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Latest Club Information

  • An additional concert date has been added to the calendar for 9th Dec featuring Brian Wadeson.
  • Coop Singers Concert tickets for 21st Oct are bookable from Brenda on her usual number or from June on 01229 471707.
  • Bar Manager Required – See new ‘Post’. Details can also be viewed on the Club Internal and External Noticeboards.
  • See Daves Blog for a brief note on the Cleveleys trip.
  • It has been suggested that some members may benefit from help in accessing and navigating the club website in order to get the best from it.  A list has been posted on the noticeboard for those who might like to take advantage of a ‘Teach-in’ to append their names.  If there is sufficient interest then a group session will be set-up.  Alternatively smaller groups or 1 to 1 sessions can be conducted on an opportunity basis using the PC in the bowling hut.  See DaveHarwood if this suits you better.  To date 30 July there have been no takers.
  • The club Wi-Fi has been transferred to BT and is now up and running.  Details of what wi-fi service to select and the password to use have been added as a footnote to the Website Notice on the club main noticeboard.  If you need any help or advice then speak to Dave Harwood or Dave Waterson.
  • The latest ‘Newsletter’ from our Secretary is now available to read on the website under the heading ‘Newletters’.
  • The new website is being administered by the following members who are each responsible for the following content:
    • Dave Harwood – Men’s Bowls related matters and General Admin Updates
    • Roy Swinglehurst – Transfer of material from the old website, Entertainment Related Matters and General Admin Updates
    • Hazel Chambers – Ladies Bowls and all other ladies related matters.