Naylor
reached the semi-final of Div.1, whilst Matthew Ryder went
out in 2nd round. Div.2 saw both Dave Phizacklea and Les
Vickers go out in quarter-finals; in Div.3, both Jack Huitson
and Pete Jeffries went out in early rounds. In the Masters,
the Club had two representatives in Dave Harwood and Chris
Johnson, with Dave going out in round 1 and Chris progress-
-ing to the quarter-finals.

Furness & Ulverston Leagues’ AGMs With nothing contentious
on the agenda, these should pass quickly, with Lindal’s
application to restore their second team to both Leagues
being likely to be approved.

A working party of around eight put in two days of hard graft
on the green, applying fertiliser, seed and top dressing, the
results of which can already be seen. Thanks to all.

1866 Advertising Boards:
Mr M Ellis said that there is one outstanding payment. He
asked the Treasurer for a list of those advertisers paying by
direct debit.

1867 Bar Manager’s Report:
Mr P Phizacklea listed the room bookings over the coming
weeks. The Treasurer confirmed that if room bookers request
tea/coffee, then they are charged by invoice. The Chair
stated that she will inform the Bar Manager if 50+ people
have booked for cabarets, and confirmed that one bar staff is
sufficient for up to/including 50.

1868 Fundraising Report:
Mr D Watterson is printing the tickets for the Christmas
Coffee Morning. Plenty of items have already been donated.
Mrs J Hewitt confirmed that her brother will donate mulled

It was suggested that Mrs Norma Halpin could do a
Christmas decoration demonstration,£5 admission to include
nibbles and coffee. BG

A suggestion that the Club hold a Car Boot Sale was agreed,
with a Sunday date in April to be confirmed.

1869 Health & Safety Issues:
Mr P Phizacklea referred to a situation on a recent night, when
a member of the public came into the Club, asking to use the
defibrillator, as he thought his father was having a heart
attack. The lighting proved to be inadequate to
see the keypad in the dark, in order to input the cabinet
access code; a mobile phone was fetched to illuminate the
keypad. It was agreed to look at the best way to relocate the
defibrillator to the adjacent wall, where it would be fully
illuminated by the external security light. DP/RW

1870 Any Other Business: None
Date of next Meeting: Thursday, 15th November, 6pm
Meeting closed at 7.10pm.