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Minutes of Meetings 2016

Co-op Sports & Social Club Minutes of the meeting held at

Dane Avenue 14th January 2016


Mrs B Gillen (Chairperson), Mr R Swinglehurst (Treasurer), Mr A Critchley (Secretary), Mr M Gillen, Mrs J Hewitt, Ms K Baker, Mrs J Garner and Mr M Ellis

1600 Apologies:

Mr D Pedley and Ms H Chambers

1601 Secretary’s Report: ACTION

Car Park Lighting: AC The car park can be very dark if switching the light on has been overlooked, which can make it difficult for members to safely make their way to cars. It has been suggested that the light should be replaced for one with a PIR to come on automatically when there is movement outside. There were no objections to the suggestion so a replacement will be made.

Christmas Eve: The committee discussed whether the opening of the Club on Christmas Eve was worthwhile. It was agreed that it was successful and well attended and should be made a regular event each year.

Letter Box: AC Some of the post being delivered to the Club is becoming wet when placed in the wall mounted letter box. In addition, the box is not big enough for some of the post we receive. It was suggested that one of the glass panels in the porch be replaced with a solid panel fitted with a letter box. That way all post would be kept dry within the entrance area. Costs to be investigated. 1602 Treasurer’s Report:

CASC: AC The Club is a registered member of the Community Amateur Sports Clubs and as such is exempt from Corporation Tax. However, the Inland Revenue rules for being a CASC member are about to be modified, with the main change being that clubs will need to be able to show that at least 50% of members are ‘participating’ in sporting activities provided by their club. At our club the sports that are recognised by IR for inclusion are bowling and keep fit/dance. This is potentially a problem since, during the process of buying the Club, we attracted a number of people to become ‘life members’. It is felt that some of those people became ‘members’ to save the Club from being sold to outside interests, but have no wish to become active in club activities. The adverse effect being that their names are on our membership list and serve to increase the percentage of non-participating sporting members.

It was decided to write to all life members not signed-on as bowlers, or not attending keep fit classes, with a questionnaire to determine how they perceive their membership status. Those indicating that they are not ‘active’ (ie not a social member or participating in a sport) will be registered as ‘Donors’ rather than a member.

End of Year Accounts: The accounts have been presented to the auditor. They show that we finished the year in a good financial position even after having completed a number of substantial improvements, including: loft insulation, new storage shed, replacement of green surround, lighting upgrade and additional spotlights. 1603 Maintenance Manager’s Report:

Canopy Roof: MG Mr Gillen has made enquiries regarding prices for replacing the canopy roof. The costs for using polycarbonate twinwall sheets in place of the corrugated sheets was considered to be worthwhile and a big improvement since it will allow more light transmission, stop leaks and will look smarter. Now that the requirements have been agreed comparative prices can be sought.

Bar Surround: MG The flooring around the bar is to be removed and replaced with the same material as used behind the bar.

Shed Door: MG The door to the Greenkeeper’s Shed is in need of replacing. Mr Gillen is to make enquiries about installing a pvc door and surround. However, the problem will be to find a door wide enough to allow the lawn mowers etc to be moved in and out.

1604 Bar Report/Advertising Boards:

Beer Prices: Marston’s have announced that they will be increasing beer prices soon. However, Sam Smiths brewery has said there will be no price increase.

Advertising Boards: ME Collection of revenue for the boards is up to date. There are two spaces available and new advertisers are to be sought. 1605 Bowling Secretary’s Report:

No report made. 1606 Fund Raising/Social Events:

Coffee Morning: The December coffee morning raised a good profit, especially considering attendance was relatively low – mainly due to the extreme bad weather. It was pointed out that there was a lack of posters to promote the event and this needs to be addressed for future events.

Donation: Mrs Hewitt presented a £100 donation to the Club funds, raised from the sale of her wonderful jams and chutneys. Thank you June. 1607 H&S Issues:

In addition to the car park lighting mentioned above, it was raised that the concrete blocks which mark the car parking boundary alongside the building, posed a trip hazard. They were placed there to act as a barrier to cars getting too close to the building and the blocks were initially painted white, but the paint has now been washed off. It was suggested that the concrete for the new drain alongside the building shows up as a white line and thus forms a line for parking up to. It was decided to remove the blocks and to monitor how cars are parked in the future. 1608 Any Other Business:

AGM: The Club AGM is to be held as follows:

Tuesday 16th February at 7.00pm

Please make every effort to attend to air your views. Two committee membership places are up for re- election.

Bowling Team AGMs: See separate notice on the noticeboard for details.

Volunteers: AC Once again it has been emphasised that we rely on volunteers for the running of the Club. A suggestion was made to ask for more help by printing out a notice and placing these on the tables during the next cabaret night. The same notice to be placed on the noticeboard. 1609 Next Meeting:

Thursday 25th February at 6.30pm