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Minutes of Meetings 2015

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 15th May 2015

Present: Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr R Swinglehurst (President), Mr D Pedley, Mr M Gillen, Mrs J Garner, Mrs J Hewitt and Mr M Ellis

1530    Apologies:

Ms K Baker

1531    Secretary’s Report:     ACTION

John Woodcock Visit:   

Following the recent visit to the Club by Barrow Labour MP John Woodcock, some concern was expressed by a few members of the Club that we may have given the wrong message regarding the Club’s political standpoint. The committee hereby apologize for this situation.

Apparently the photos, taken on the day showing John at the Club and talking with bowlers, had been posted on his Facebook page just prior to the General Election. Questions were asked as to whether we had extended any invitation to other political parties, to show impartiality, but the answer was ‘no’. However, it has also been explained that the visit was not as a result of an invitation from the Club; rather, John Woodcock had approached the Club – other parties had that same opportunity. John is a Labour and Cooperative Member and has shown an interest and concern for the future of all bowling clubs. He has also given advice to the Club, regarding our attempt to buy the land at Rock Lea from Barrow Council.

Regardless of the good intentions for accepting a visit from the MP, the committee has agreed that we should not allow any future visit to be used in a way that could be misconstrued as supportive of any one political party.


Mrs Christian has resigned from the post as Club Treasurer. On behalf of the Club, the committee would like to thank Mrs Christian for all the hard work she has done during her time in the post. Many new procedures, regarding the Club’s finances, have been implemented by her and these will be of great help to any future incumbent.

A discussion took place regarding a new Treasurer. A proposal was made that the posts of Treasurer and Secretary should be paid, due to the importance and workload that they carry. The proposal was agreed and a small yearly salary was decided on; to be paid quarterly.

Alcohol Choice:    BG

The committee was asked if it would be possible to extend the range of drinks available at the Club. The first suggestion was for fruit ciders now that we are into the summer(?!). It was decided to investigate the availability and cost of these, but because it is a new product for us and possibly only of appeal to younger members, to limit the amount we buy initially. We do not want to be left with drinks we cannot sell. A second suggestion was for some ‘real ale’. It was pointed out that these are available in relatively small quantities (32 pints). After some discussion it was decided that we do not have the spare room in the cellar or dispensing capacity to accommodate more barreled beer. An alternative of bottled beers was suggested as a way of giving more variety for bar customers.Mrs Gillen to investigate further.

Defibrillator:    AC

A box for the defibrillator has finally been mounted at the Club. It is attached to the outside of the disabled toilet giving full view from the Club gates. The fireservice who fitted and maintain the facility have offered to give full refresher/introduction training to anyone that wants it. If you are interested please contact me (Alan Critchley) using the Club email ( and if/when I have a suitable size group I will arrange a training session.

1532    Treasurer’s Report:


The summary of accounts to date, provided by Mrs Christian, were presented by Mr Swinglehurst who has agreed to resume as Treasurer, at least for the foreseeable future.

A number of substantial bills have been challenged by Mrs Christian and these have lead to the saving of hundreds of pounds to the Club over the last few months. Thanks are given to her once again for her diligence.

1533    Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Additional Phone:   

Following some complaints that members could not always hear the Club phone ringing when the door into the lobby was shut, a second phone has been bought and connected in the beer cellar. This is a cordless phone that will be behind the bar when the Club is occupied.

Disabled Toilet:   

It was recently noticed  that the toilet seat in the disabled toilet block was broken. A new seat has now been fitted.

New Storage Facility:    MG

A Club member recently tried to make use of the disabled toilet, but was unable to do so because the building was too full of items stored in there. This highlighted the need for more storage space. Due to the introduction of roof insulation following the central heating installation, we have lost the roof space as a ‘storeroom’. In addition, there is a substantial amount of equipment in the Bowling Hut and the Cumbria Bowls shop that should not be there.

It has been decided to erect a building on the edge of the car park behind the bowling hut/shop. It would be in the recess previously used to store the calor gas bottles etc. Quotes for materials and labour are being obtained.

1534    Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

The committee welcome the appointment of Mr Ken Pavett to our bar staff. He is now the regular barman on Wednesday evenings. Ken has also agreed to be available for other Club events if required; removing a major problem for the committee by giving us much greater flexibility in terms of bar cover.

1535    Bowling Secretary’s Report:

Rotary Competition:   

The comp between Barrow and Windermere Rotaries has been postponed. It is now scheduled for Thu 11th June .

Ulverston Knockout:   

This competition will take place at the Club on the evening of Thu 4th June.


It has been a struggle so far this season to select full teams with a number of players unavailable due to illnesses etc. It is expected that this will soon improve.

1536    Fund Raising/Social Events:

May Coffee Morning:

The turnout for the recent coffee morning was a little disappointing. Whilst the summer event is never as popular as the one at Christmas, the number of people attending was substantially less than previous ones in the same period. No one particular reason could be decided on. Nevertheless, a good profit for Club funds was made and thanks are given to all those that worked hard on the day.

1537    H&S Issues:

No new issues to report.

1538    Any Other Business:

Welcome Board:    BG

The Club has been given the opportunity to have a ‘welcome board’ fitted. Deltawaite have offered to provide a board welcoming visitors to the Club. The committee agreed that this would be a good idea and would like to thank Deltawaite for the offer. Questions were asked as to the proposed size, wording and siting of the board. It was established that the only logical place to site the board would be on the end of the ‘beer storage’ building – putting it in full view as visitors use the driveway. The size of the board needs to be discussed with Deltawaite and the actual wording then decided.

1539    Next Meeting:

The next meeting has been arranged for Thursday 25th June 2015 at 2.00 pm.`