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Barrow Rotary Singles;

@ Coop club

Sunday May 27th;

Report times;

9-30am; D Jackson, W Harding, P Phizacklea, D Staunton, A Fay, D Irvine, D Graham, G Maudsley, R May, D Pedley, K Roebuck, A McDonald, I McDonald, J Proudfoot, I France, B Wright.

10-45am; N McAlley, S Taylor, D Watterson, G McDonald, T Richardson, D Leach, J Brannon, I Leach.

11-30am; S Porter, K Judge, W Thompson, D Southward, M Ryder, R Wood.

Co-op Open mixed pairs 2017 will take place on Sunday 9 July 2017. Report times are as follows:

Report times;
9-30am; D Dawes + K Milburn, S + C Bushell, A Fieldhouse + Ptnr, A + S Smith, K + M Mills, J Last + M
Woods, M Lamb + Ptnr, S Holmes + Ptnr, D Leach + Ptnr, D Southward + Ptnr, M Ryder + L Dawes, P +
C Kelly, W Thompson + D Evans, D Pedley + A Rowan, D Dickinson + Ptnr, D Jackson + Ptnr.
10-30am; R Wood + Ptnr, I + G McDonald, D + J Williams, R Massey-Holmes + Ptnr, K Judge + Ptnr, J
Proudfoot + D Bamber, P + J Garner, T Dennison + J Wernham, G Maudsley + J Cairns, B Robinson +
11-15am; A Head + P Ellis, S Buckley + Ptnr, D Staunton + Ptnr.

 A full list of Co-op in house and Open comps can be viewed on the ‘Events Calendar’ accessed via the Entertainment Tab on the ‘Home’ Page.

Result of the 2017 Singles Comp:

In a very close final Tony Moxham narrowly beat Derrick Southward 21-20.  Well done to both and to all who took part and assisted.